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15 Team Draft Championship NFBC Style - CBS $100 - Round Two

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15 Team Draft Championship NFBC Style - CBS $100 - Round Two

Postby Drdobs » Sat Mar 13, 2010 2:48 pm

15 Team Draft Championship NFBC Style League - CBS $100

A couple of weeks ago myself and a few other NFBC players setup a Draft Championship league and it filled rather quickly and it's been a very good experience, so many of our are wanting to go another round! We still want to draft and compete against the best and this league is setup to determine who is the best drafter! Interested, please read all the details below...

The league rules and settings will essentially mimic that which is created over at the Fantasy Baseball Championship (NFBC What this means is that we’ll operate with 15 league members in a standard mixed 5x5 rotisserie format. The only difference you’ll find in this league versus the majority of others is that there are *NO* transactions after the draft. No trades, no free agent acquisitions, no drops. We will draft 45 rounds of players in this league to build a bench strong enough to support your roster throughout the entire season. Though you may not have heard of this, this is a very popular and growing format.

Principal Benefits to this League vs. Others
• Extends your ability to participate in more drafts without the hassle of having to pay close attention to the league throughout the year. A format like this is a perfect complimentary league to your normal ‘draft & trade” style leagues as it requires a fraction of the time to manage. Just set your lineup each week and move on.
• The winner of this league will be able to be crowned as a true draft champion. If you ever wondered if winning a league championship was largely due to a strong draft, strong transactions throughout the season or some combination of both, this league will weed out transactional options and deliver us a true champion of the draft.
• The lack of transactions eliminates the ability for cheaters, and also keeps poor players in check. It only takes one guy who doesn't know what they are doing and drop players that shouldn't be dropped or make extremely lopsided trades to really put a damper on the league. This format removes that risk completely.

League Roster Details
- 23 Active Roster Spots (14 Position, 9 Pitchers)
- C, C, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, SS, CI, MI, OF, OF, OF, OF, OF, U + 9 Pitchers. A league minimum of 700 IP must be obtained from your 9 pitching spots.
- There are no transactions in this league, you draft your team, set your lineup each week from the pool of 45 players you drafted on draft day and move on. Quick, easy to manage and fun to see who is the best drafter of the group.
- Scoring is based on the standard 5x5 categories of AVG, R, HR, RBI, SB’s & ERA, W, WHIP, K’s, & Saves.
- There are 22 bench spots to be made up of any combination of reserves, injured players, minor league players, etc.
- Roster lineups need to be set 30 mins prior to the first game on each Monday however if you have no changes, there is no need to login and set your lineup as your previous weeks lineup will carry forward.

League Finances
All league finances will run through – so they are safe and secure and winners WILL be paid.
League payout is 100% of money collected less real costs, the league has already been setup and paid for.
15 Teams @ $100/ea = $1500.00
CBS League Commissioner Service = ($90.00 – Assuming I can get the commish discount, if not will be higher)
Remaining Pot = $1410.00

1st Place = $850.00
2nd Place = $400.00
3rd Place = $160.00

Draft Style, Date & Time
Draft will done via the slow live, extended method and will start as soon as all 15 teams are filled & paid. CBS Sportsline will randomize the draft order and the draft will begin. There will be a 12-hour time limit set on each draft pick however most picks are made within a matter of minutes or a few hours (see below). CBS will email you when your draft pick is up so that you know to log in and make a selection. I have found over the years, this draft format is superior in that one of the benefits is it gives all the owners a chance to really get to know one another which usually makes for a better league. It also takes the pressure off to make picks under the gun.

Characteristics of the ideal team owner in this league include:
• Have experience playing in the 5x5 rotisserie format and needs to be willing (if not already) to register with Ideally has competed in the NFBC before.
• Have the ability to check into the draft room from a computer at least 3-4 times throughout the day, or at a minimum feel comfortable drafting from a mobile device or possibly over the phone at certain times. You need not be chained to a computer for two weeks straight, but you should also be courteous and cognoscente that a draft is going on and making some type of effort to help keep the flow moving.
• Be prepared to create an account at and pay your entry fee promptly.
• Be the kind of person to have the courtesy of dropping a line in the draft room or via the message board if you’re going to be unavailable for a known period of time. An example would be “Guys, I’m going out with the wife tonight for a dinner and movie, won’t be back until 10:30pm PST”, etc. This is probably the single most important aspect of joining this league. You must be a good communicator, fair and have a good attitude – no bitter players needed.
• Not afraid to give out a phone number or call me prior to joining the league so that we can talk about your history in fantasy, where you’re from, etc. I’d like for me as well as other league members to get to know at least some basic information about one another and this is a good 1st step.
• Due to the time remaining before the start of the season, if you are the type of guy who works and can’t access the draft room from the office and aren’t able to find a way to check in at least once during the middle of the work day, this league is not for you. We just don’t have time before the start of the season.
• Should the unfortunate occur and we not get done prior to the start of the season (unlikely), we will finish the draft on Sunday morning, April 4th at 10:00am EST. I do not anticipate this being an issue.

About me?
I’ve been around the block a few times in fantasy. I typically play in 4-7 leagues each year and have done so for the past 8+ years. I am commissioner of two leagues one of which is going on its 5th season. I enjoy drafting the most which is why I’m putting together a league like this. I'm not interested in power trips and don't pull an attitude with owners. A league as simple as this should require virtually no interference from the commissioner (which is a good thing).

If you think you fit the bill, I'd really like to hear from you. Contact me at or leave a post here with your contact information.


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Re: 15 Team Draft Championship NFBC Style - CBS $100 - Round Two

Postby Drdobs » Sat Mar 13, 2010 2:50 pm

I should have also mentioned above that all finances will be run through This requires you are willing to register an account (free) and have a checking account to pay your league fees. We will not take league fee's though until all 15 teams are registered and ready to go.

I'll also plan on utilizting the KDS draft preferences selection. PM or email me if you are not familiar with this system. It helps give you some control over what position you are awarded as a draft position.

College Coach
College Coach

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