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Fantasy Baseball Newbie...NEED HELP! Leave your link too.

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Fantasy Baseball Newbie...NEED HELP! Leave your link too.

Postby bigtyrony1 » Thu Mar 11, 2010 1:23 pm

First year doing baseball so I would like some help from the pro's. Here is my projected starting lineup...

Ryan Braun OF
Grady Sizemore OF
B.J. Upton OF
Matt Wieters C
Víctor Martínez C,1B
Ian Kinsler 2B
Alexei Ramírez SS
Adrián Béltre 3B
Adam Jones Util,OF
Lance Berkman Util,1B

Cliff Lee SP
Adam Wainwright SP
Clayton Kershaw SP
Matt Garza SP
Jair Jurrjens SP
Aroldis Chapman SP (I drank the koolaid and dropped Jonathan Sanchez SFO)

Relief Pitchers
David Aardsma - Seattle (Dropped Mike Adams of San Diego)
John Rauch - Twins (Dropped Ryan Franklin after Nathan injury, Liriano might close)

Mark DeRosa 1B,3B,OF
Jay Bruce OF
Corey Hart OF
Hedeki Matsui Util (Dropped Mark Teahen of CWS)

I like my starters but was wondering if it was worth dropping J. Sanchez for the Cuban sensation. I am also gambling dropping Ryan Franklin if he is the everyday closer in stl for John Rauch of the twins, especially if Liriano gets the job. Some people on the wire right now...

Batters - Jose Lopez (Sea 1b,2b), Rajai Davis, JD Drew...kinda slim pickens
SP- Ricky Nolasco (95% owned?), JA Happ, Rich Harden, David Price, J Sanchez, Ted Lilly
RP- Billy Wagner, Leo Nunez, Ryan Franklin, Brad Lidge, Liriano might close for Twins

Should I drop Chapman for Nolasco? Do I look to trade for some 3b strenght? I have 2 great catchers in martinez and weiters. I dont know fantasy baseball really works just yet so any info would be greatly appreciated as I will try to help you if you leave your link.

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Re: Fantasy Baseball Newbie...NEED HELP! Leave your link too.

Postby Relddem » Thu Mar 11, 2010 5:05 pm

Nolasco is available? Buy! Buy! Buy! There are a lot of better options than Chapman that should be out there, but Nolasco not getting drafted is a minor miracle. Its doubtful his ERA will be nearly that bad again and he really should help you in the other three categories too. Other guys to look at are Clay Buchholz and Francisco Liriano.

Its going to be tough for you to compete in Saves with just two closers, one of whom isn't guaranteed Save opps (Rauch). I think the best move here would be to drop Corey Hart. You really shouldn't need him, unless you really think he's a big breakout candidate. You really went OFer heavy in the early rounds, and you have to rely on those guys paying off. Its very unlikely that any of them are going to be worse than Hart, and you have a nice sleeper in Bruce too, not to mention Jones and DeRosa. Plus, even if they are, there will be Outfielders of similar value to Hart available on the WW, especially early in the year when you can start trying to identify guys having breakout years.

I love your SP talent, but I would drop Chapman for another high upside type more guaranteed to make a roster. Nolasco should be a no doubter, but there are other guys who should have a ton of upside available. I'm not crazy about Jurrjens either. I don't think you really need him on this staff, at best he's a lesser version of Wainwright, a good pitcher who probably won't contribute much in Ks. Kershaw is your only potential strikeout beast, and while he was probably a steal in the position you got him in, he does have some risk. Mostly, you went otherwise with solid, lower risk types who should be average or better in three or four categories, but not necessarily dominant in any.

Your offense is nice, but third base is upgradeable and you have some good trade pieces. I also don't like V-Mart at 1B, especially when you have Berkman at Util. Perhaps you could trade Jurrjens and one of your catchers for a bigger 3B bat and mid-upper level closer. Depending on how much risk you want to take and who you want to trade (Wieters or V-Mart), you might want to wait a bit and see if Wieters can establish some value with a hot start. Then you can put Berkman at 1B, upgrade 3B, and match up at your Util spots between Matsui, Bruce, Jones, and DeRosa. I'd look into Mark Reynolds, the only guy between David Wright and Chone Figgins likely to steal double-digit bases. If Reynolds' owner is weak at C and/or SP and/or strong at 1B+3B, I'd offer V-Mart and Jurrjens for Reynolds and a closer right now. Its a bit of a risk, but it could pay off huge if Wieters breaks out. The other problem with this is you may have a problem in AVG, but you'd destroy the other four categories. Or if you want to get something done now without semi-punting avg, you could try offering Wieters and Garza instead.

It looks like a good roster to me, but you're going to have to manage and finagle it a bit. A few loose ends to clip and a bit of reshuffling, but it looks like for the most part you made the most of a lot of your picks. I don't generally love taking so many outfielders early on, but judging by your picks, going Braun, Kinsler, Sizemore, V-Mart, Upton is a solid first five rounds given what I assume was a draft position around 5th-7th. After that, Berkman was a solid bargain, and you started drafting pitchers just when you needed to to build a quality rotation.
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Re: Fantasy Baseball Newbie...NEED HELP! Leave your link too.

Postby Relddem » Thu Mar 11, 2010 5:06 pm

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