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mellifluous new league looking for rectum-expanding mgrs

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mellifluous new league looking for rectum-expanding mgrs

Postby sinicalypse » Sat Mar 20, 2010 3:13 pm


quick note: if you know who aphex twin is, this is a league for you. ... hexedvexed --- pass = aphex

evangilistical babble:

hello world my name is james and i'm an old curmudgeon of the cafes here (mainly baseball, tho i'm on the football as well) -- i've been playing fantasy baseball since 2001, although i basically retired mid-way through 2007 thanks to having a girlfriend and being burned out. i took 2008 off.

in 2009 i returned and re-discovered my love for the game... waking up and itching to read box scores to see how many bags rajai davis swiped me (i didn't have the internet at home last year, what can i say?) and scouting players and it hit me: fantasy baseball is a way of life. i didn't bother to return to the mad dash of football last year, as i realized my one true fantasy love is obviously charlize theron, but fantasy baseball comes in number 2.

speaking of number 2, i talk excrement all of the time. the league msgboard will be legendary, so if you like to talk dung it'd be a fun place. you can get an idea of how raving i am @ -- jorge cantu is my personal baseball jesus.

further speaking of number 2, i just dropped one on yahoo at ... hexedvexed --- password = aphex

it's a 6x6 league with the only deviation from your standard yahoo rules being the extra categories: OPS on offense, and complete games on pitching. i didn't want to water it down for "quality starts" because i believe that most consider a quality start to be 3 or less ER in 6/+ IP, which is a 4.50 era? i always considered a quality start to be 3 or less in 7/+ IP, which is a 3.86 or lesser ERA, so i decided to go with complete games. i've done a league with CG shutouts and that's like, you know, someone wins with 5 or 6... this way complete games are noticed, giving someone like halladay even more value. realistically, it's another category to make bonafide aces/horses that much more valuable, and it's there mainly because i wanted to have OPS in offensively as i didn't want to reward walks outright, and i also think of the dan ugglas of the world whose BA might kill you, or a nelson cruz or jayson werth at .260 and hit their 30/+ HRs and take decent walks, well at least they'll help you in OPS to negate the average hit.

that said, i can further evangelize this and that and there'd better be some people soon otherwise i'd have to nuke this league...

the first 5 people to sign up get free nude pictures of my ex-girlfriend... am i kidding? join to find out =P

plz refer any and all other questions to

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