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Inactive Manager involved in Trade - Veto?

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Inactive Manager involved in Trade - Veto?

Postby the izzy » Tue Aug 18, 2009 2:12 am

I'm not the commish, but I feel that a trade should be vetoed just on principle, but I wanted some opinions before I took my concerns public.

This is a 10 team, Keeper league (keep 8). The trade involves two teams, one of which (Team 1) has not been active since the first week of Jun.

Here is the trade:
Inactive Owner - Team 1 gets:
R. Branyan
J. Hamilton
M. Rivera
Joba Chamberlain

Active Owner - Team 2 gets:
Roy Halladay
Ryan Braun

First off, team 2 clearly wins (atleast IMO). He is getting a top 3 OF and a top 3 SP. But is the trade lopsided enough to veto. I think it is, but would like some opinions.

Second, should the trade be vetoed based on the fact that Team 1 hasn't been active since Jun 4th? It's hard to argue that Team 1 is attempting a trade to better his team, when he's not even playing.
Team 1 is starting C. Hart (DL) and McLouth (DL), while Figgins rides the pine. He has also had R. Halladay, Z. Duke and J. Washburn on the bench since June, and Valverde is still in his DL spot.

Third, we are replacing the inactive team w/ another owner after the season is over. The other owner is a friend that was out of the country when we drafted, so he's been down about not being in the league all summer. I would hate for him to get a horrible team, because the inactive manager traded away all the talent for nothing. I'm thinking of asking the commish to veto the trade and lock the inactive team for the sake of the new owner coming in for next year.

the izzy
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Re: Inactive Manager involved in Trade - Veto?

Postby Phantom » Tue Aug 18, 2009 11:15 am

This trade seems pretty fair viewing it objectivly. Trading aging aces for young bats is a good move in a keeper league, and buying low on Hamilton is smart. Plus, if Branyan keeps this up, or improves (he's 26) he will be the best player in this trade. Fifty homers and twenty five steals is almost unheard of. Seems like a classic "you win now, I win later" trade that keeper leagues are built on (and should encourage).

You should take steps to prevent inactivity and lopsided trades. Here are a few:
- Make it a keeper league (already done). This will keep players that are out of it interested in aquiring players and offering trades.
- Offer a cash prize. This will ensure that players on top will trade their good young keepers to player on the bottom. It will also add more incentive for the bottom players to make sure their trades are benifiting them for the future.
- Hold a league vote every year after the season. If 75% of the managers want a certain manager out, kick him/her to the curb. This will make colluders/dumpers/slackers think twice.
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Re: Inactive Manager involved in Trade - Veto?

Postby SumG » Tue Aug 18, 2009 11:35 am

Yeah, I agree with the above. It may seem suspect that this trade came out of nowhere, but that doesn't mean its a bad deal. Maybe you think it favors one team over another, but I don't think it's veto-worthy.
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