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Please help my team (long post, but could really use help)

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Please help my team (long post, but could really use help)

Postby wfbdan » Sun May 10, 2009 11:06 am

Ok Bare with me this could be a long a post. But you help will be most appreciated and I will gladly Help in return.

I am in a 5x5 roto league with 16 teams and huge rosters. There is no free agents. We do a supplemental draft once every 3 weeks where you can add a player and drop a player. I kinda sucks that way but it has been done that way in this league for years. The rules of pitching are a min of 1000 innings pitched and if you put a pitcher in your line up he must stay there 7 days. The rosters look like this: C C 1B 2B 3B SS CI MI OF OF OF OF OF UTIL P P P P P P P P P and 11 bench spots. So as you can see with 16 teams the player pool for the supplemental draft is pretty slim as well. Every year you get to hold 6 players, 3 guys from the auction portion of the draft and 3 guys from the bench draft so guys like Weiters, Porcello, Hanson, etc were all drafted so they could be used next year.

Right now I am in 11 place place with 79.0 points first place has 112.0 he has been dropping a little each day. I will post my roster than some of the problems I am having and some of my thoughts.

C) Victor Martinez
C) Brian Schneider
1B) James Loney
2B) Howie Kendrick
3B) Evan longoria
SS) JJ Hardy
CI) Mike Lowell
MI) Aaron Hill
OF) Ryan Braun
OF) Grady Sizemore
OF) BJ Upton
OF) Cameron Maybin
OF) Carlos Gomez
UTIL) Chad Tracy

P) Roy Halladay
P) Kyle Davies
P) Randy Wolf
P) Andrew Bailey
P) Scott Shields
P) Manny Corpas
P) Tony A. Pena
P) Brandon Morrow
P) Carlos Marmol

BEN) Travis Hafner
BEN) Blake Dewitt
BEN) Felix Pie

BEN) Bronson Arroyo
BEN) Daniel Cabrera
BEN) Daniel Bard
BEN) Sean Gallagher
BEN) JP Howell
BEN) Dan Wheeler
BEN) Mark Lowe
BEN) Rafael Perez

I am going to break down how many points I have in each category

HR: 14 pts (I have 60 leader has 66)
Runs: 11pts (I have 220 leader has 253)
RBI: 16 pts (I am leader)
SB: 8 pts (I have 26 leader has 52)
AVG: 13 pts ( I am at 0.2798 leader is at 0.2907)

ERA: 2 pts (I am at 5.03 leader is at 3.85)
WHIP: 5pts (I am at 1.42 leader is at 1.20)
Ks: 1 pt (I am at 160 leader is at 303)
Saves: 7 pts (I am at 10 the leader is at 19)
Wins: 2.5 pts (I have 14 the leader has 22)

So as you can see pitching is obviously my weakness and I have been trying to acquire starting pitching through trade but in order to acquire a pitcher like Matt Cain who i could really use I would have to give up Sizemore Braun or Longoria. I can't afford to lose that production though, at least I don't think I can. What do you guys think? Also as you can see I have a gaping hole in my OF with Gomez and Maybin. I do have a few thoughts that a few of my players are under producing at this point.

BJ Upton and Hardy should soon start hitting like they normally do and Marmol and Corpas are nowhere near as bad as they are pitching now. here is what I am looking for help on a few things:

1) Can I afford to give up Sizemore Braun or Longoria for a stud pitcher? (I was offered Haren for Braun)
2) What huge holes do you see on my team not improving as the season progresses)
3) I have a supplemental draft on Monday I can drop one player and pick up one please rank this list of players

Chris Coglan 3B FLA (he can play all over and should player regularly with the marlins and qualifies as on OF so I can replace Gomez or Maybin)

Joe Beimel

Scott Richmond

Luke Hocaver

Brian Bannister

Michael Wuertz

Clay Condrey

Thank you so much in advance for any help offered. Leave link and will help in reply.
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Re: Please help my team (long post, but could really use help)

Postby Zain1two3 » Sun May 10, 2009 6:48 pm

Do not get rid of Longoria. This guy is worth too much in a not so deep 3B pool. OFs are much more easier to replace as the pool is much deeper. I'd say, trade Braun as Sizemore is just so damn good at everything. Get rid of Kyle Davies immediately. He walks far too many and his strikeout rate isn't exactly amazing. I think you're better off picking some pitchers off from the Blue Jays such as Scott Richmond. He's goes deep into games, gives up few runs and playing on the Jays will guarantee him some wins as their offence is on fire.
Your weak points are 1B, 2B and SS. For 1B, try and see if Konerko is still available. This guy will hit you home runs and remember that without Manny, Loney's value diminishes. For 2B or SS, Rafael Furcal is still available in most leagues, try and pick him up.
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