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Travis Hafner Help please??????

PostPosted: Thu Mar 18, 2004 9:55 am
by Dowser
I have 2 open spaces on my bench and think that this guy would make a nice addition. I dont have much to lose considering the draft is just about done. I just need to know if this guy is worth picking up or not, its late in the draft but I think this guy can put up some numbers. I can use any information on this guy thanks.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 18, 2004 10:18 am
by dannahann
His average projections (14 sources) are:

441AB/ 21HR/ 67RBI/ 60RUN/ 3SB/ .267AV/ .832OPS

Personally I'd put him a bit higher across the board, but the mainstream fantasy sources project a pretty mediocre year 8-o

PostPosted: Thu Mar 18, 2004 11:27 am
by tlef316
from what ive heard, hafner seems to be falling short of expectations. he is talented, but has progressed slower than anticipated. if your league is deep he could be wortha bench spot. if you count on him for constant production, you might get burned. im staying away this year

PostPosted: Thu Mar 18, 2004 10:15 pm
by Dowser
Ok thanks for feedback, I think I will stay away too