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Free Yahoo 6x6 Keeper Auction Needs Owners

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Free Yahoo 6x6 Keeper Auction Needs Owners

Postby Hoyas1 » Tue Jan 12, 2010 9:40 pm

The Yahoo Expert League (YEL) is entering it's fourth year and we need a few replacement owners. The has been a fun and competitive fee league and we are looking to secure our 14 owners by the end of January so that we can declare keepers and begin our auction early in February. Rules are listed below.

You can look at the forum here:

If you are interested e-mail or PM me.

14 Team League
Head-to-Head with Daily moves
6X6 (R, HR, RBI, AVG, SB, TotB) (W, S, ERA, WHIP, SO, Holds)
Position Eligibility: per Yahoo! Rules

26 Players on roster

- 1 Catcher
- 1 First Baseman
- 1 Second Baseman
- 1 Third Baseman
- 1 Shortstop
- 1 CI
- 1 MI
- 3 Outfielders
- 1 Utility
- 5 SP
- 3 RP
- 1 P
- 2 DL
-Bench: 6 players

The Auction: Your team has a $260 yearly budget (minus $ used for your protected players) to use. At least $1 must be spent on each of the 26 players (except for one Franchise Tagged player). Each owner must conclude the auction with a full roster of 26 players conforming to the roster requirements set out above.

Player Eligibility: Players may be purchased in the auction from Major and Minor League teams, but Minor Leaguers must be available in the Yahoo! player database. Japanese players with MLB contracts are allowed to be taken in the auction. Minor leaguers purchased during the auction will be treated as Major Leaguers, and must fill a roster spot.

Trades During Auction: You may not trade your auction dollars during the draft, but you may trade already drafted players.

During the season there is no salary cap. This is to promote trading and allow teams to build up for championship runs, or to go into rebuilding mode.

Each year you may keep players who’s total values do not exceed $100. Each kept player will have the following raise in salary.
$1-$10 players receive a $5 raise
$11-$20 players receive a $4 raise
$20+ receive a $3 raise.
Salary raises must be taken into account when determining your $100 keeper cap.
Players who were added as Un-Auctioned Free Agents have a salary of $3.
Players called up from a farm team and subsequently kept will have a salary of $1.
Each team can Franchise Tag (FT) one player who can be kept for free. You can not accumulate FT players as each team is limited to one. Once a player is FT’ed in subsequent years he must either be FT’ed or released.

Players Eligible: Free agents are players who are currently on the yahoo database. Minor Leaguers cannot be acquired through free agency. Rosters will be frozen after the league playoffs, and may not be changed by any method other than a trade.

Players that are released keep the same salary for the remainder of the year regardless of which team picks them up. Un-Auctioned player pick-ups may be kept for the next year at a salary of $3. Auctioned player pickups may be retained the following year for their original auction price + the applicable raise.

Auction Trades: You may not trade your auction dollars during the draft, but you may trade already drafted players. Minor League draft picks and players on your minor league roster may be traded.

Season Trades: In-season trades must result in balanced rosters for all participating teams. If a trade is unbalanced, releasing/adding of a player must be stated at the time of the trade. Rosters shall be frozen after the league playoffs, and may not be changed by any method other than a trade.

Offseason Trades: Trades shall be allowed during the offseason following the conclusion of the MLB World Series up until the date which keepers are due. No balancing of rosters is required for offseason trades.

Questionable trades will be voted upon by league. 50% against the trade will be a veto

6 top teams make the playoffs with #1 and #2 getting a bye.
The final is a 2 week matchup.


Each year we will hold a 2 round Minor League (Farm team) draft. Once a Farm Team (FT) player is drafted he’s yours until he reaches his 130th AB or 50th IP at which point he obviously will be listed in the yahoo database. If you haven’t called him up by then he’s a FA.

FT players and picks can be traded. Adding a FT player to your regular yahoo roster eliminates him from your FT. FT players cost nothing to keep as long as they are on your FT. Called up FT players can be protected for $1

The only way you can add to your FT is through the 2-round draft or by trade. Once a player is called to the active roster he can not return to a FT.
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