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Auction League Newbie

Auction League Newbie

Postby miracles716 » Wed Mar 17, 2010 1:18 pm

Hello guys i have been playing fantasy baseball for 3 seasons now and this will be the first time i will be doing a auction draft so does anyone have any advice for me on how to proceed? should i target the big stars early? or hold back my money for later? we have a salary cap of $260 and need to fill 20 spots, any help would be appreciated, thank you guys
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Re: Auction League Newbie

Postby MTUCache » Thu Mar 18, 2010 1:27 am

Just did my first auction (mock) tonight... it definitely helped getting that experience under my belt.

First, go ahead and spend on a couple of top-tier guys. Don't be afraid to get up a few bucks over their value according to the site. If you like what they bring, grab them.

Second, don't freak out when there's a run on something you aren't willing to spend on. For me, this was SP. I started to get a bit upset seeing the top 10-12 SPs go off the board, but they were all going for more than I was willing to spend. There will be value at that spot (and others) later when others overspend. The mid- and lower-tier guys will get down to as low as $1 at every spot, from catcher to closer.

Last, toward the end of the auction it basically turns into a draft, when everybody has spent all of their money except for one or two people who have way too much. Don't be one of those people. Maybe hold back a couple of bucks (literally, like 3-4 extra dollars more than spots you have left to fill), but that's it. Any more than that and it's going to go wasted.

My first mock ever, and this is the team I ended up with (10 teamer):
C: R.Martin ($1), K. Suzuki ($2)
1B: A.Pujols ($43)
2B: R.Cano ($21)
3B: A.Rod ($34)
SS: E.Andrus ($10)
OF: Kemp ($33), Ethier ($17), Beltran ($5)
UT: M.Reynolds ($15), C.Quentin ($1)
SP: J.Becket ($19), C.Hamels($18), J.Peavy($2), R.Harden($1)
RP: M.Rivera($17), R.Soriano($2), B.Fuentes($2), B.Wagner($1)
Bench: M.Scherzer ($1), B.Sheets($1), S.Strasburg($4), M.Gonzalez($1)

All that... and I left with $9 I didn't spend, which could have upgraded me in a lot of places. There's a few places I would like to have changed and gone a different direction, but spending less money on a star is not one of them. Obviously, spending an extra buck or two on a star at the beginning isn't going to effect much at the end. As long as you've got the cash to pick up those mid-tier players, there's ALWAYS going to be valuable players for $1 at the end of the auction.
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Re: Auction League Newbie

Postby courduroy » Tue Mar 23, 2010 5:10 pm

First and foremost, is it a keeper league? If so you strategy has to change somewhat in targeting some potential keepers at low prices. If not a keeper league, the second question is how many teams and whther it is mixed, AL or NL only?

I am assuming a 10 team mixed non keeper league.

$260 for 20 players in a mixed league is a ton of money. Consider that there are going to be only 200 players drafted, even in a 14 team league it is still a good amount of cash. What I mean is the projections on most sites will be relatively low for superstars. You will have to expect to spend 10-20% over value.

That said the number one rule is Closers are a dime a dozen in mixed leagues. Do not overvalue them. You need three, it is nice to get one solid closer but the other two should cost less then $5 hopefully $1. Spend your money elsewhere.

You have to target at least two elite players but try for three, the greater scarcity of position the better. ie Catcher is a great example; the dropoff between the 3rd ranked catcher and the 6th is enormous. While, the 12th ranked 1B will still put up competative numbers compared to Pujols.

I always make it a must have to get a top 3 pitcher, even though you may overpay they will anchor your staff.

If you are lucky enough to get those three elite players and an ace pitcher, the rest of your roster should target 7th to 15th ranked players at their position. At bargains even better but as you will read below it is better to spend early then have cash left at the end. A couple spots to target with $1 players are one closer position(might even be by committee guy), one OF position(player pool is deep in OF in mixed league), two SP(very deep in mixed), UT/DH(everyone loves to fill this with power but the position is flexible use it to your advantage). With that you just went from $260/20 to $255/15 that is $4 more per player. MTU's draft looks surprising similar to this formula Fuentes, Gonzalez, Beltran, Peavy, Sheets, Quentin. He left $9 on the table; I will bet if he could have it back he would take a $14 Weiters and a dollar OF instead of Beltran and call it a win/win.

As MTU said it is nice to have an extra buck or two at the end to throw at the player you really want when someone throws them out for a dollar, but in a mixed league it isn't as necessary. The free agent pool will be large even after the draft especially at OF. It is a better strategy to spend that 'extra' money to outbid for a great player then for a $1 player you may wind up replacing a month into the season.

Now it is also all relative if no one is willing to spend money for these top talent players then go nuts and pick them up early, there is always that one crazy draft where everyone is trying to hoard to take advantage of bargains in later rounds. Let them fight over your scraps, they will be spending $5-10 extra on mid-tier players.
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