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General Trade Suggestions for a Points League?

General Trade Suggestions for a Points League?

Postby boyogold » Fri Jun 12, 2009 2:44 pm

I've played a fair amount of fantasy baseball and basketball over the years, but it was always in a Yahoo H2H category league. In this environment it was relatively simple for me to evaluate a trade offer. If I needed steals and was heavy with power, I could offer up a HR hitter for somebody who's swiping. Obviously it can get much more complicated, but that's simple for me to get.

Here's what my league rules look like:

Single = 1
Double = 2
Triple = 3
Home Run = 4
Run = 1
RBI = 1
Walk = 1
Stolen Base = 2
Caught Stealing = -1

Basically I am at a complete loss on how to value players in this league. I mean clearly the players who score more points are the best, but beyond that, it seems like everybody is judged the same. Why would I trade away somebody who's getting tons of homers for somebody who is stealing bags when you get 6 points for a HR and only 2 for a base stolen? Beyond injuries or playing time, it just seems like you look for the guy who hits the most HRs...preferably with guys on the basepaths.

Am I missing something here? Does anybody have suggestions/success stories for this type of league?
I'm really just looking for general suggestions, but I can post my roster if anybody feels like they want to help evaluate.
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