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A day by day simulation league looking for new owners

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A day by day simulation league looking for new owners

Postby AaronSmart » Tue Sep 15, 2009 5:35 pm
Hey guys, I am looking for any fantasy fans who would be interested in joining a simulation league, that uses a computer game called OOTP. (We use out of the park 8). You can look at the game via this website

The story behind the game
Each user owns a team, and you can make trades, roster moves, call-ups and pretty much anything that a baseball owner would do. Its like a video game, but you just simulate and manage your team. There is 30 different owners.

The story behind the ASBL (aaronsmart baseball league)

We started in July 2003. Myself and a friend created a league that would be different then every other simulation league out there. We made a league using only real MLB baseball players and would have it so we would play one baseball game every single day. So, every owner who owns a team can edit their roster and they play a game each morning. The regular season runs from January to July, which is great because the real MLB is idle then, so it gives true baseball fans something to do.

We are the only league that plays every day, that adds real draftees, such as Stephen Strasburg into the league. We have our draft in September, then a free agency in October and then Spring Training in November. Then, a nice winter break in December and play baseball in January.

The reason we are looking for new owners to this game (OOTP) is because we are continuing to use OOTP8, which is now free to the public. We wanted to use this version for a 3rd season. So for our 2011 season we will switch to the newest OOTP version. Right now its tricky to find new owners for OOTP8 leagues and thus we looked at getting new guys to the game and thought this would be a great place to find some.

So, the duties of an owner is upto them. You can make as many changes as you like. Make as many trades or pickups as you wish. And each morning, a new file is created, that owners download and can tweak.

What we are looking for
Anyone who likes slow paced baseball, that enjoys talking to fellow baseball fans and being part of something new.

Our website is and we have four teams that are open. We never have this many openings, but we usually convert to the newest OOTP version, but decided to stay at this one, due to paying 50 bucks every year is a bit steep for some owners.

Here is an example of one team that is open. Baltimore Orioles
As you can see, we use real MLB players, but their stats are based on their ratings inside the game. That means, some players make look good or bad compared to their real MLB stats, because all stats and ratings are based on how good they do inside the aaaronsmart baseball league

So, if you became the owner of the Orioles, you would have that team and can make trades, edit everything to lead your team. We use a message board for all activity. It sounds confusing to start, but after a short learning curve it becomes very simple

So, to contact me, email me at with a little bit about yourself and I will get back to you.

Thanks guys
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