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Rate My First Auction League Draft *WHIR*

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Rate My First Auction League Draft *WHIR*

Postby stickkeys108 » Tue Mar 02, 2010 6:28 pm

10-Team, Yahoo, Roto, 5x5 (w/ OBP replacing AVG), Very competitive league.

This is the first time that my league has done an auction draft as we're experimenting with this league on the side. So, here's my draft. I tried to stick to a philosophy of not paying more than $25 for any player and I was able to stick to that.

Jason Heyward- $5
- Felt like it was great value especially if he's in the line-up on opening day.
Jimmy Rollins- $19
- Thought I got him cheap for a shallow position.
Ryan Howard- $32
- Knew I was going to have to spend at one point or another and felt like I needed at least one bopper.
Ichiro Suzuki- $28
- Where Howard lacks, Suzuki more than makes up for it.
Brian McCann- $20
- Top tier catcher at a fairly reasonable price considering the only catcher that I ranked above him, Joe Mauer, went for $34.
Dustin Pedroia- $20
- Top tier 2B at a low price considering I rank him just behind Kinsler and Utley who went in the $30's.
Chad Billingsley- $16
- Waiting on pitching and feel like this was a good price.
Grady Sizemore- $23
- Wanted another guy who mixes speed and power. Felt like $23 was cheap for a guy who can bounce back.
Pablo Sandoval- $17
- Love this guy and feel like I got him at a great price when the rest of his position is going in the $30's for Wright, Rodriguez, and Zimmerman.
Jon Lester- $21
- Probably my ace.
Billy Butler- $5
- May have been the best value I got the entire draft.
Jake Peavy- $15
- $15 was my limit on Peavy, but I needed another arm.
Matt Capps- $7
- I've always liked Capps, but I'm the first to admit that $7 may have been a little high.
Frank Francisco- $5
- Starting going closer heavy and on the cheap.
Brian Wilson- $10
Billy Wagner- $6
Dexter Fowler- $3
- Wanted to add some cheap steals.
Pedro Alvarez- $1
- Already dropped him considering he won't be up.
Brett Anderson- $1
- Had a good year last season and $1 isn't much to risk.
James Loney- $2
- Needed another cheap utility spot.
Tim Hudson- $2
- Really feel like he's going to bounce back.
Rajai Davis- $1
- Cheap steals.
Jason Frasor- $1
- Cheap saves.
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Re: Rate My First Auction League Draft *WHIR*

Postby Chicago 2 » Wed Mar 03, 2010 5:21 pm

stickkeys108 wrote:10-Team, Yahoo, Roto, 5x5 (w/ OBP replacing AVG), Very competitive league.

C Brian McCann- $20
1B Ryan Howard- $32
2B Dustin Pedroia- $20
3B Pablo Sandoval- $17
SS Jimmy Rollins- $19
OF Ichiro Suzuki- $28
OF Grady Sizemore- $23
OF Jason Heyward- $5
U Billy Butler- $5
BN Dexter Fowler- $3
BN James Loney- $2
BN Rajai Davis- $1
BN Pedro Alvarez- $1

SP Chad Billingsley- $16
SP Jon Lester- $21
RP Matt Capps- $7
RP Frank Francisco- $5
P Jake Peavy- $15
P Brian Wilson- $10
P Brett Anderson- $1
BN Tim Hudson- $2
BN Jason Frasor- $1
BN Billy Wagner- $6

Very Competitive League eh? Butler and Anderson should NOT be going for 5 and a dollar respectively, that was a complete crime on your part getting both for dirt cheap. Anderson is probably the most hyped up sleeper this year and a lot of people are aware of that this year, I am shocked to see him go for a dollar, same goes for Butler for 5. But kudos.

I personally never pay for one of the top catchers, Napoli is capable of 20+ homers and going for $1-$3, Soto and Doumit are also nice rebound players who won't hit 20 home runs but will give you enough production out of the catcher spot that you will be glad you saved the 18 dollars you spent for McCann.

$20 for Pedroia was a great deal, cheapest price I have seen him go at, you really can't pass that up. Rollins for $19 is nice too, I don't like the fact that he has declined in average three years straight and has played a lot of baseball the past two years because the Phils made the World Series two years straight. I am worried about his durability. I also like Sizemore, just hope he has fully recovered from surgery and is healthy. You don't really need Rajai with Fowler, Ichiro, Size, Pedroia and Rollins in your lineup, they will provide plenty of steals alone.

You overpaid for Ichiro, to put this into perspective see below, and yes I realize Ichiro did not play a full season last year because of injuries.

Player A: 102 10 62 25 292
Player B: 88 11 46 26 352
Player C: 97 8 68 23 311

Player A is Shane Victorino, going off the table for roughly $16 in drafts and puts up a very similar stat line to Ichiro in the past couple years. Player B is Ichiro, again, I know he did not put up a full season but to me I feel people are paying for his average and not getting enough in other categories. Player C is Denard Span, going for $18 in drafts and imo still has not reached his full potential. Now, of course Ichiro puts up 100 runs and 30 something steals in a full season but how much more are you willing to pay for the increase in average he gives you over Span and Victorino?

You could use an upgrade at your 3OF spot, Heyward hasn't played a lick in the majors so there is some risk in relying on whomever you plan to start as your 3OF.

I liked that you didn't overpay for a player like Broxton or Rivera, but I am sure you could have saved up for other available closers when you bought Capps for $7 and Wilson for $10. Francisco may not be the closer, Feliz could possibly take his spot, I'm not sure on this. Frasor is not the closer in Toronto, Kevin Gregg was signed for this role, but I would keep an eye on how he does during spring training because I doubt Gregg lasts as the Jays closer.

Not a bad team, getting Butler and Anderson for a dollar will be the difference maker for you. It is easy to nitpick and point out where you could have improved in the auction after it is over. I was not at your draft so who am I to say you overpaid for your closers or Ichiro. Maybe at the time you acquired Ichiro you badly needed steals, then 28 for him would be fine I suppose, likewise if you were purchasing closers after the market for them shortened. Just providing some healthy criticism, you should do fine in your roto league.
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