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Dynasty league like no other...

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Dynasty league like no other...

Postby cti531 » Tue Apr 13, 2010 5:35 pm


* $100 minimum entry fee for 1st season (will be explained in depth later)
* Mixed League (Both AL & NL players will be used)
* Lifetime (Keeper/Dynasty) League
* 16 teams – split into two Conferences of 8 with two divisions of 4 in each conference.
* 3 teams from each conference will make the playoffs (2 division winners plus 1 wildcard)
* Starting line-up will consist of the following 16 players:

1 – Catcher
1 – 1st Baseman
1 – 2nd Baseman
1 – 3rd Baseman
1 – Shortstop
1 – Left Fielder
1 – Center Fielder
1 – Right Fielder
1 – Designated Hitter (any position)
5 – Starting Pitchers
2 – Relief Pitchers

There will also be 9 reserve spots that can be any position making the actual roster size 25. In addition there will be 5 minor league spots available for each team, making it a total roster size of 30 players.


Single 1 point
Double 2 points
Triple 3 points
HR 4 points
Runs 1.5 points
RBI 1.5 points
SB 1.5 points
BB/IBB 1 point
HBP 1 point
SH/SF 0.5 points


Win 10 points (RP’s will only be rewarded 5 points)
Save 10 points
IP 3 points
K 1 point
HA -0.5 points
BB -0.5 points
ER -2 points


The regular season will be 22 weeks for a total of 154 games. Each team will play 7 games per week. 3 of these games every week will be against the other teams in your division. The other 4 games will be on a rotating schedule. On odd numbered weeks (every other week) you will play the other division in your conference. On even numbered weeks you will play one of the divisions from the other conference (rotating basis). So during the regular season you will play:

*22 games versus each team in your division
*12 games versus each team in the other division within your conference
* 5 games versus each of the 8 teams in the other conference.

Note that in order to maintain scheduling balance you will also play the other division within your conference in week #22.

The winner of each game will be the team with the most points for the week (I know pretty obvious but I had to put in there). Games will be played Monday – Sunday.


Playoffs will last 3 weeks and be played during weeks 23 – 25. Each Division winner as well as 1 wild-card team from each conference will make the playoffs. The top team in each conference will receive a bye in week #23 (1st week of playoffs). The other division winner will play the wild-card team in each conference. The winner of that game will play the top team in the conference in week #24. The two conference champions will face off in week #25 to determine the champ. In addition, the two losers from week #24 will face off to see who wins the 3rd place money.

Position players will be eligible to play any position that they appeared in at least 20 games the prior season or 5 games during the current season. Your Designated Hitter can come from any position.


Each team is only allowed to have 5 minor league players on their roster at all times. You may pick up a minor leaguer during the season, providing you have the room on your roster to do so. When a player gets called up you will need to make room on your active roster for him or release him. This must be done before the next weekly line-up deadline (Before Monday’s first MLB game played) otherwise that player will be dropped from your roster. The same rule applies if an active player is demoted to the minors…you will need to make room for him or he will be released. Only players who are actually signed and in a MLB teams minor league system are eligible. No College, High School or International etc. players will be eligible. There will be a separate draft (after the MLB amateur draft) for the recently drafted players. The order is determined the same way as the MLB draft (prior season standings).


All weekly line-ups are due and must be set prior to the first MLB game played each Monday.

During the regular season, owners will be allowed to pick up players via a waiver process. Each team will only be allowed to sign 3 free agents per week.

Injured Players:
Players who are on the MLB disabled list will be allowed to be placed on your DL. The maximum number of DL players allowed on a roster at one time is 5 players. You must add them back to your active roster (once their MLB team activates them) before the next weekly line-up deadline or risk losing that player just as explained above for a minor league player.

Trading is allowed up until the first Saturday of each August. Owners will be allowed to vote on all trades for a period of 24 hours and if there are 7 objections the trade will be voided. The commissioner will also hold “veto” power (Seriously hope that this will never be needed). In the future once we all get to know and trust each other, I hope we can eliminate the voting process and make all trades effective immediately.


1st place: 70%
2nd place: 20%
3rd place 10%

*after CBS Sports stat service is paid for

All entry fees are 100% secured by using a 3rd party called League Safe ( This way you can all rest assured that I am not some guy looking to steal all of your money and leave town.


Earlier I said the entry fee is $100 (minimum) under the basic rules. This season the entry fee for everyone is $100, however this league also has some unique (not complicated) rules designed to give you a much more enjoyable experience, so I will explain what I meant by (minimum)…

During our inaugural auction each team will have $100 to spend on 25 players. This is real money! Bidding will be done in .10 cent increments (minimum salary and starting bid is .50 cents). NOTE: To add some realism, salaries will be listed on the site in millions. So for example if you spend $10.00 on Mark Teixeira his contract will be listed as $10 million.

Next season (offseason) you will have the option to sign some or all of your players to contract extensions for the amount of their current salary…and then also lock them up for as many years as you like. The catch is that the entire contract and all the real money is guaranteed just as in real life MLB. (It has to be this way in order to prevent owners from destroying teams and then just dropping out.)

So if you want Mark Teixeira for 7 years at that $10.00, then each season his contract will cost you $10. All of the contracts are guaranteed though, so if you decide after 3 seasons you don’t want him you will need to pay the remaining 4 years at $40 into the leaguesafe account before you will be allowed to drop him. So be smart when offering contracts!

NOTE: Any contract given to a player that is over 1 year in length has escalators. For example, say you signed Aaron Hill last season for .70 cents. You can re-sign him for only up to 1 year at that .70 cent rate. If you wanted to sign him for 2 or 3 years then the contract must be valued at least $1 per season. (If you want to sign him for 3 years then his total contract would be 3 years at $3) If you want to sign him to a 4 or 5 year contract then it must be valued at $2 per season (5 years would be $10). Anything longer, and his salary will become $3 for each season of the contract (10 years would cost you $30…still a steal! Unless he flops or gets injured)

It’s really all up to you on how long you want to sign guys for and how well you structure the contracts.

Now with all that said, here is what will probably happen in the real world. The top guys like Pujols, Ramirez, etc. are going to go for the most amount of money. I assume most of them will end up with short term contracts since they cost so much money. Since they are at the top of their game, you are buying “high” so why risk laying out multiple years too? Say you pay $12 for Pujols. Do you want to risk signing him for 5 years and come up with $60 cash or would you maybe just sign him to a one year deal and bid on him next year. Even if you pay $13 the next season…you have no financial risk. I would assume the players who get the long term deals are the sleepers who were purchased at a low price and ended up busting out. Think Aaron Hill, Ben Zobrist etc. last season. Of course the contract cost will be lower but the risk will be higher. Now with that said, everyone is always free to do it however they choose and just because I think that is how it might go down…certainly doesn’t mean it will. Do what you like, the option is yours!

The cap is always $100 ($100 million) during the season. (NOTE: During the off-season the cap and roster limits will be increased. This is explained later.) So if you trade for a player or sign a free agent because one of your guys was placed on the DL, then you need to have the cap space to do so.

All free agents have a contract of .50 cents ($500k). There will be a standard weekly waiver process to add free agents. Each team will only be allowed to pick up a maximum of 3 free agents per week.
When a player is picked up as a free agent during the season, you will not actually pay any real money. You just need to have the cap space to do so.

When a player is released, since his salary and contract had already been paid in full, it will immediately revert to the league minimum .50 cents and he becomes eligible to be picked up by any team during the waiver process. Since you will have already “ate” the real life money left on his contract by paying in advance, you will receive all of his cap space back.


At the end of each season, all players picked up as a free agent during the season will become “restricted” free agents. What this means is that all of the other owners in the league are allowed to bid on them during the off-season however the team that had him originally, can match any offer. There will be a special period set aside each off-season when all of these “restricted” players are put on the open market (explained later).


Minor leaguers will have a salary of .50 cents once they are called up. They will continue to cost their owners .50 cents for each of their first 5 seasons after reaching their minimums of 150 at bats or 50 innings pitched.

After the 5 years have passed they will become “restricted” free agents and subject to the rules explained above regarding “restricted” free agents.


Rosters are locked down before the start of the playoffs. You will only be allowed to sign a free agent if you are in the playoffs and one of your players goes on the DL. If that happens you are only allowed to sign a free agent who plays (or is eligible at) that same position.

You will not be able to alter your roster in any way until the trading window opens on December 1st. At that time you are free to trade with other teams or drop players. You will not be allowed to sign any free agents however. Also at this time the roster limits will be bumped up from 25 players to 30 players (excluding minor leaguers) and the salary cap will increase from $100 to $110.

In early March the Restricted Free Agent period will begin. All players signed as a free agent during the prior season as well as any player coming of his minor league contract, will go on the market via an auction format. At the conclusion of this auction, teams will be given 48 hours to decide if they want to match the high offer. If no bids were placed on one of these players then his original team will retain his rights and have the option of signing him to a long term contract. Remember, there is no crying in baseball so if you win 3 restricted free agents, only to have the original owners match them all…so be it.

Following the conclusion of the Restricted Free Agent period, there will be another auction where all of the other “Street” Free Agents will be available (in another auction format). These will be the players whose contracts have expired or any other player not on a roster.

Before the first pitch of the MLB season, teams will have to determine the amount of years they would like to sign each of these newly purchased players for. Teams will also have to have their roster back down to 25 players (excluding minor leaguers) and at or below the $100 salary cap.

Like I said, this league is certainly not going to be for everyone. If it sounds interesting to you however I strongly suggest that you give it a try. I’m clearing my “fantasy slate” in order to dedicate the time needed to run this right, so trust me I will pour everything I have into running this league and keeping it fresh and exciting for everyone. If you have any questions please ask away!

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