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Advice on a Keeper league

Advice on a Keeper league

Postby the izzy » Tue May 19, 2009 11:34 pm

Although I have 4 years of fantasy baseball experience, I have zero years experience in a keeper league, so I am looking to get some advice.

I'm in a 10 team, H2H keeper league w/ friends. It's our 4th year of fantasy baseball, but first year we decided to do a keeper league.

It was agreed that we would keep 8 players, and that you lose the pick in the rd that you drafted the player you're keeping. If you pick up a player of FA/WW, then you lose a last rd pick (23 rds) if you keep said player.

So basically, keep a player drafted in rd 1, lose your first rd pick.

I guess I'm trying to build a strategy, but I'm curious, How do most teams pick their keepers at the end of the year? I am assuming right now that a majority of teams will keep their 1-3rd rd picks, and then 5 "value" picks later on. Or am I completely off base here? Do most teams just pick the 8 best "value" picks, or do they tend to keep their studs (first few round picks)?

For example, lets say that last year you drafted M. Holiday in the second rd. Most league projected him to go 3rd rd this year. Would an owner throw him back and keep a different player of more value, or would he more then likely keep Holiday, as he is a stud and could be second rd value this year?

I hope that makes sense. Thanks
the izzy
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