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2 owners needed for New Dynasty league

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2 owners needed for New Dynasty league

Postby v255504 » Wed Jan 13, 2010 10:53 pm

The Ted Williams League currently has 18 owners commited to start drafting in a brand new dynasty league. We are looking for 2 more owners so we can commnence with the fun part, the draft. The draft will be done slow style via e-mail until we can set up the CBS Commisioner web site at which time we will use the bulletin board within CBS. The rosters will be very large, 89 players, so knowledge of the minor leaguers is a plus.

If you have any interest I will gladly forward you a copy of the leagues Constitution.


Here is the Constitution

I. The Draft
The initial free agent draft will be a snake draft determined by a random draw. The draw will consist of each team being assigned a unique states 3-digit lottery number for a pre-assigned day. After all 20 lotteries have been reported the three digit number ( will be the official site used for determining the three digit number) will be used to rank teams from low, 000,to high, 999 and will draft in this order in odd rounds. Even rounds will be drafted in reverse of the odd rounds.

Future drafts will be determined by the previous year’s regular season record and draft positions will be slotted as follows.
The first round will be determined as follows: the 8 teams that make the playoffs will be placed in draft positions 13-20 in reverse order of regular season record with the exception of the league champion who will be placed in slot 20. Any teams with a better regular season record than the league champion will move up one slot. The bottom four teams as determined by regular season record will be slotted in positions 5-8. Draft positions 1-4 and 9-12 will be determined by a three week playoff among those teams not in the bottom four and not in the regular playoffs. The team that wins the second tier playoff series will get draft position #1, the runner up #2, the winner of the consolation game #3, and the loser of the consolation game pick #4. Draft position 9 will be assigned to the team that wins their 2nd and 3rd round matchups in the second tier playoffs, #10 to the team that wins round 2 and loses round 3, #11 to the team that loses rounds 1 and 2 but wins round 3, and the 12th pick to the team that loses rounds 1,2, and 3 of the second tier playoffs. All subsequent rounds will be in reverse order of regular season record with the exception of the league champion drafting in the #20 position in all rounds.
***I know this sounds confusing. I will attach a visual bracket and it will make much more sense****

II. Rosters

Roster do not have to be legal in the off-season but do need to be legal immediately following the Rookie Draft and throughout the season until the Championship Series is completed.

Active Roster

Active rosters shall consist of: 11 pitchers, 5 outfielders, 2 catchers, 1 first baseman, 1 third baseman, 1 corner infielder, 1 second baseman, 1 shortstop, 1 middle infielder, and 2 DH (any offensive player). The reserve roster will have 13 players and minor league roster 50 players. Minor league players may NOT be placed on your active roster. The lineup deadline is 30 minutes before the first game of the day. This is a hard deadline; no requests for late changes will be honored.
All rosters must be in compliance with the above rule concerning minor leaguers at the beginning of the current week. (This is 30 minutes prior to the first pitch of the week) This means players not active on a major league roster cannot be placed in an active slot. Injured players will be considered active for the purposes of this rule. Suspended players WILL NOT be considered active for purposes of this rule.
Failure to comply by this rule will lead to the following discipline:
1st offense – a warning from the commissioner(s)
2nd offense – loss of the next year’s second round draft pick
3rd offense – loss of the next year’s first round draft pick.
4th offense – loss of highest rated prospect as determined by commissioner(s) (this applies to any further offenses also)
Rookie Rosters:

Rookie rosters shall consist of up to 50 players. Any player on this roster must qualify as a league rookie.

To qualify for minor league roster in the TWML:

-Max major league AB's 200
-Max IP's(if started at least 1 game in majors) 100
-Max IP's(if never started game in majors) 50
-NO PLAYER can ever be placed in 'injured' spot

Reserve Rosters
Reserve rosters shall consist of up to 13 players. Any player may be kept on this roster.

Illegal Rosters

Lineups must be legal at all times during the regular season. As stated above, no player may be placed into your starting lineup that is not on a major league 25 man roster. As of the start of games on the first day of the scoring period all players on your active roster MUST be active on a major league 25 man roster. If during the scoring period a player is sent to the minors, placed on the dl, or suspended a roster move is not necessary. But rosters must be compliant with all roster mandates for Monday.

Daily Moves
Each team is allowed unlimited moves throughout the week after the initial rosters are set for the week. Owners make these moves themselves.

III. Eligibility
To qualify at a position a player must have played 5 Games at that position. A player will retain position eligibility if he played 5 games at that position the previous year even if he plays a different position now.

IV. Scoring Categories
1) On Base %,
2) Total Bases
3) Stolen Bases
4) RBI
5) Runs
6) Avg
7) Home Runs
8) Hits + Walks
9) I.P.
10) E.R.A.
11) Quality Starts
12) Wins
13) Ground Outs
14) Whip
15) 2 * Saves + Holds
16) Strikeouts

V. Scoring

Regular Season
In the regular season, there are 20 weeks. There will be 40 head to head league matchups with each team playing two teams each week. In each game, teams will receive one win for each category in which they beat their opponent and one loss for each category in which they lose to their opponent. In the case of a tie in an individual category, each team gets half a point. There are no tiebreakers or home field advantages in the regular season.

The four division winners in the final regular season standings make the playoffs and the next 4 teams based on winning percentage make the playoffs. The seeding for the playoffs is purely based on regular season winning percentage. The team with the better record will have home field advantage in the playoffs and wins if a tie exists at the end of the scoring period. If there is a tie for either a seeding or for who makes the playoffs, head to head record determines the winner. The next tiebreaker is # of wins in regular season (not including ties).

In the first series of the playoffs:

Seed #1 plays Seed #8 and Seed #2 plays Seed #7 etc. Each playoff round lasts two weeks and the totals in each category are added cumulatively over the two week period. Like the regular season, teams get a win or a loss based on winning or losing the category.
In the second and third (championship) series the teams are seeded based on who is left, again using the regular season/division winner formula described above.
In all playoff rounds, the home team (the one with the better regular season record) wins a tie.

There will also be a 2nd tier playoff for the next 8 teams with the same rules.

VI. College and Foreign Players
College players and foreign players are not eligible to be drafted unless they have signed a contract with a MLB team by the beginning of the draft.

VII. Trades and Mid-Season Pickups
You may trade players, or pick up free agents, during the season until the beginning of the playoffs. Once the playoffs have started, teams in the playoffs can no longer make pickups or trades but those not in the playoffs can. As teams are eliminated from the playoffs, they become eligible to make trades and pickups. Once the season is over, all teams can make trades and no teams can make pickups. Draft choices may be traded at any time except during the playoffs. Players and draft picks may be traded during the off-season.

If a trade is made that the Commissioner feels is unbearably unfair (either his own opinion or because of multiple complaints) a league wide vote will take place. If any owner feels that a trade in which the Commissioner was involved was unfair, he can call for a league wide vote. In either case, overturning of the trade requires 60% of the league to vote and 75% of those voting to vote for the trade to be overturned.

Pickups are done via the If the player you want is unlisted in, simply post the pickup (along with the drop if necessary) on the league message board to “everyone” and the pickup will be made for you. The Commissioner gets all message board posts as emails so I will be aware of your pickup.

Draft picks can be traded as long as the picks are listed on your team.

IX. Weekly Activities
Stats are updated daily on the website usually around 2am in the morning.

X. League Fees and Awards
CBS is currently charging $149.95 per year to for their software. That will be paid for out of the league fees. The league fees are $200 per team and are due by Jan 1. Teams that win money will have the following years league fees automatically deducted from their winnings. I feel this is necessary due to the fact that many teams will mortgage their teams and leave the league with a team that no one in their right mind would want. (this has happened a lot recently in some of the newer leagues I’m. A team will play one year in a new league sacrificing any attempt at building a team that can compete in the future to win this year, make as much money as possible and then quit.) I want this league to be stable in ownership with as little turnover as possible. If owners are serious about this league I do not feel this rule should be a problem as the fees would be paid anyways.

Winnings are as follows:

$1100 champion = 1 team

$600 losing in the finals = 1 team
$150 for third place team = 1 team

$100 for making the playoffs and losing in round 1 = 4 teams

$200 for making the playoffs and winning one round = 4 teams

$200 for winning the division = 4 teams

XI. Commissioner's Power

The commissioner has the power to make decisions as necessary for unusual circumstances not covered by the rules. Any, and ALL, change in the rules requires a 75% majority
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Re: 2 owners needed for New Dynasty league

Postby v255504 » Fri Jan 15, 2010 12:29 am

Update, we now have 1 position left in this brand new dynasty league.

Email me at if you would like a copy of the COnstitution.
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Re: 2 owners needed for New Dynasty league

Postby v255504 » Mon Jan 18, 2010 4:19 pm

We are holding the lottery tonite to determine the draft order. Hoping to land one more owner to round things out before the start of drafting tommorow at noon. The draft will be done via a CBS message board with no initial time limit on picks.

If you have any interest in joining this brand new dynasty league please email me at

Thanks in advance,
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