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Be the SD Padres GM in free, Gopher Ball Dynasty League

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Be the SD Padres GM in free, Gopher Ball Dynasty League

Postby CLegend33 » Thu Aug 27, 2009 8:01 am

If you'd like to be GM of the San Diego Padres in the Gopher Ball Dynasty League, please follow the directions below to sign up. It's a free league.

The GOPHER BALL DYNASTY LEAGUE has been operating as an AL-only league, but is now expanding to a 30-team mixed league. We have begun to sign up NL GMs but still have plenty of good teams available. If you're interested, please follow the instructions below to join.

The league is free, although there is a $6 fee to help pay for the CBS Sportsline Commissioner services. This money isn't due now but will be mandatory at a later date.

Very deep league. We use 50-man rosters (25 majors and 25 minors). 9 starting hitters, 9 starting pitchers, and 7 man bench. Below is a memo I've been sending to those who want to join........................................

(1) To get started, you need to go to the Proboards site and get signed up for your team. Your username should be the name of your organization with your real-name in parenthesis. For example, Florida Marlins GM (Brent).

(2) After you are signed up for the Proboards site, you need to announce your keeper players. You get to keep 10 Major League players from your team and 15 Minor League Players. Minor League players are anyone with less than 150 AB or 50 IP at the MLB level. You need to post these players under your team board on the Proboards site. Make sure to post the contract for each player for every year of the contract. (Contracts can be found on Cots at ... e-sox.html ) For an example of how your roster should look, check out some of the AL rosters. You do not have to use the grids, but you must at least list them in simple text. You need to post your keeper players now, but you may change them as often as you like between now and when all NL teams have a GM and rosters are announced as final.

(3) After all NL teams have a GM and all NL rosters are approved as legal, we'll begin our draft to pick up another 7 players, giving every team a total of 32 players. This draft is expected to start somewhere around OCT 1. It will be 7 rounds, which will be 14-21 days.

(4) After the 7-round draft is complete, we'll integrate the AL with the NL and begin to function as one league. That means trading will open and free agency will open. Before this time, no NL GM is allowed to make any transaction with an AL team or player. You're not allowed to even talk trade with AL GM's until after the 7-round draft is complete. Anyone caught working on trades with AL teams before then will be considered tampering and action will be taken.

(5) The first round of free agency will be restricted free agency. This will last about 4 weeks. Your participation during this time will really only be needed once per week when you submit your bids.

(6) After restricted free agency is complete, we'll begin our unrestricted free agency period, which will last another four weeks or so. Once again, your participation is really only needed once per week during this time.

(7) Free agency will slow down to a crawl around the end of March, giving us about one month to get the final touches on everything and get ready for the season to start.

A couple things you do need to know. There really won't be that much to do during the off-season and we're going to do the best to give everyone as much time off as possible. There's a very good chance that we'll do nothing during DEC except for announce our Tagged players. That means you may not have to even sign on during DEC. During JAN and FEB, you should not have to sign on more than once per week.

All of your trades are contingent upon you paying your $6 share of the CBS site fee. No trade will be approved until you have paid your $6 fee for the CBS site. This is the only time you will ever be asked for any money in this league, but payment is mandatory for all 30 franchises. Trading doesn't open until the 7-round draft is complete, so we'll set up a payment schedule once we are closer to that time.

There will absolutely be a trade review process. Especially in the early part of our intergration it is important to monitor things until we get to know all of our GMs and are sure they all understand the rules and the system.

All the rules are posted on the Proboards site. But please feel free to PM me anytime with any questions you have.

Thanks for your time. And good luck with your team.
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