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Boycott the Twins! Get Our TV Games Back!

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Boycott the Twins! Get Our TV Games Back!

Postby MNJon » Sat Mar 20, 2004 11:15 am

Where's Our Beloved Minnesota Twins TV Games?
The Minnesota Twins, in their never-ending quest for additional revenues, decided to start their own regional sports network, The Victory Sports Network.

How Do I Get This Victory Sports Network?
The short answer is that you don't, if you live in the Twin Cities area, at least. The Twins AKA The Victory Sports Network want big bucks from your cable or satellite provider to allow them to carry Victory's programming.

Can't I Just Pay A Little More and Get Victory Sports?
Nope. The Twins won't allow that. They say that either Victory Sports is carried on expanded basic cable or not at all.

This Sucks! What Can I Do?
The answer is easy: Boycott The Twins, until they allow cable and satellite providers to carry Victory Sports at a reasonable cost!

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Brought to you by a group of Twin's fans who are tired of the insanity - BRING US BACK OUR TV GAMES!

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