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CBS H2H; Keeper; Auction League Seeks Owner

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CBS H2H; Keeper; Auction League Seeks Owner

Postby jsuer1971 » Wed Feb 24, 2010 4:44 pm

Cal Ripken League 2010; 17th year of existence. See rules below.

Email if interested.

The league will consist of fourteen teams.

Odd Weeks:
Each team will play one game against teams in the opposite division (7 games).

Even Weeks:
Each team will play one game against teams in its own division (6 games).

The scoring period will be from Monday through Sunday each week. A win will be awarded to the team with the highest point totals. Points are awarded as noted above.

Free Agents
Free agents can be picked up according to the waivers process.

Owners may make trades at any time without seeking prior approval. Each trade will be subject to an anonymous vote by the balance of the league owners. This voting period will last for 48 hours. If more than six owners votes against a trade, it will be cancelled. Otherwise, the trade will be executed two days after it is initially submitted. Traded players cannot be used in the active lineup until the Monday following their acquisition. Draft picks may not be traded.

There will be an entry fee of $150 up-front.


The prize pot will consist of all fees collected less the CBS subscription and the cost of the conference call. Each division winner will get 15% of the price pot. The first place team (overall) will get 40% of the prize pot. The second place team will get 20% of the prize pot. The third place team will get 10% of the prize pot. In event of a tie, head-to-head record will determine the winner. The second tie-breaker will be total points.

The Drafts

There will be TWO drafts for the CRL, a major league draft and a minor league draft.

Major League Draft:
•The major league draft will be on the third Saturday of each March.
•Draft will be a live, auction-style major league draft via
•Each team will have a $260 salary cap (discussed further later), with which to “buy” players.
•To be eligible for the major league draft, a player MUST have played in the major leagues. Players that have NOT appeared in the major leagues are available for the minor league draft ONLY. The only exception is foreign players that are known to be entering the major leagues. These players ARE eligible for the major league draft.
•Draft order will be randomly determined by the website.
•DL spots cannot be filled via the major league draft, only active and bench.
•While the draft will be held by a dedicated website, it is STRONGLY encouraged that you also have a Yahoo IM account just in case anything goes wrong with your connection, etc.

NOTE: Any player selected during the major league draft that is subsequently shipped off to the minors by his major league team is NOT eligible to be placed on the minor league roster.

Minor League Draft:
•The minor league draft will begin immediately followinng the major league draft. It will be discussed at length below:

The Salary Cap

Pre-Season / Draft day
For purposes of the draft, each team will be forced to adhere to a $260 salary cap.
•Each owner will be expected to construct an active roster within the confines of the $260 salary cap; this also includes any bench spots you would like to fill via the auction draft.
•Owners may spend any amount, on any player, at his discretion.
•Owners may NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES go over the salary cap during the draft; the website will help you track this as well as your maximum current bid, remaining cap dollars, etc.
•However, owners are NOT required to use their entire cap during the auction draft. Any cap dollars not used during the draft will transfer to the regular season and give the owner more cap dollars for making in-season moves, trades, add/drops, etc.

The In-Season Cap
•Immediately AFTER the draft, each team’s salary cap will increase to $300. This will be the in-season salary cap. This will be the working salary cap for the remainder of the season. This increased salary cap will allow for owners to trade, add/drop, recall minor leaguers, etc.
•For the remainder of the season, owners can at no time go over the $300 salary cap. All player maneuvering from this point forward must be done within the confines of the in-season salary cap.
•When a player is on the DL, his salary WILL count against his team’s salary cap; there will be no salary cap relief for a player on the DL. Players may be traded while on the DL.


Trading will be allowed and encouraged in the CRL.
•All agreed to trades will be subject to a 2-day voting period. Trades are allowed at most 6 objections. Trades with more than 6 objections will be forwarded to the commissioner for a final decision.
•ALL trades must be completed while keeping both parties under the salary cap. Under no circumstances will a team be able to consummate a trade that leaves his team over the salary cap.
•IMPORTANT NOTE: Whenever a player is traded, his salary and contract status transfer to his new team. A player’s salary and contract status will never change as a result of the player being traded. ONLY when a player is released will his salary or contract status change.
•This year’s trade deadline will be August 1st, 2008.
•Trades can involve any number of players. Both major and minor leaguers alike are allowed to be traded.
•There will be NO trading of salary cap dollars, or draft picks.
•There will also be NO trading after the season. The CRL season will officially begin on February 1st of each season. At this point, trading can begin in advance of the major/minor league drop/keeper deadline of March 1st.

Adding/Dropping Players:
•All dropped players will go onto waivers.
•All non-drafted major league players that are picked up as free agents will be assigned a salary of $1 for the remainder of the season. Players that went undrafted in the major league auction draft will NEVER have a salary any more or any less than a dollar for the current season.
•The exception is for players with a salary of $1. An owner will never be able to pick up a player for less than $1.

•All players that are dropped can be added through the waivers process. Waivers will last 2 days.
•The waiver order will run continuously, and will never be reset throughout the season.
•The waiver order will be reset prior to the beginning of a new season.

Keepers / Contracts

All players won by an owner will play that season under the contract value at which he was won during the auction.
•However, if an owner chooses to keep a player after the season, his contract dollar value will “escalate” in future years as long as he is kept.
•Keeper Note: There will be NO LIMIT to the number of players that an owner may or may not keep from one year to the next. An owner may keep as many of, or as few of, his players as he chooses. However, in following years, players that are kept will be subject to contract escalation as outlined below.
•Player escalation will be as follows:
oIn the player’s first season, he will play that entire season at the salary at which he was drafted.
oIn a player’s 2nd year with his team, his salary will increase by $3.
oIn a player’s 3rd season, and every season thereafter, with his team, his salary will increase by an additional $5.
Example: If an owner drafts Albert Pujols for $45 in this year’s draft, his salary will progress as follows in future years IF his owner chooses to keep him.
•Initial year: $45 - Pujols would play at his auction value.
•2nd year: $48 – Pujols’ salary increases by $3 from previous year.
•3rd year: $53 – Pujols’ salary increases by $5.
•4th year: $58 – Pujols’ salary increases by $5.
•5th year: $63 – Pujols salary increases by $5.
•And on and on and on until the owner chooses not to keep
•Players can be kept until infinity as long as the owner is in compliance with the salary escalation rules.
•This escalation schedule will be consistent for ALL players won during the major league auction and kept in future years. The escalation does not change for $1 players, or for $45 players.
•Players that are NOT kept by their owner will go back into the draft and be subject to the following year’s major league auction draft.
•For players that come up through a team’s minor league system, the player’s escalation will not begin until AFTER the players 2nd arbitration year. (Again, to be discussed in further detail below.)

Minor League System

Roster Spots:
Each team will have 6 minor league roster spots.

The Minor League Draft:
•The minor league draft will be held immediately following the major league draft.
•In subsequent years, the draft spots will be awarded based upon the reverse order of standings. The draft will go 1-14, 14-1, 1-14 and so on......... In the case of a tie, a coin flip shall determine which owner drafts first.
•Owners may keep up to eight minor leaguers. Owners keeping fewer than eight minor leaguers will join the minor league draft from the beginning. That owner will continue drafting until his roster contains eight minor leaguers.

•To be eligible for the minor league draft, a player must have under 150 at-bats, and 50 innings pitched. Only players that fall below these career major league limits can be drafted in the minor league draft.
•Only players that have been drafted/signed by a major league team are eligible. No college or high school players will be allowed to be drafted. Also, no foreign players will be draftable in the minor league draft.

Adding/Dropping Minor Leaguers:
•There will be NO adding of minor leaguers during the season.
•Minor leaguers MAY be dropped during the season.
•Minor leaguers may also be traded. Minor leaguers can be traded to another team for other minor leaguers, or in conjunction will a multi-player trade with major leaguers.
•Again, minor leaguers CANNOT be picked up during the season, but they CAN be dropped.

Calling Up / Sending Down:
•Minor leaguers do not have to be “called up” to fantasy rosters when called to the majors in MLB.
•It is at the discretion of the owner as to when he will call his minor leaguers up to the major league roster. (However, there is a limit outlining the maximum amount of time a player can be left in the minor leagues – outlined below)
•However, an owner can call a minor leaguer up to his active roster if desired. At this point, there is no limit on the number of times a player is called up and sent down.

When a Minor Leaguer MUST be called up:
•Any minor league player can stay on his team’s minor league roster until he reaches certain real-life playing time minimums. These minimums will be:
o150 at-bats
o50 innings or 20 appearances for pitchers
•Until a minor leaguer reaches these minimums, the owner will have 100% discretion regarding whether or not to recall minor leaguers to the major league roster. While below these minimums, a player MAY be recalled to the major league roster, and can also be sent back down.
•However, once the player reaches the career major league minimums stated above, he MUST be recalled to the major league roster. From this point forward, the player can never be sent back to the minor leagues. The owner must permanently recall this player to his major league roster, or release him.

Minor League Salaries:
•While in the minors, minor leaguers will NOT have a salary, and will not count against their team’s salary cap. However, once a minor leaguer is recalled to his owner’s major league roster, he will be assigned an “Intro” salary of $1.
•Introductory Salary: When a minor leaguer is recalled to the major league roster, his salary becomes $1. As long as he is below the minimums stated above he can be sent back down to the minor leagues at the discretion of the owner. When he’s on the major league roster, his salary is $1. When he is returned to the minor leagues, his salary becomes $0. Once this former minor leaguer reaches the minimums stated above, he officially becomes a Year 1 Major Leaguer.
•Year 1 Major Leaguer: Once a minor leaguer reaches his minimums, he becomes a Year 1 Major Leaguer for the current season. At this point his salary is $1, and will remain such throughout the remainder of his first season. And again, he can no longer be sent to the minors at this point.
•Year 2 Major Leaguer: When a former minor leaguer enters his second season, he will have a fixed salary of $2.
•Year 3 Major Leaguer: When a former minor leaguer enters his third season, he will have a fixed salary of $3.
•Year 1 Arbitration: After a player has completed his first 3 seasons of major league fixed contracts, he becomes arbitration eligible for the first time. At this point, he will receive a 1-year contract based on the player’s market value for that season. We will use ESPN pre-season auctions values for our source for independent determination of market value. In this first arbitration season, his salary will be exactly 60% of his ESPN auction value.
•Year 2 Arbitration: After his first arbitration season, the minor leaguer enters his 2nd arbitration season. At this point, the ESPN auction values will again be used to determine his salary, except this time the players salary will be 80% of the player’s ESPN auction value.
•Years Thereafter: After the five year cycle described above, the player then enters the rules for a KEEPER player after the second season. Or, more simply put, the player can be kept for a salary $5 more than the previous season (to infinity, if so desired).

Important CRL dates/deadlines:
•February 1st -- The official beginning of each CRL season.
oAt this point, owner’s will be allowed to trade prior to the add/drop deadline for major and minor league players.
•March 1st – Keeper deadline
oMajor and minor league players that an owner wishes to keep must be turned into the commissioner no later than March 1st of each season. Players MAY drop players directly through the site. However, players can email their drops/keeps to the commissioner. Drops/keeps emailed to the commissioner will not be publicly posted until March 2nd. Commissioner will update rosters after all keepers have been turned in. This rule will be instituted so that players drop/keep decisions can remain private, and so that other owners cannot make their drop/keep decisions based on other owner’s moves.
•Third Saturday of March – The major league auction draft.
oThe major league auction draft will be conducted each year on the 3rd Monday of March.
•August 1st – The trade deadline.
oNo trades can be consummated after his date. In future years, the trade deadline will be on the 3rd Friday of August.
oEach year, the last day of the MLB regular season will be the last day for owner’s to add players to their roster. After this date, there will be no more adds until after the major league auction draft the following season. However, owners may drop players at any time throughout the offseason.

Any issues which are not addressed herein will be subject to the commissioner's ruling. All rulings by the commissioner will be made with the best interest of the league in mind.
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