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elite 25+ year NL only 6X6 keeper league needs 2-4 owners

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elite 25+ year NL only 6X6 keeper league needs 2-4 owners

Postby jbstorey » Sat Feb 12, 2011 1:28 pm

The sixth street baseball association is looking for 2-4 new owners. The SSBA is a 6x6 roto style keeper league. The costs are $300 to get in, you also have an additional budget of $75 for free agent claims. The only additional costs are $2.50 for team for trades, the cost of waiver claims $5 per player, and you can expand your roster on Sept first at $12.50 per player.On the Saturday April 2nd in the Ocean City, Galloway twp, NJ area we do a live auction draft($130 cap) to fill the 23 man active roster and then a rotation draft to fill the 14 man reserve. You can keep up to 15 MLB players from year to year and as many as 14 minor leaguers provided they still have their MLB rookie status and have never been activated in the SSBA. Once the season starts the cap rises to $175 and your in season free agent pick ups do not count on that cap. For further information below is the league constitution. Now is the time to get in because you can still make trades with the rotation round picks to get players from existing teams. If you're interested in getting in please contact Rich, Ralph or myself, thanks.

Ralph Paulin
Richard Notaro
Jack Storey

For new teams we will have an expansion draft for any new teams if there is not an orphaned roster to pick up. Here's the deal right now we have 11 teams and one owner said he is likely not coming back. We want to get up to 12 definitely and we may take a 13th team. We are not sure yet on 14th. We may just max out at 13 and see how it works. Ok, the expansion draft this is how it will work. If we have one new team with no roster. We will have our normal cutdown day the Wednesday before the draft at 10pm. Each team will post their keepers(up to 15 plus minor leaguers that have their rookie status and have never been activated in the league) They will also post the players they are cutting and their contract status with the exception of contract buyouts and expiring contracts. The new team will then have 24 hours to pick up 15 players off those lists. The players they pick up will retain their contract status from their previous team. If somehow we have two teams without rosters we will do the expansion draft immediately before the auction draft and we will flip a coin for the draft order then go rapid fire until each team has 15 or doesn't want to pick anymore. After that we will take a break to get all rosters straight and then start the auction draft. Of course all teams with empty rosters are free to swap reserve rotation draft picks for players before cutdown day. However many players the would acquire via trade would reduce the number of players they can pick in the expansion draft.

If you want in whether you would get an orphaned roster or via expansion draft let me know asap or email the commish ralph at

League Constitution
Sixth Street Baseball Association

The Official Rules of the Sixth Street Baseball Association

Est. 1985

"intus enumeri veritas"

"It gets late early out there." -Berra


In the spring of 1985, in a dingy Ocean City, NJ cigar shop, an excited
young man behind the counter was telling everyone who would listen about a
book that he had just purchased. This book, he explained, laid out the rules
for a new type of game. A game that was equal parts baseball, gambling, mathematics
and proving to your friends that you are a lot smarter than they are. It was
called Rotisserie Baseball. You get a bunch of your baseball loving friends
together, draft real players, trade 'em, keep track of their stats as the season
goes on, and put money on it. He knew he wanted to do this. He knew it would
be a blast. What he did not know was that his life had been changed forever.....

Part I- Objective:

To assemble a roster of 37, (23 active, and 14 reserve) National League baseball
players whose cumulative statistics during the regular season,

compiled and measured by the methods described in these rules, exceed those
of all other teams in the League. There are 12 teams, (hopefully), in the duly
constituted Sixth Street Baseball Association.

Part II Roster:

A. The 37-man roster consists of the 23-man Active Roster and the 14-man
Reserve Roster. The active roster consists of:

5 Outfielders

2 Catchers

1 Second Baseman

1 Shortstop

1 Middle Infielder (either second baseman or shortstop)

1 First Baseman

1 Third Baseman

1 Corner Man (either First or Third Baseman)

1 Utility Player (who may play any non pitching position)

9 Pitchers

B. There is no restrictions on the composition of the reserve roster.

Position Eligibility - A player may be drafted at any position at
which he appeared in at least 20 or more games in the preceding season. If
a player did not appear in 20 games at a single position, he may be drafted
only at the position he appeared most frequently. If a player is carried over
on a team’s roster from one season to the next he only has to appear in 15
games to be eligible at a given position. The 20-games/most games measure is
used only to determine the position(s) at which a player may be drafted. Once
the season is under way (but after draft day), a player becomes eligible for
assignment to any position at which he has appeared at least once. Players
selected for the Utility slot may qualify at any non-pitching position.

Part III - Standings

The following criteria are used to determine team performance (or lack there

Composite Team Batting Average (BA)

Composite Team On Base Percentage (OBP)

Total Home Runs (HR)

Total Runs Batted In (RBIs)

Total Runs Scored (R)

Total Stolen Bases (SB)

Composite Team Earned Run Average (ERA)

Composite Holds (H)

Composite Innings Pitched (IP)

Total Wins (W)

Total Saves (S)

Composite Ratio: Walks (BB) + Hits(H), divided by

Innings Pitched (IP)

Teams are ranked from first to last in each of the 12 categories and given
points for each place. For example, in a 12-team league, the first place team
in a category receives 12 points, the second-place team 11, and so on down
to 1 point for last place. The team with the most total points at the end of
the season wins the pennant. Pitchers’ offensive stats are not counted, mainly
because they don’t appear weekly in the USA Today. Nor are the pitching stats
of the occasional position player called in to pitch when the score is 16-1
after 5 innings and the relief corps is hiding under the stands. In case of
ties in an individual category, the tied teams are assigned points by totaling
points for the rankings at issue and dividing the total by the number of teams
tied. In case of ties in total points, final places in the standings are determined
by comparing placement of teams in individual categories. Respective performances
are calculated and a point given to each team for bettering the other. Should
one team total more points than the other, that team is declared the winner.
Should the point totals still be equal, the tie is broken by adding each team’s
total at-bats at season’s end, plus triple the number of innings pitched. The
team that scores a higher total by this measure wins the


Part IV – In Season Salary Cap

An In Season Salary Cap will be imposed of $175. From Opening Day until August
31 a team cannot exceed this amount. The only exception will be if a team wins
an FAAB free agent. That amount will not be counted against his cap.

Part V - September Roster Expansion

If he chooses, an owner may expand his roster for the pennant drive by promoting
from his team’s reserve roster an unlimited number of players. The post September
1 active-roster size expands to a maximum of 37 players. Such players may play
any position. A fee of $12.50 must be paid for every promotion that increases
the active-roster size beyond 23. Player salaries are not affected by such

Part VI - Roster Protection

The maximum number of Major League players an owner is allowed to protect before
the Auction Draft is 15. There is no minimum. The names of players being retained
must be recorded with the Commissioner by 10PM, on cut down day (this date
will be determined each year by trial and error, kicking and screaming, and
maybe even some tears). Specific notice must also be made at that time of any
guaranteed long-term contract signings and farm system renewals. The cumulative
salaries of players protected prior to Auction Draft Day are deducted from
a team’s $130 expenditure limit, and the balance is available for acquisition
of the remaining players needed to complete the team’s 23-man roster. The Commish
should promptly notify all teams in the League of each team’s protected roster,
including player salaries, contract status, and amount available to spend on
Draft Day. Failure to give notice of a guaranteed long-term contract for a
player in his option year will result in his being continued for one season
at his prior year’s salary and then released into the Free Agent Pool. Failure
to renew a farm system player’s minor league contract will result in his being
available to all other teams in the subsequent rotation draft A farm system
player whose minor league status is renewed and who subsequently makes his
major league team’s active roster may at his SSBA Owner’s option, be added
to the protected list of players on Auction Draft Day (and another player dropped,
if necessary, to meet the 15-player limit). Or he may be dropped and made available
in the Auction Draft. He may not be retained in his SSBA team’s farm system.

Part VII - Draft Day:

The Draft is held on the final weekend prior to Opening Day. Saturday
usually works best and Jim Smith’s Basement is the usual venue. This obviously
cannot be etched in stone, but it is the optimal time and place and should
be adhered to if humanly possible. The Draft consists of two phases, The Auction
Draft and The Rotation

Draft. Prior to the Draft, all teams available money/player needs will be announced
and any farm system activations will be made.

The Auction Draft:

In the Auction Draft, teams bid competitively for the right to acquire
players. Teams are allowed a total of $130 to fill their 23 active roster positions.
Each team, in turn, nominates a player for bid, and the bidding for that player
continues until only one bidder remains. The final bid price becomes the player’s
“salary”. This phase of the draft continues until all teams have filled all
23 slots.

A. The Player Pool:

1. Any player on a National League 40-man roster on Draft Day is eligible to
be auctioned. 40-man rosters are widely available, and each owner shall be
responsible for providing his own. In case of disputes, the most recently dated
shall be accepted.

B. Conducting the Draft:

1. The team that finished last the previous year nominates the first player
for bid. Unless stated all opening bids are $.50.

2. Minimum bid is 50 cents. Minimum increment is 50 cents.

3. No team may bid on a player that he cannot fit on his roster.

4. A player acquired at auction is property of the drafting team, or any team
he is subsequently traded to, at that price, for a period of two years. Prior
to the third season, the team holding his rights must decide whether to sign
him to a Long-term Guaranteed

Contract, (see Part VII) retain him for a third (and final) season at his current
salary, or return him to the Draft Pool.

The Rotation Draft:

The number of rounds in the reserve draft will be determined by the
number of teams in the league. With 9 or fewer teams the Rotation draft will
consist of 17 rounds. Any number of teams greater than 9 and the draft will
go to 14 rounds. The players drafted in this phase make up the Reserve Roster.
Players eligible to be drafted include any player not currently under contract
by an American League Team. (NL players, NL minor leaguers, College, Foreign,
High School, or Free Agent) The only other exception is players on the restricted
list. (No druggies, wife-beaters or child-abusers, we have to draw the line
somewhere) Each player selected is assigned a salary based on the round in
which he was drafted:

Rounds 1-4: $5

5-8: $4

9-12: $3

13-14: $2


Rounds 1-3: $6

4-7: $5

8-11: $4

12-15: $3

16-17: $2

1. The salary of a player selected in the Rotation draft does
not apply to the salary cap, and is not collected until/unless that player
is activated.

2. The salary of any minor leaguer selected in the rotation draft determines
where he is slotted if he is retained in the minors the following season. (see
Roster Protection, Part II)

3. At the conclusion of the Rotation draft all players on active NL rosters
and major league disabled lists comprise the Free-Agent Pool. (Acquisition
of Free Agents will be covered in detail later.)

4. Rotation Draft picks are tradable one-for-one.

5. The order of selection for the Rotation draft is determined by the order
of finish the previous season. The draft order is as follows: 6th place, 7th,
8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, (exp. team), 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st.

6. Expansion teams select after the last place finisher from the previous season.

Part VIII - Transactions/Player Movement:

Player movement between the Active Roster and Reserve Roster is unrestricted.
Players may be reserved for any reason, at any time, at the discretion of the
owner and be replaced by any member of the reserve roster currently on the
active roster of his NL team and who qualifies positionally.

A. Activations and Reservations

1. At no time may a team move a player from the Active Roster to the Reserves
without a simultaneous Activation from the Reserves to the Active Roster.

Exception: If, after completing a trade, A team has more than 23 Active players,
a player or players must be Reserved to reduce the Active Roster to 23.

2. Activations and Reservations are daily, but must be received prior to noon
to be effective for that day.

3. The fee for activating or reserving a player is included in the $300 league

B. Waivers:

At no time, except in the immediate aftermath of a trade, may a team’s
total roster exceed 37. If, at any time a team’s roster exceeds 37, remedial
action must be taken immediately. The two ways to remove a player from the
roster are Waivers and Outright Release. Only players currently on major league
active rosters (or DL) may be waived. All others, (minor leaguers, players
traded to the AL, retired, etc.), must be released outright. There is no fee
to waive or release a player. There is no requirement that a player be reserved
before being waived or released.

1. Any player placed on waivers is eligible to be claimed by any other team.

2. The waiver period goes from Monday to Monday; (that is, a player waived
on Friday will be “on waivers” beginning the following Mon. for one week).

3. If more than one team claims a waived player, the team lowest in the standings
gets the player.

4. Teams may claim their own player on waivers, but only after all other teams

5. Players who pass through waivers unclaimed enter the free agent pool.

6. The commissioner will post on the board, by Sunday all players whose waivers
are scheduled to expire at 10pm that Monday. (At least he will try

Important: A player’s status at the time of his waiver determines his
status when claimed, that is, A player waived from the reserve list of one
team is reserved when you claim him, and vice versa.

7. The fee for acquiring a player on waivers is $5. The salary of a player
claimed on waivers is $5, or his previous salary, which ever is greater. The
salary is only collected if it had not previously been paid by his former team,
(ex. A player that had been selected in the rotation draft and had not previously
been activated) or if the player is subsequently protected the next year; (that
is, a players salary is paid only once a season and need not be paid by every
other team that may acquire him).

8. Players released outright may not be claimed, and do not enter the free
agent pool.

C. Trades:

1. The fee for all trades is $2.50 per team, (negotiable among the parties)

2. Trades are effective daily. Trades received by the Commissioner’s office
after noon are effective the following day.

3. Trades do not alter a player’s status. That is, Active players remain active,
Reserve players remain reserved.

D. Trade Deadlines:

Unrestricted trading:

1. From the conclusion of the Auction Draft until 10pm August 2nd.

2. From the end of the season until Roster Freeze Day.

Restricted Trading:

From August 3rd, until 10pm September 1, trades are permitted between
teams within five spots in the standings as of the beginning of that week,
(listed in parentheses at far left on the “Standings” page of the website).
In case of ties, batting average will serve as the tie-breaker.

Trading Prohibited:

1. From September 2, until the end of the season.

2. From Roster Freeze until the conclusion of the Auction Draft.

E. Free Agents:

At the conclusion of the Rotation Draft, all players on active NL rosters,
who remain undrafted comprise the Free Agent Pool. In addition, any non-drafted
minor leaguer who subsequently is recalled by his major league team, or any
AL player who is traded to the NL during the season, enters the free agent
pool. Free agents may be acquired by any team by means of a sealed bid process.
For this process, all teams are understood to have a $75 Free Agent Acquisition
Budget (FAAB). This is over and above the $130 salary cap. The easiest and
most efficient way to bid is on the website. If you must call, no phone bids
will be accepted prior to 6pm Monday. Any phone bid received prior to that
time/day will be ignored.

1. The minimum bid for a free agent is $3. Maximum is the amount remaining
in a team’s FAAB.

1a. The salary of a player obtained in this manner is his acquisition price.

2. There is no limit to the number of free agent bids any team may submit in
a given week.

3. Important: For every free agent acquired, a player from an Active NL Roster
must be waived. Pitcher for a pitcher, hitter for a hitter, (designed to prevent
wholesale stockpiling, by also-rans).

4. The sealed bid process is a weekly event; all bids received will be opened
Monday 10pm.

5. If the total amount of money bid exceeds the amount of your FAAB, players
will be awarded in the order in which they are listed.

6. All bids must be accompanied by the name(s) of the player to be waived.
Any bid that does not specify which player is to be waived will be ignored;
(no more Mr. Nice Guy on this one, its not fair claim a guy then wait a day
or a week to decide who you want to hose, and no one wants the Commish to decide
for them, I’m sure).

Hint: If you send a list of three bids and designate only one player
to waive, the Commish will know that you only want to acquire one player, from
the top down. If you designate three players for waiver, He will know that
you wish to acquire all three players listed.

7. Any player who’s bid price is $12.50 or greater is automatically signed
to a 2-year guaranteed contract, and may not be traded for three (3) weeks
after his acquisition.

8. Sealed Bids will be accepted through 10pm, on the first Monday in September.

Part IX - Long-Term Contracts:

Players completing two years of service (or 1+years if acquired by means
other than auction) may be tendered a Long-term Guaranteed

Contract no less than 2-years in length. Eligible players not offered contracts
may be retained for a third year (and final) at the same salary or be released.
The terms of Long-Term Guaranteed Contracts are as follows:

1. The salary is determined by the length of the contract. Add $2.50 to the
players’ salary for every year of the contract, not counting the first year.
Ex. A $5.00 player signed to a two-year contract is signed for $7.50 for two

2. At the conclusion of the Contract, the player returns to the Draft Pool.

3. In addition to salary, a one-time signing bonus is due equal to one half
the total value of the contract. The signing bonus does not count against the
salary cap.

4. Teams may buy out the balance of a contract prior to roster freeze day for
twice the value of the remainder of the contract. Failure to list a contract
player on the freeze list will result in the automatic termination/buy-out
of the contract.

5. Terms of all new contracts must be reported to the Commissioner at the time
of Roster Freeze. Failure to do so will result in that player being considered
as playing out his option at his current salary.

6. If during the course of a Long-term contract, the player is traded to the
AL, retires, or dies, the contract is null and void, but get ready for a nasty
court fight involving next of kin.

Part X - Payment and Prize Money

A. Payment:

1. On Draft Day each member will pay a league fee of $300. This will cover
the $130 salary cap, as well as all daily roster moves and the stat service.
Off season trades, room rental, signing bonuses, hopefully you didn’t go nuts
and buy outs are extra and above the $300. You may come to the table with $200
and the rest can be paid as determined by the league Commissioner.

This is the new part:

2. Anytime a team’s amount due exceeds $75, after the All-Star Break, the team
has one week and is expected to pay in full. Failure to do so will result in
that member’s roster being frozen until payment is made.

3. All fees accrued after Sept. 1 will be due by the end of the World Series.
This year went pretty smooth, glad to say, but there have been problems in
the past, this is an attempt to head off problems before they occur. In years’
past, our benevolent treasurer has granted the privilege to those players who
figure to finish high in the money, to forgo their final payment and have their
winnings docked. Unless he informs me otherwise, I expect that will continue.
Understand that is at the discretion of the Treasurer and will only be considered
for payments due Sept 1 or later.

B. Prize Money:

All monies collected at the draft and during the course of the season
in the form of fees are entrusted to the League Treasurer and are deposited
in an interest bearing bank account. The League pays for the Stat Service and
Room Rental, if any, for the draft. All remaining money is paid out in the
form of Prize Money. The breakdown is as follows:

First Place 49%

Second Place 24%

Third Place 14%

Fourth Place 9%

Fifth Place 4%

The number and amount can be adjusted according to the number of teams in the
league at the beginning of the season.

Part XI - The Cup

Of course, substantial though they may be, the monetary rewards pale
in comparison to the real honor due to the League Champion. I speak, of course,
of that transcendent moment when skill, dedication, patience, and blind luck
combine to produce the one team that at seasons end stands above and apart
from the rest. For the one owner who, through meticulous preparation, brilliant
drafting, shrewd trading, and crafty use of his reserves, proves that for that
season he had no equal, The Cup awaits. Dedicated in AD 1985, The Park Manor
Cup, named for the site of the inaugural SSBA Player Auction, has been bestowed
upon the Champion. With the inscription of his franchise’s name upon the flanks
of this venerable chalice, this Holy Grail, The Champion joins the Roll Call
of Excellence, The Pantheon of Heroes, and earns the right...... to draft last
the next year.

League Deadlines/Rules
Add/Drop Rules
Preseason (before 4/4/2010)
Teams are not allowed to Add/Drop players on their own during the preseason.
Regular Season (after 4/3/2010)
Teams are not allowed to Add/Drop players on their own during the regular season OR will only be allowed to add players through a free-agent Claims system.
Dropped player availability
When a player is dropped he can be picked up by another team immediately.
Preseason (before 4/4/2010)
Teams are not allowed to make their own trades during the preseason. The commissioner can still do trades between teams.
Regular Season (after 4/3/2010)
Teams are not allowed to make their own trades during the regular season. The commissioner can still do trades between teams.
Teams are allowed to set their lineups while players haven't played.
Day lineup can be set: Every day
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Re: elite 25+ year NL only 6X6 keeper league needs 2-4 owners

Postby jbstorey » Sun Feb 13, 2011 5:47 pm

Update there may be two rosters that are orphaned So we almost definitely be looking for a minimum of two owners but hopefully 3. If we get a 4th interested owner we will hold the vote for expanding to 13. Originally that seemed a lock but we have decided instead of just doing it we will wait until we actually have enough new owners for 13 before we officially vote on that one.
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Re: elite 25+ year NL only 6X6 keeper league needs 2-4 owners

Postby jbstorey » Mon Feb 14, 2011 9:46 am

As of last night it looks like we have picked up one new owner. So we are looking for one or two more.
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Re: elite 25+ year NL only 6X6 keeper league needs 2-4 owners

Postby jbstorey » Tue Feb 15, 2011 2:53 pm

He like I mentioned before it looks like we have picked up one new owner and definitely want to pick up one or two more and potentially a third to push us up to 13 teams. We will wait to vote on that one until we get to a definite 12 teams. Now is the time to get in. The trading has already begun. We have had 5 trades already in the last month.
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Softball Supervisor

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Re: elite 25+ year NL only 6X6 keeper league needs 2-4 owners

Postby jbstorey » Sat Feb 19, 2011 11:34 am

Still definitely looking for at least one new team, potentially as many as 3 if we vote to expand above our usual max of 12.
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Re: elite 25+ year NL only 6X6 keeper league needs 2-4 owners

Postby jbstorey » Mon Feb 21, 2011 5:07 pm

Still looking for one maybe two more teams contact myself or the commish Ralph or Rich. The emails are listed above.

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Softball Supervisor

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Re: elite 25+ year NL only 6X6 keeper league needs 2-4 owners

Postby jbstorey » Wed Feb 23, 2011 11:24 am

Now is the time to jump in, the trading has already begun. We definitely want one more owner and potentially one or two more depending on how things shake out with two existing teams.
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Softball Supervisor

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Re: elite 25+ year NL only 6X6 keeper league needs 2-4 owners

Postby jbstorey » Thu Feb 24, 2011 3:35 pm

One of the two existing teams that was waivering, dropped out and the new owner we have already will be taking over that team. That puts us at 11 teams. We want to be at 12 teams so we definitely need one new owner. If that other team drops out we will need two owners. Also we are seriously considering adding a 13th team. We will not vote on that until we officially have 12 teams. If your interested check out all the info above and contact myself, Rich or Ralph via the emails posted above or me on this site.

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Softball Supervisor

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Re: elite 25+ year NL only 6X6 keeper league needs 2-4 owners

Postby jbstorey » Sat Feb 26, 2011 11:52 am

spring training games have started. It's time to jump in a great fantasy baseball league. We are still looking to fill 2 slots maybe 3 if we expand to 13 teams. check out the info above and contact us asap.

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Softball Supervisor

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Re: elite 25+ year NL only 6X6 keeper league needs 2-4 owners

Postby jbstorey » Mon Feb 28, 2011 9:26 pm

Right now we have 10 teams, there is one orphaned roster that can be claimed and one more open slot that can be filled via expansion draft to get a max of 15 keepers before the auction draft to get us back up to our normal high of 12. If we get to 12 and a 13th potential owner wants to get in we will vote to expand to 13. We've already discussed it and it would all but be a lock to vote for expansion to 13. We are just waiting on the vote until it is needed.
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Softball Supervisor

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