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Postby paintlion » Fri Jan 29, 2010 7:33 am

I have another post up looking for owners to take control of 1-2 teams in the league described here.

However, I am reposting this info under this heading because I live overseas, in Italy, and would like to see how many other ex-pat or foreign national owners living abroad would be interested in creating a NL-only 12-14 team league using this system/site. Let me know asap! Depending on how many are interested this year, it may make sense to just join an existing league... like our Estalella league (or one of others needing owners at the site).... but if there are 11-13 other owners out there living abroad and ready to go for this year, the sooner we start the better....

Looking for something more? A challenge? A realistic game? Or maybe just a place to dominate with your dynasty-building skills?

The Bobby Estalella Memorial Classic at Mendoza Baseball is in need of 1 or possibly 2 owners. Mendoza Baseball is the home of a very unique system that blows roto and all other fantasy games away. How much your team earns depends not only on where you finish in the standings, but how much payroll you needed to get there. As in MLB, it’s all about what happens when the ump says “play ball!”– but also like in reality – you have to consider economics, as well as long-term vs. short-term strategies – win now, or build for the long haul.?

The scoring formula is complex but intuitive and appropriately – it’s all about how many runners you can get across the plate, or prevent from doing so…

And if you’re sick of snake drafts and the pure luck of the draw, here you will control your roster like you control your own wallet – utilizing an auction system similar to E-Bay.

Oh yeah, did I say realistic? -- 40 man rosters, 25 man active roster, minor league roster and options, do you risk losing that arbitration-eligible player who’s slumping badly because you need to send him down to free up a roster spot for some pitching help?? Decisions, decisions…:

Rookies are under your control for up to 6 years via a reserve clause, and then two years of arbitration… And yeah, I said *arbitration* -- both the owner and player submit an offer and a computerized arbitrator makes the call – does one side win, or do you settle… oh, and how does this impact your payroll for the year? Will it push you over the cap?

Did I say cap? Yes. Spend too much and you get hit with a luxury tax… or max out at the hard cap and you will have no room to move until you shed some debt… of course, if you spend the least, more chance for profits!

There’s also a minor league draft to help fill out your minors roster, and offer a chance to snag that phenom so early that bragging rights will be undeniable… not to mention maybe save you a few bucks in player salary… and yes, we’re talking true minor leaguers here – better brush up a little on those prospects at AA ball this year…

Maybe best of all is that with such a system, the competition is excellent, consisting of active intelligent owners…
It’s not for the tepid fan. But take a look at

From there you can click the link for “available franchises” – scroll down to Bobby Estalella Memorial Classic, **it is a NL only league** and the teams available are “Playmakers” and “Spokane Patchkids” – both are in fair shape for re-building (low payroll, decent rookies… and high minors draft picks in our first minor league draft)

You can email me at if you have any questions.
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