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I VETO the veto strings...

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I VETO the veto strings...

Postby Guest » Sun Mar 14, 2004 10:47 am

i see the word 'collusion' now being a permanent attachment to the word veto...very funny if you ask guessing its from reading alot of these strings or you havent really run a league. im not saying commissioners wouldnt use the word but i think it falls more along the lines of 'whats best for the league'

most are saying that 'ive never veto'd a deal nor would i' honest, ill admit i do some veto's. not because i dont like them or out of spite, those are wrong...but because i dont think the deal is fair and if i think it will offset the league to where numberous owners will complain...remember its not just 1 vote to kill a deal, it usually takes 4 or more...meaning others besides me feel the deal is off...

my guess is those that are complaining about a veto are those that have no money involved in the league and are on a free site (which is why i've veto'd as stated above but hell i either quit if it gets out of hand or make the best of it)...that and not joining one in which you know people or friends and can really argue your point (of which im also involved in and had 0 problems in over 7 years) so the fustration of trying to get a deal thru is killing you...explaining your deal means nothing...

so bottom line what does it come down to...

1.the better of the league or
2.collusion/secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose

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