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NYC - NL Only Keeper League

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NYC - NL Only Keeper League

Postby clubquark » Wed Feb 03, 2010 1:06 am

Very active league looking to add a couple of owners to a long term NL-Only Keeper league. The draft will occur live, in person at a TBD location in Manhattan, NY. Our target date for the draft will be 3/27.

Below are the league rules. Anyone who is interested, please let me know.

Player Pool: NL Players.
Players traded out of league's player pool do not accumulate stats.
Positions: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, MI, CI, OF, DH and P.
Eligibility: Players are eligible at their primary position, plus positions they've played 10 games last year or 10 games this year.
Everyone is eligible at DH.
Transactions: • Lineups may be set daily up to 5 minutes before gametime.
• Owners may set lineups and change players' positions from a list of their eligible positions.
• Only players who are on the disabled list may be placed into Injured status.
• Only players in the minor leagues may be placed into Minors status.
• Owners may do add/drops.
• Trades must be approved by the commissioner.
• No trades can be made after the trade deadline of 11:59 pm et 8/31/10.
(click here to set a reminder)
• Owners may make trades during the offseason.

Schedule: Weekly scoring periods, starting on Mondays.

Min/Max: Min AB: 0
Min IP: 0
• Teams not meeting the minimums will receive 0 points in categories using AB or IP (e.g., BA or ERA)

Fees: League Entry Fee: $200

Scoring: Rotisserie System.

Scoring for Batting Categories
BA - Batting Average
HR - Home Runs
R - Runs
RBI - Runs Batted In
SB - Stolen Bases

Scoring for Pitching Categories
ERA - Earned Run Average
K - Strikeouts (Pitcher)
S - Saves
W - Wins
WHIP - Walks + Hits / Inning

Constitution: ROSTER:
Each team must always carry 23 National League players on their roster, consisting of:
1 First Baseman
1 Second Baseman
1 Shortstop
1 Third Baseman
1 Additional First or Third Baseman (Corner Infielder)
1 Additional Second Baseman or Shortstop (Middle Infielder)
2 Catchers
5 Outfielders
1 Additional Hitter of any position (Designated Hitter)
9 Pitchers in any combination of starters and relievers

Before the Auction each year, each fantasy team may protect and retain up to 8 players on their roster for the upcoming season. Each protected player’s salary will be raised by $3 from the previous season. If a player is traded INTO the NL (and subsequently onto a NAFA Roster according to our Trade Rules, further down) during the off-season, he will be assigned the upcoming season's dollar-value, according to The Sporting News, and not incur and $3 increase.

At the beginning of every season, each team has a $260 Salary cap. You do not need to spend all $260 during the Auction. A $350 in-season salary cap will be in effect. Your cap may not exceed $350 at any time. Teams will randomly select numbers from a hat (or other procedure) to determine their nominating position. Then, in seated order, each team will nominate a player for bidding. All teams will then bid for the player. The highest bidder wins. By nominating a player you are bidding $1 for him. Bids do not have to start @ $1. Nominations continue until all teams have 23 players. Once a team has 23 players, he may no longer nominate players for bidding. Once a team has filled its positional requirements (say P) you may no longer nominate or bid players at this position.

Every regular season game will be counted toward the league standings, including those games played by major league teams to determine playoff seeding/qualifiers. The league will use rotisserie-style scoring in the following ten (10) categories: HITTING-- Batting Average, Home Runs, Runs Batted In, Runs Scored & Stolen Bases. PITCHING-- Wins, Saves, Strikeouts, Earned Run Average, and WHIP Ratio ((H+BB)/IP)

Players must have 10 games played last year or 10 games played this year at a position to qualify. If a player has not played 10 games at any one position, then he qualifies at the position he played the most the past season. These rules do not apply to the DH position; any player can be placed at the DH position regardless of games played. If a player is called up from the minors, and does not have a position designation (by games), he is eligible at the position he is called up for his team’s replacement.

If a player is injured during the season and placed on a major league team’s disabled list, the fantasy team may place that player on its injured list and select a free agent to take his place (such free agent need not fill the exact same position as long as all positions are properly filled). The free agent must have already passed through a minimum of one Sunday night free agent process to qualify as a DL replacement.

Re-activating of Injured Players:
Once a player that was placed on the MLB DL is activated by his professional team, the NAFA owner with the respective player will have two (2) Sunday Free agent periods (no less than 8 days and no greater than 20 days depending on when the player is activated) to re-activate the player. Should the NAFA owner choose to not activate the player by 5:59p.m of the 2nd Sunday, the Commissioner will promptly release the player to free agent pool. If there is an oversight by the Commissioner, and the player is not promptly released, the owner will loose all rights to re-activate the player immediately after 6:01 p.m. after the 2nd Sunday. This rule is only valid if a player does not make a return trip to the MLB DL before the two (2) Sunday Free agent periods have elapsed.

If a player is sent to the Minors, the player is no longer eligible to accrue statistics and the unlucky fantasy team with the player may select a free agent replacement (who has gone through at least one Sunday night free agent period).

If a player is traded to the American League, the team that had the player he is traded for, has the first right to the new National League player. If two or more National League players are traded for one or more American League players, the fantasy team with the player involved in the trade with the highest dollar value has first right to any one of the American League players in the trade, and so on up the "salary" ladder. The player traded to the AL will no longer be eligible to accrue statistics and the unlucky fantasy team with the player may select a free agent replacement (which has pass the current Sunday waiver period).

When a player is traded to the National League (and no team in our league had the player traded to the American League), that new National League player may be picked up as a free agent on the following Sunday (and not before that - not even to replace an injured player).

AL players entering the NL during the baseball season will be assigned THAT YEAR’S Sporting News dollar-value. If protected the following season, he WILL incur a $3 increase.

If a trade occurs during the off-season, and two teams have players traded to the American League, the team with the player with the highest dollar value that was traded has first choice of players coming into the National League.

AL players entering the NL AFTER the season will be assigned the upcoming year’s Sporting News dollar-value. If protected, they will not incur a $3 increase.

Each team may pick up one free agent per week. All players currently on a N.L. team's major league roster as of Sunday, 6pm, are eligible to be picked up. No minor league players are eligible. You may pick up players on an NL team's DL. If you do so, you MUST have this player active until the following Sunday night free agent period.

Free agent selections must be emailed to the Commissioner no later than Sunday @ 6pm Eastern time of each week. There are NO transactions allowed (including DL replacements) from 12 noon on Saturday until the Commissioner releases the free agent results on Sunday evening.

Players who have been dropped by a NAFA owner may NOT be picked up by any other NAFA team except for the team who dropped him. The dropped player will become eligible to be picked up by any other NAFA owner after Sunday, 6pm and if the player remains on a N.L. team's major league roster as of Sunday, 6pm. (Adjusted 7/15/06)

If two teams are tied in the standings, the team who was lowest in the standings the week before will get the higher FA pick.

If two teams select the same free agent, then the team that is lower in the standings as of Sunday morning receives the free agent. The Commissioner will email the league with the results of the free agent pick-ups by 11am. Eastern time on Monday of each week. After receiving notification, teams MUST pick up the free agents they were awarded via the League’s website before Tuesdays @ noon.

Though weekly free agent selections are not validated until Sunday FAs are released, they are valid at the time of selection against injured reserve pick-ups, minor league and American League pick-ups. All free agents picked up during the season carry a salary of $7. If a fantasy team chooses to protect a free agent for the following season, a $3 raise will be incurred for the upcoming season.

The commissioner of the league will have to email his/her Sunday FA picks to a separate owner to validate his selections. The other owners in the league will be notified on who will accept this role. The owner receiving the commissioner pick will under any circumstances are allowed to open and read the commissioner pick until after 6pm Sunday. Any tampering of the emails will result in that team not being allowed to receive his next FA pick. So if a owner does not put in for a player that week but maybe a week or so later and he violates this rule, he will not be allowed to put in for a player and a new owner will be selected to validate the commissioner FA Sunday picks. (Updated: 7/23/06)

Lineups are to be set daily before the first NL game for that day. Lineups submitted after the first NL game of that day will be effective for the next day's games.

All trades must be FAIR. Fair means that each team must be looking out for its own best interests. Trades are single events are cannot include agreements to trade players back in the future or to make any subsequent transactions. Trades cannot include salary cap/budget considerations. Trading for prospects that may pan out in future years is allowed. All trades that are considered possibly unfair by league members will be voted on by all non-involved teams - majority rules. If there is a case where a trade is voted on, only the teams NOT involved may vote. In case of a tie-vote, the Commissioner will cast the tie-breaking vote.

Should an owner make a trade with an uneven amount of players (example 2 for 1), the owner will have to use their regular free agent the next week (upcoming Sunday) to replace the hole in their lineup. No extra free agent will be given to the owner should they have more than 1 hole. If an owner has more than 1 hole they will have to go undermanned each week until their roster holes are filled via trade or FA.

There is a trade deadline of August 31st @ midnight.

Dues are $200 + the cost of to run the site split evenly amongst all the leagues teams. Teams have 2 weeks to pay their league dues. After such time has passed, teams may not make transactions until their dues are received.

With ten teams in the league, the prize pot is $2,000. Third place gets their money back. The rest of the prize money is broken down as follows: 1st Place: 65% (of prize pool after subtracting 3rd place money = $1,170). 2nd Place: 35% (of prize pool after subtracting 3rd place money = approx. $630).

If the National League goes on strike and the season has progressed beyond the All-Star Break, the rankings will become final when the season is officially called off and award money will be distributed.

Not everything can be written in the rules-- most major rules are in here. In MLB, there is a phrase, "in the best interests of baseball" that sometimes gets invoked when an issue comes up. In fantasy, the term that best applies is-- "in the spirit of competition". Whether it's early April or mid-September, BE INVOLVED. Whether you are in first place fighting for money, or last place fighting for respect, BE ACTIVE. Meaning-- for the teams at the bottom end of the standings, set your lineups, replace injured players, replace players sent to the minors. You might not think it makes a difference, but it does. Don't "give it away." Make the winner earn it. Make 2nd place earn it, and so on.

If there are EVER any questions, do not hesitate to contact the commissioner. However, do try to consult the rules before you have a question-- chances are, it's in here.
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Re: NYC - NL Only Keeper League

Postby dr.chili » Thu Feb 04, 2010 12:08 am

I could be interested. Are there 2 available teams or are you expanding? If there are available rosters please forward to me at
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