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Serious Owners needed to take over rosters. Keeper / Salary

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Serious Owners needed to take over rosters. Keeper / Salary

Postby cti531 » Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:53 pm

If after reading the brief description below, you are interested please send me an e-mail at

I will e-mail the available teams and list of salaries.


* $75 entry fee
* Mixed League (Both AL & NL players will be used)
* Lifetime (Keeper/Dynasty) League
* 16 teams – split into two Conferences of 8 with two divisions of 4 in each conference.
* 3 teams from each conference will make the playoffs
* Starting line-up will consist of the following 16 players:

1 – Catcher
1 – 1st Baseman
1 – 2nd Baseman
1 – 3rd Baseman
1 – Shortstop
3 – Outfielders
1 – Designated Hitter
5 – Starting Pitchers
2 – Relief Pitchers

There will also be 9 reserve spots that can be any position and 5 minor leaguers for a total roster size of 30 players.


Single 1 point
Double 2 points
Triple 3 points
HR 4 points
Runs 1 point
RBI 1 point
SB 1 point
BB 1 point

Win 15 points
IP 2 points
ER -2 points
Loss -5 points
Win 10 points
Save 10 points
ER -2 points

Note that the lowest possible score for a pitcher is zero. Pitchers will not be assigned negative points.


The regular season will be 22 weeks for a total of 154 games. Each team will play 7 games per week. 3 of these games every week will be against the other teams in your division. The other 4 games will be on a rotating schedule. On odd numbered weeks (every other week) you will play the other division in your conference. On even numbered weeks you will play one of the divisions from the other conference (rotating basis). So during the regular season you will play:

*22 games versus each team in your division
*12 games versus each team in the other division within your conference
* 5 games versus each of the 8 teams in the other conference.

Note that in order to maintain scheduling balance you will also play the other division within your conference in week #22.

The winner of each game will be the team with the most points for the week (I know pretty obvious but I had to put in there). Games will be played Monday – Sunday.


Playoffs will last 3 weeks and be played during weeks 23 – 25. Each Division winner as well as 1 wild-card team from each conference will make the playoffs. The top team in each conference will receive a bye in week #23 (1st week of playoffs). The other division winner will play the wild-card team in each conference. The winner of that game will play the top team in the conference in week #24. The two conference champions will face off in week #25 to determine the champ. In addition, the two losers from week #24 will face off to see who wins the 3rd and 4th place money.


Position players will be eligible to play any position that they appeared in at least 20 games the prior season or 10 games during the current season. Your Designated Hitter can come from any position.

Most Pitchers will be either Starters or Relievers. If a Starter gets converted to a Reliever or a Reliever to a Starter then his status will change as well (This will happen “in season” so just because a guy starts off in the bullpen doesn’t mean he will remain eligible there all season). The only instance where it will not is if the Reliever just makes a “spot start” or the Starter is used in the bullpen but his MLB team still views him as being in their rotation.


Each team is only allowed to have 5 minor league players on their roster at all times. You may pick up a minor leaguer during the season, providing you have the room on your roster to do so. When a player gets called up you will need to make room on your active roster for him or release him. This must be done before the next weekly line-up deadline (Before Monday’s first MLB game played) otherwise that player will be dropped from your roster. The same rule applies if an active player is demoted to the minors…you will need to make room for him or he will be released. Only players who are actually signed and in a MLB teams minor league system are eligible. No College, High School or International etc. players will be eligible. There will be a separate draft (after the MLB amateur draft) for the recently drafted players. The order is determined the same way as the MLB draft (prior season standings).


All weekly line-ups are due and must be set prior to the first MLB game played each Monday.

Owners will be allowed to pick up players at any time during the regular season, subject to the “Salary Cap” rules explained below.

Injured Players:
Players who are on the MLB disabled list will be allowed to be placed on your DL. The maximum number of DL players allowed on a roster at one time is 5 players. You must add them back to your active roster (once their MLB team activates them) before the next weekly line-up deadline or risk losing that player just as explained above for a minor league player.

Trading is allowed up until the first Saturday of each August. Owners will be allowed to vote on all trades for a period of 24 hours and if there are 7 objections the trade will be voided. The commissioner will also hold “veto” power (Seriously doubt that this will ever be needed). The trades are also subject to the “Salary Cap” rules explained below.


1st place: $500
2nd place: $250
3rd place $100
4th place: $75
Division Winners (4) $25
*The additional $175 from the entry fees will be used to pay for the CBS Sportsline service.


I know some people like salaries and some people don’t. The main problems I have found with other head to head, salary cap leagues is that they were all based on an auction format. So you get some young guys at dirt cheap prices and then can basically keep them forever. While this league is indeed a salary cap league, it is not just auction based. I decided on this system because I think it helps to keep the playing field more level and it also requires an owner to remain active. You will still be rewarded for finding those sleepers (just not for 10+ years at a dirt cheap price) and keep them forever if you like however you will have to make some tough decisions at some point down the road.

Please let me stress that there is going to be an awful lot of writing here while I explain the salary cap but it really isn’t nearly as complicated as it may sound. It is a very simple concept that a player salary is directly determined by how valuable he is based on our scoring system. A player salary will actually be a combination of the last 3 years of performance. So that rookie who busted out this season is certainly going to see an increase in salary the following season, however he won’t really be at full price until he has 3 years under his belt.

The easiest thing to do is just show some examples (again…not rocket science, very simple and very fair) and then explain the bidding process of the free agents.
Gordon Beckham
Last season Beckham burst onto the scene as a rookie and would have scored 343 points in our scoring system. His salary for this season would be $3,430,000. How did I come up with this? Hold on to your shorts here…I took 343 and simply added 4 zeros just to give it a realistic looking MLB Salary.

Evan Longoria
Last season was Longoria’s second and he would have scored 601 points in our scoring system and he would have scored 443 points the season before. His salary for this season would be $10,440,000.

Ryan Braun
Last season was Braun’s third and he would have scored 654 points, 592 in 2008 and 518 in 2007. His salary for this season would be $17,640,000.

Like I said…not rocket science! We simply take the total points the player would have scored over the past 3 seasons and add 4 zeros. It is not only simple but it makes perfect sense since the player salaries will be directly tied to how they perform in our scoring system. You will still get a player for the first 3 years of his career at below value price but then you will be forced to pay up. I realize that in real MLB there are arbitration years and that a player typically doesn’t see the really big payday for 5 or more years but there are also a lot more dynamics involved too. You don’t have a salary cap or an even playing field for all the teams. Based on my experience, I feel you need to keep things a little more level in order to have a successful long term dynasty league.

Anyway, as you can see the salary will reflect what a real life salary for a superstar player would be. However in this system when a player has a down year you will also notice a drop in salary and won’t be stuck paying such an inflated price.

Alright, I think that first part was pretty simple for everyone to grasp…total points = player salary. That is only one part of the equation though.

How this works is each off-season the player’s new salary will be calculated by taking his last 3 season’s total points as explained above. You will be given the option to keep any of the players on your roster. You will simply pay his new listed salary. The wrinkle is that you will probably not be able to afford to keep all of your players. The players that each team decides not keep will become free agents.

At this point the off-season free agent period begins. Whatever money you have left over after signing your players, can be used to bid on the free agents. The free agent bidding will be done in tiers based on the player’s 3 year value. All this means is that the first free agent session will be the top free agents and continue down the line until everyone has their roster filled. The first few tiers will typically be bid in hundred thousand dollar increments while the later tiers will be bid in fifty thousand dollar increments.

The salary cap is $200 million dollars. You must have a full roster of 25 players and the league minimum salary is $1 million dollars.

NOTE: During the season, the cap will be increased to accommodate the signing of free agents.

We use CBS Sportsline mainly because I am familiar with it and I know it will work with all of our rules and salaries etc. I am always willing to explore other options if someone knows of something better but I am not just looking for a “cheaper” service. Price is not important. The most important thing is content and the experience it will provide for the owners. I know CBS Sportsline will accommodate what we have.
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Re: Serious Owners needed to take over rosters. Keeper / Salary

Postby cti531 » Sun Feb 28, 2010 4:55 pm

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