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Help with New League Constitution

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Help with New League Constitution

Postby BoBtheMule » Tue Dec 15, 2009 11:42 am

I'm currently setting up another league as my first league is going into it's fourth year now. I've never setup an auction keeper league and I'm making it more difficult by adding a minor league system. Because I would be running this league on espn for the majors and a proboard for the minors I've assumed there may be some accidental signings of minor leagues on espn or whatnot... so I've planned for such a problem in my write-up. Let me know if I'm missing anything.


Auction Player Selection
We use ESPN, 260$ in startup money.

Each Year a Player's Price gets more expensive by 4$. So a 2009 Player Price of 20$ would become 24$ in 2010, 28 in 2011. ect.

Undrafted Players that are kept are valued at 2$ for the following year.

Each Year we can keep up to 180$ in players.

10 to 12 Teams, 2 Divisions, H2H Points, weighted more towards hitters, then SP, then RP. Weekly Lineup Changes.
C, C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, INF, OF, OF, OF, OF, SP, SP, SP, SP, P, RP, RP, RP

You cannot trade auction dollars and there is no free agency (Majors or Minors) from the offseason until the following year's auction.

Minor Leaguers are hitters less than 100 GP, pitchers less than 18 GS or 30 APP.

We each snake draft three MLB team's minor league system on this board. Each owner gets to keep 15 minor leaguers total from their three designated teams.
I am also considering drafting individual minors and I'm sounding out opinions from my pool of potential owners.

An owner can call up their minor leaguer at any point after ESPN has added them to the player database. Once they are up, they are up and cannot be sent back to your minor league list. Once a player hits the threadhold where he is no longer considered a minor leaguer he must be either called up or cut within a week. Once a player is called up, he is assigned a 1$ auction value for the following season.

Owners that accidently sign another owners minor leaguer from the waiver or FA wire will have their transaction reversed, lose any points earned by said player and they will lose a transaction from their total of XX(To Be Determined). If the mistake is not noticed in a reasonable amount of time (a week or so), the league manager reserves the right to rectify the situation in an appropriate way. It is not the league managers sole responsibility to police the free agency signings and is therefore the responsibilities of the owners.

An appropriate way may also include...
1. Reversing the signing and cut with reasonably similar players. (In case the cut player has been signed by someone else)
2. If the mistake is immediately noticed and reported by the offending owner, the transaction can be reversed with no transaction count penalty.
3. In case of gross neglect by any party in regards to this system the league manager reserves the right to take sensible actions to rectify the situation. This will be done in consultation with other owners and the involved parties.

Signing a minor leaguer to your minor league team will be done on this board. You must post his name, a link to his profile page in and whom you are cutting from your list of 15. Once approval is granted by the league manager, the owner will add the player to his minor league list and the league manager will adjust the transaction count on ESPN.

Each owner will have their own thread listing each of their 15 players with links to the appropriate profile that they maintain. Failure to maintain their list in an appropriate manner (which includes chronically failing to call up players beyond the minor league threshold, incorrect links, incorrect players on the list) can result in a reduction of your transaction limit for the current or next season.

Minor League Rosters carry over from season to season without effecting the 180$ budget for keepers. Following the first season but before the next auction there will be a 5 round supplemental draft that will allow teams to draft players not already signed or newly added to the minor league system. Before that draft can take place, you must clear space on your minor league roster. The number of players you cut is the number of rounds you'll be allowed to draft. Therefore minor league draft picks are not tradeable. This draft would not be a snake draft and would be based on winning percentage.
Any feedback would help, thanks again
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Re: Help with New League Constitution

Postby pjalst » Tue Dec 15, 2009 7:37 pm

To keep things simple:

Once a player is called up from the minor league roster, there should be a 1 week waiting period before he can be inserted into the line up. This gives you one week to figure out if a minor league palyer belongs to someone else and it eliminates having to go through the process of removing points. ;-D

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