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2009 Mid-Season Closers Thread

2009 Mid-Season Closers Thread

Postby Havok1517 » Thu Jul 16, 2009 12:36 am

Rock Solid ;-D
Solid :-)
Safe :-°
Shaky :-o
Volatile :-t
Out of Options :-C
Current Closer
Closer-of-the-Future B-)
Destined for Rotation :-B
Trade Candidate :-?
Looking over his shoulder 8-o
Injured/Disabled :~(
Suspended/Bereavement !+)


:-) Image = J. Johnson 8-o Image, C. Ray B-) , K. Mickolio
;-D Image = J. Papelbon Image, T. Saito, D. Bard B-)
;-D Image = M. Rivera Image, P. Hughes, B. Bruney
:-° Image = J. Howell Image, D. Wheeler, G. Balfour
:-) Image = S. Downs :~( Image, J. Frasor, B. League :-C


;-D Image = B. Jenks Image, O. Dotel, T. Pena
:-) Image = K. Wood Image, C. Perez B-) , J. Lewis
:-° Image = F. Rodney 8-o Image, R. Perry, B. Lyon
;-D Image = J. Soria Image, J. Cruz, K. Farnsworth :~(
;-D Image = J. Nathan Image, M. Guerrier, J. Rauch


:-) Image = B. Fuentes Image, K. Jepson, J. Arredondo
:-° Image = A. Bailey Image, M. Wuertz, B. Ziegler
:-) Image = D. Aardsma :-C Image, M. Lowe, M. Batista
:-) Image = F. Francisco :-C Image, C. Wilson, E. Guardado


:-o Image = R. Soriano Image, M. Gonzalez, P. Moylan
:-o Image = M. Lindstrom Image, L. Nunez, D. Meyer
;-D Image = F. Rodriguez Image, B. Wagner, B. Parnell
;-D Image = B. Lidge Image, R. Madson, J. Romero
:-° Image = M. MacDougal, Image, S. Burnett, T. Clippard


:-o Image = C. Marmol Image, A. Guzman, K. Gregg
;-D Image = F. Cordero Image, J. Burton, A. Rhodes
:-) Image = J. Valverde Image, L. Hawkins, C. Sampson
:-) Image = T. Hoffman 8-o Image, C. Villanueva, M. DiFelice
;-D Image = M. Capps Image, E. Meek, J. Hanrahan :-C
:-) Image = R. Franklin Image, J. Motte B-) , K. McClellan


:-o Image = C. Qualls Image, J. Gutierrez, D. Schlereth
:-° Image = H. Street :-? Image, R. Betancourt, R. Rincon
:-) Image = J. Broxton Image, R. Troncoso, G. Sherrill
:-) Image = H. Bell Image, M. Adams, L. Gregerson
:-° Image = B. Wilson Image, S. Romo, J. Affeldt

Possible 2010 Closers :*) (based on current closer being a FA and having a capable incumbent)
Was - D. Storen (RHP)
FA - B. Wagner (LHP)
FA - J. Valverde (RHP)
FA - B. Ryan (LHP)
FA - K. Foulke (RHP)
Hou - F. Paulino (RHP)
Atl - S. Marek (RHP)

Extended Injuries
(Oak) J. Devine RHP :~(
(Col) T. Buchholtz RHP :~(
(Col) M. Corpas RHP :~(
(Det) J. Zumaya RHP :~(

Havok's Top 10 Closer Prospects
01. Henry Rodriguez (Oak - RHP)
02. Daniel Bard (BOS - RHP)
03. Ryan Perry (DET - RHP)
04. Jess Todd (STL - RHP)
05. Henry Sosa (SF - RHP)
06. Jake McGee (TB - RHP)
07. Joshua Fields (SEA - RHP)
08. Drew Storen (WAS - RHP)
09. Mark Melancon (NYY - RHP)
10. Wynn Pelzer (SD - RHP)

Potential Closers-of-the-Future Prospects B-)

Orioles = Jim Hoey (RHP), Kam Mickolio (RHP), Radhames Liz (RHP), Jim Miller (RHP)
Red Sox = Bryson Cox (RHP), Dustin Richardson (LHP)
Yankees = Mark Melancon (RHP), Anthony Claggett (RHP), Kevin Whelan (RHP), Andrew Brackman (RHP), Alan Horne (RHP)
Devil Rays = Jake McGee (RHP) B-) , Eduardo Morlan (RHP)
Blue Jays = Josh Roenicke (RHP), Zach Stewart (RHP)

Indians = Tony Sipp (LHP), Rob Bryson (RHP), Jess Todd (RHP) B-)
White Sox = Adam Russell, Kyle Bellamy (RHP)
Tigers = Ryan Perry (RHP) B-)
Royals = Yasuhiko Yabuta (RHP), Carlos Rosa (RHP)
Twins = Carlos Gutierrez (RHP), Juan Morillo (RHP), Anthony Slama (RHP), Jason Stoffel (RHP), Ben Tootle (RHP)

Angels = Michael Kohn (RHP), Kevin Jepsen (RHP)
Athletics = Sam Demel (RHP), Henry Rodriguez (RHP) B-)
Mariners = Josh Fields (RHP) B-), Phillippe Aumont (RHP), Juan Ramirez (RHP)
Rangers = Warner Madrigal (RHP), Kazuo Fukumori (RHP), Thomas Diamond (RHP)

Braves = Stephen Marek (RHP) B-)
Marlins = Brett Sinkbeil (RHP), Travis Bowyer (RHP), Taylor Tankersley (LHP), Jose Ceda (RHP), Ryan Tucker (RHP)
Mets = Eddie Kunz (RHP), Fernando Nieve (RHP) :-C
Phillies = Joe Bisenius (RHP), Scott Mathieson (RHP)
Nationals = Drew Storen (RHP) B-) , Zechry Zinicola (RHP), Chris Booker (RHP)

Cubs = Andrew Cashner (RHP)
Reds = Thomas Pauley (RHP), Sean Watson (RHP), , Brian Pearl (RHP)
Astros = Felipe Paulino (RHP)
Brewers = Mark Rogers (RHP), Jeremy Jeffress (RHP) :-B !+)
Pirates = Romulo Sanchez (RHP), Bryan Morris (RHP), Donald Veal (LHP) :-C, Jonathan Meloan (RHP)
Cardinals = Luis Perdomo (RHP), Joseph Kelly (RHP)

Diamondbacks = Daniel Schlereth (LHP)
Rockies = Casey Weathers (RHP)
Dodgers = Gregg Miller (LHP), Scott Elbert (LHP), H. Kuo (LHP)
Padres = Eulogio De La Cruz (RHP) :-C, Wynn Pelzer (RHP) B-), Cesar Carrillo (RHP), Evan Scribner (RHP), Rocky Cherry (RHP)
Giants = Merkin Valdez (RHP) :-C , Henry Sosa (RHP) B-), Alex Hinshaw (RHP)

Possible Future Japanese Imports :-b

Chiba Lott Marines - Kazuya Fukuura (LHP)
Chunichi Dragons - Hitoki Iwase (LHP)
Fukuoka Softbank Hawks - Takahiro Mahara (RHP)
Hashin Tigers - Kyuji Fujikawa (LHP)
Hiroshima Toyo Carp - Katsuhiro Nagakawa (RHP)
Orix Buffaloes - Daisuke Katoh (RHP)
Yakult Swallows - Hirotoshi Ishii (LHP), Ryota Igarashi (RHP), Chang Yong Lim (RHP)
Yokohama BayStars - Hayato Terahara (RHP)
Yomiuri Giants - Kiyoshi Toyoda (RHP), Tetsuya Yamaguchi (LHP)
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Re: 2009 Mid-Season Closers Thread

Postby bigh0rt » Thu Jul 16, 2009 12:43 am

That. Just. HAPPENED!
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Re: 2009 Mid-Season Closers Thread

Postby AussieDodger » Thu Jul 16, 2009 1:49 am

Welcome back Havok :-D

I'd go for Wuertz over Casilla for Oakland, as Casilla has been strictly used in losses/blow outs over the last month. Wuertz has been magnificent, and has 10 Holds to Casilla's 5.
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Re: 2009 Mid-Season Closers Thread

Postby poo holes » Thu Jul 16, 2009 6:36 am

If he H Bell gets dealt do you think it will be Meredith over Mujica? Are there any closers in waiting worth satshing because they will get their chance once a deal is made?

I stashed Grabow but just curious if you guys that have the room are stashing someone as well?
poo holes
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Re: 2009 Mid-Season Closers Thread

Postby Dan Lambskin » Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:30 am

not to nitpick too much, but i would upgrade Rodney to's going to take a massive meltdown (or a trade) for Leyland to take the ball away from him in the 9th

also...i think Lyon would get 1st crack at the closing duties over Zumaya if something did happen to Rodney
Dan Lambskin
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Re: 2009 Mid-Season Closers Thread

Postby Area51's » Thu Jul 16, 2009 11:59 am

Any thoughts on the WAS closer situation w/ the managerial switch?

Riggleman is looking at the same cast in the bullpen as ACTA was. MacDoug has been "ok" in save situations, and disastrous in non-save situations since the middle of June. His peripherals are beyond terrible!!! Thing is, just about everybody on the staff hasn't pitched that well in the last 30 days.Beimel has a 2.53 era in the last 30 but only a 9-6 k-bb rate. Newly acquired Sean Burnett's last 30 is 2.38/0.71 w/ a 9-1 K-bb rate, and thats the only thing that looks halfway decent.

If MacDoug has the job, he's easily the scariest option w/ that control rate, and I've watched him pitch a lot and he's even scarier than it shows. No clue where the dish is.

I just don't see any good options. Mock got recalled, but....???

Any other insight. For those that really need saves, AND can afford the whip/era risk, it could help. If nothing else, grabbing the guy and benching him so the others can't get the saves is at least something in some leagues.
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Re: 2009 Mid-Season Closers Thread

Postby Bwanna » Thu Jul 16, 2009 3:56 pm

[reg season/playoffs]
LFoD '08 [1st/3rd], '10 [1st/3rd], '11 [1st/2nd], '12 [1st/1st], '13, [1st/2nd], '14, [1st/1st]
BRAL '09 2nd, '10 1st
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Re: 2009 Mid-Season Closers Thread

Postby silverZ » Thu Jul 16, 2009 7:10 pm

Good stuff. Lets hope the second half of this thread is better than the first.
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Re: 2009 Mid-Season Closers Thread

Postby auclairkeithbc » Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:08 pm

silverZ wrote:Good stuff. Lets hope the second half of this thread is better than the first.

i really can't imagine it being more helpful. if you followed that thread, you got plenty of ideas about what was going on with developing closer situations. maybe it got a little snippy at times, but it is tough to separate that from what made the thread useful.
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Re: 2009 Mid-Season Closers Thread

Postby Niffoc4 » Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:18 pm

Happy to have a new clean thread... I also think Casilla won't get the next shot.
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