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Re: Last keeper? Morales/Butler/A-Ramirez

PostPosted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 10:52 pm
by dmbpanic
I think Morales might have higher upside than ARam, but I'm not sure that is guaranteed.

I think the decision comes down to who you might get stuck with at 3B if you let ARam go. You already have a solid 1B, and 1B is a deeper position anyway. 3B in a 12-team league is relatively thin.

I like ARams chances for a strong rebound season based on his 2nd half numbers and his underlying bpi's (i.e. skill set). Morales could have a very strong year, but so could ARam. They both have potential. They both have a degree of risk. The benefit of Morales is age. The benefit of ARam is his position.

I think the difference in position is greater than the difference in age. Go with ARam.

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