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Looking for a money league... Thanks!!

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Looking for a money league... Thanks!!

Postby TheGhost » Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:55 am

I'm looking for a money league that doesn't cost a fortune. I've noticed many of the leagues on the message board are quite expensive. My range is about $20-$50.

I have a friend that would play as well.

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Re: Looking for a money league... Thanks!!

Postby footcow » Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:42 pm

I have 1 opening an a new 12 team auction keeper league that costs $20. I can can email you the constitution if you are interested. Please let me know if you are interested. Email:
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Re: Looking for a money league... Thanks!!

Postby GaryMac » Fri Feb 25, 2011 9:45 pm

-looking for a half-dozen new hardcore owners to take over teams in a league that puts other fantasy baseball to shame
-deep 20-team league, 40-man rosters with 25-man majors/15-man minors
-salaries and contracts that establish your keepers
-choose to play for free under the cap, or pay $20 luxury tax for more cap room
-slow online draft (between 9-16 hours to make your pick)
-H2H sabermetrics scoring
-draft pick trading
- established, tweaked and constantly improving 4th year league
I will only see your response if you e-mail me at ... clgjna4r5o
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Re: Looking for a money league... Thanks!!

Postby ImSpicy » Fri Feb 25, 2011 11:27 pm

I am getting ready to create a new $25 "stimulus special" H2H Keeper League on Yahoo! I will be writing the constitution tomorrow. Let me know if you are interested.

16 teams with 4 divisions.
"Division Rivalry" scheduling (weeks 9-11, 19-22)
Division winners plus two wild cards make playoffs.

Division winners win $25.
I am still deciding between awarding $10 to overall winner of each statistical category and $200 between the top 3, or $300 between the top 3.

Keeper: All teams will receive a "re-signing" cap and player values (from and must keep a minimum of 5 players while not going over re-signing cap. After keepers, there will be a 20 round draft. Teams keeping more than 5 players will not draft in later rounds. For example, a team that keeps 7 players will not draft in the 19th and 20th rounds.
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Re: Looking for a money league... Thanks!!

Postby rosco101663 » Sat Feb 26, 2011 1:57 am

Hey ghost,
I need exactly 2 to fill our 16 team H2H league. Fee is reasonable $35. 100% payout after CBS fee.

24 man roster, partial keeper (keep 4 next season).
weekly lineups, points league, one opponent each week, 4 divisions of 4 teams each. division winners make playoffs, $ for 1st - 4th place.
starters- C 1B 2B 3B SS OF OF OF Util SP SP SP SP SP
bench- Two more starters and 8 reserves (your choice of positions)
DRAFTING on Sat 3/19.
If this sounds like something you might be interested in, email me for details and league invite.
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Re: Looking for a money league... Thanks!!

Postby thewolf1976 » Fri Mar 18, 2011 4:43 pm

If your still looking I need 2.

4th year NL Only keeper. The keeper rule keeps the spirit of the redraft
while rewarding good picks and trades.
13 teams, $260 auction on
Draft 3/27 4pm est.

Mimics the "Tout Wars" format.
$65 entry
$480 to first, $135 2nd, $85 3rd.

All money is paid out minus the league hosting fee.

Really would like to have you, please let me know.
2 teams to choose from.
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Re: Looking for a money league... Thanks!!

Postby MendoKid » Mon Mar 21, 2011 5:12 pm

If interested.....

$50 Money league needs a couple of competitive owners. 2 people had to be replaced for non payment.

Draft Tomorrow night!

16 teams

$50 Buy in through LeagueSafe

Draft- Tues the 22nd-9PM Est-Snake Draft

6x6 Cats- Standard but QS instead of Wins, and Holds and EXBH

No Keepers, this league starts fresh every year. If you are like me you have a number of keeper leagues already, so think about starting from fresh. It's pretty fun to do a draft with all the players available.

I hand picked some of the best owners from my other leagues, but am looking for a couple more competitive owners. This league is composed of super solid accomplished owners, so if you are looking for a good league this is it.

Please let me know why you should be in the league, and if you have a current league you can post a link to that will help get you in (doesn't have to be baseball).

Link to League: ... eId=105921

If you want to join, please email me at

Money is 100% payed out, with first getting %60, 2nd %30 and 3rd %10 of the total pot.

There is a little debate in the league whether we should to with MI/CI or just INF. More than likely the new owners votes will turn the table, but in joining you need to be OK with either option.

Also payments must be received shortly after joining the league. The draft is Tues and we won't be waiting on payments.

When the two new owners are added, a draft randomizer service will be used to set the draft order.
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Re: Looking for a money league... Thanks!!

Postby acg3232 » Thu Mar 24, 2011 7:31 pm

Any interest in joining a Fantasy League on ESPN. Its going to be $30 through League Safe (1st - $160, 2nd- $100, 3rd-$50, and $50 for First at half way point of season). If for some reason Monday night at 8:30pm est does not work, let me know your availability for Tuesday and Wednesday night. Here is a link to the league and a copy of the league settings. Hope to hear back. Email- - Thanks.

12 team standard 5 x 5 Roto league, non-keeper, Snake, FAAB $100

P.S. - We still have a few spots open, so if you and/or any buddies want to join, spread the word.
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Re: Looking for a money league... Thanks!!

Postby Sac King » Fri Mar 25, 2011 12:13 am

First year keeper league (yahoo) needs managers...

5X5 roto with rules that will keep it competitive every year.

Draft is on the 30th at 7pm PDT and buy in is due by the 29th via leaguesafe.

If you think you have what it takes and want in or more details email me at

There is room for you and your friend.

Keeper Rules

You can keep 7 players. You can keep less than 7 if you want to, but no more than 7. Your list of keepers (starting year 2) will be due one week before that years draft.

Players drafted in the first 5 rounds are not eligible as keepers. This ensures that most of the top players will be up for grabs every year in the draft and keeps the league more competitive on an every year basis by not letting any one team become too dominant. Lets face it, it might be in year two or in year five, but someone will eventual drop out because they aren't good enough and keep finishing at the bottom and then we will have to find someone to take over that team. With the rules set up like this, the new manager will have a better chance at taking over the quitter's team and turning it around.

The first year that a player is keeper eligible, he must be kept in the round that he was drafted in (or in a higher round) and then each additional year after that year he moves up five rounds. For example - you draft PLAYER X in round 17 this year. Next year if you want to keep him, you would keep him as your round 17 pick because it is his first year of being keeper eligible. The following season if you want to keep him, he would have to be drafted in round 12. The year after that, round 7. The year after that, he would be in round 2, BUT the top five rounds are off limits for keepers, so he's no longer one of your keepers. Make sense? This system rewards those who draft well. In most drafts last year, Carlos Gonzales was picked somewhere in one of the teen rounds, let just say round 13... That means he would be eligible to be kept in round 13 this year (assuming it is his first year of keeper eligibility). That would be like getting a 1st round pick in round 13.

If you make a trade for a player that needs to be kept in round 12 and you want to keep him but you already have a different player that you want to keep in round twelve, then one of them would have to be drafted in a higher round (round 11 of higher).

Free agents acquisitions that were NOT drafted can be kept in any round you want to keep them in. This is like a reward for making a good pick up. For example, if you pick up a guy that was NOT drafted and you want to keep him in the next season, you would be able to keep him in round 22 if you want to. But, the year after that, he would have to be kept in round 17... and then round 12 the year after that... round 7 after that... and then he would not be keeper eligible after that because he would be in the top 5 rounds.

If a NON keeper eligible player is dropped on the date of or after the date of the trade deadline, he can NOT be picked up by another team. This rule will exist because a team that is low in the standings and out of contention might decide to drop their non keeper eligible players and pick up guys that will be keeper eligible the next season in an effort to start rebuilding their team earlier. For example, Manager X tries to trade Pujols but has no takers and then the deadline passes, so knowing that Pujols was drafted in the top 5 rounds and not keeper eligible, manager X decides to drop him and pick up someone who he might view as a possible keeper the next year. It would be unfair to other teams if a 3rd place team picked him up with the first waiver and then takes over first place... or if first place picks him up because they have the first waiver and then they run away with the league.

The trade review is set up as "commissioner" but if you have a problem with a trade, you are free to let me know and depending on if how many other people have a problem with it, I might cancel it. If their is a hint of collusion then the trade wont go through. If there is enough people against it, the trade won't go through. However, I am of the view that we are big boys and know what we want for our own teams, so don't vote against a trade just "because."

If you have a player on the DL and want him to be keeper eligible , you MUST remove him from your DL and put him on your bench before the season ends. This makes it so that a team can't have an "extra" guy on their team to deicide from the following year. If he is left on your DL, he will NOT be keeper eligible.

Rule changes can be made on a league vote system. However, any rule changes that are decided on during the season or after the draft will not start until the following season.
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Re: Looking for a money league... Thanks!!

Postby WVNATE830 » Fri Mar 25, 2011 8:51 pm

$10 auction roto keeper league 3/31 9pm est ... ueId=50487

email for invite
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