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Postby SpdRacerX » Fri May 22, 2009 10:10 am

My league has two "streamers" who pick up and drop about 3-4 pitchers a day each. Their teams are now 1-2 in the standings and finished 1-2 last year. I was up 8-3 before yesterday's games. He picked up 3 pitchers and they all pitched. Now I'm down 10-6. Before this year I suggested limiting pick-ups. OF course they shot that suggestion down and it was voted that there would be no limitations.

Is this the best strategy in my league?

Who would I be able to "stream"?

H2H 12 Teams

Chris Iannetta(Col - C)
Ryan Howard (Phi - 1B)
Chone Figgins (LAA - 2B,3B)
Kevin Youkilis (Bos - 1B,3B)
Miguel Tejada (Hou - SS)
Hunter Pence (Hou - OF)
Torii Hunter (LAA - OF)
Brad Hawpe (Col - OF)
Adam Lind (Tor - OF)
David Ortiz (Bos - Util)

CC Sabathia (NYY - SP)
Chad Billingsley (LAD - SP)
Jon Lester (Bos - SP)
Yovani Gallardo (Mil - SP)
Clayton Kershaw (LAD - SP)
Randy Wolfe (LAD - SP)
Chris Carpenter (StL - SP)
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Re: Streaming...

Postby Motown Blues » Sun Jun 07, 2009 1:25 pm

Streaming is a viable approach to fantasy baseball, though many do not like it. I am not surprised that these guys shut down the idea of limiting the rosters; all should know the settings before you draft...let alone compete. are doing the intelligent thing in countering streaming with streaming.

A couple of things:

1) I don't know how many roster spots are available, and I can't tell how many pitching spots are allowed. This is key, because you have to be willing lose any potential player you put on waivers, so you have to decide how many spots are "streamable." These other guys are streaming 3-4 spots? That's significant.

2) The following are completely expendable, if you ask me: Lind, Hawpe, Iannetta...but these are bats, so I don't know if you have reserves to play their positions. To be honest, relying on these guys is suspect. There is no one better? For instance: Bourne, Pierre, Suzuki?

3) If you are committed to streaming, go with the minimum # of bats. Have no other reserve bat, unless you are reluctant to start Ortiz. He has been better as of late, and it was wise to hang on to him.

4) These guys know what they're doing, so you will have to stream a day ahead of them. Keep in mind that if you stream, you have to be willing to concede WHIP and ERA. You'll need to stream more than one spot, though. Always role with big strikeout guys, when in doubt. Sounds obvious, but stick with winning teams and avoid the Washington Nationals of MLB.

5) Obviously, they've set the league up for pure streaming (addition of IP is pretty funny, really) if you hope to win, you will have to adapt. You're only expendable pitcher is Randy Wolfe. For sure I would stream him. Do NOT drop any of your other SP's.

Good luck. ;-D
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