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Postby it'sbeenawhile » Mon May 20, 2002 2:36 pm

Ok, not really, but I figured it would get some people's attention.

Here's my deal:

I'm leading one of my leagues by a considerable margin thank largely in part to Vladimir (who else?) and a superb pitching staff.

My other team on the hand is crap. I'm sitting at a measly 5th, last in runs (by 26). last in HRs (by 3), and last in RBI's (by 12). I've been trying like a madman to get some deal worked out. Here's what I've come up with so far.

This deal I've already gone through:
I give Irabu and Ben Sheets
I get Byung-yung Kim, Juan Uribe, and Ryan Rupe

I've dropped Rupe and picked up Mantei. I, then, went ahead and put Mantei on the DL, freeing up roster space for the best available free agent pitcher-------Ted Lilly? There's no help on the market for hitters, so I figure I should stock up now because if my other trades go through, my staff is going to take a hit.

My evaluation: Sheets for Uribe plus a stronger closer on my behalf. I think Uribe will fill in nicely in SS spot with some badly needed run production, but his numbers are slightly worse than my current SS Melvin Mora (will this continue? should I put him at the utility spot for more runs?) I like Kim's ERA and WHIP too, but my question is what happens with the return of Mantei? Who'll get the opportunities? Should I drop Mantei and open a roster space? Or should I keep him there for fear that I could ultimately be out 40 saves? My other closers are Benitez and Percival.

Here are some other trade I've proposed, that have yet to be accepted:

I give Mussina, Rolen, and E. Owens
I get Mulder, Glaus, Damon

It's a longshot, I know. But it's time I started making some real sacrfices for my team. Of course, Damon and Glaus are upgrades and I'm also willing to let Mulder sit on the bench for a while to see if he regains some old form. I doubt this will go through, but regardless, are these the kinds of trades I need to make? Is the return here on Mussina and the exchange of Rolen/Glaus good enough (i.e. fair)?

I give Josh Beckett
I get Magglio Ordonez

I think Beckett's proved himself and is a worthwhile candidate for trade bait. At the beginning of the season, I would have thought this trade was absurd, but after his last two starts, I think, this trade is reasonable (perhaps more reasonable than my previous one)

For your information, my rotation without Sheets, Beckett, and Mussina would look something like:

Buerhle, Colon, Reuter, Halladay, Moyer and Lilly (and maybe Mulder)

Should I be shopping someone else? Who? Is giving up Mussina or Beckett not smart?
Also, do you think Moyer will return to last year's form ?(I traded Urbina for him straight up, and now I'm feeling like a jackass for having done so)

Thanks for reading this essay,

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Postby Tim » Mon May 20, 2002 2:40 pm

no one is gonna do beckett for ordonez...its insane...ordonez is probally the best outfielder in the american league next to manny

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Postby Arlo » Mon May 20, 2002 3:08 pm

That's quite an essay! :->

Anyway, let's see... 5th place at this point doesn't sound too bad. How many teams in the league?

The deal you made, with the Mantei pick-up is excellent. Consider using Uribe and Mora in a platoon, using Uribe at home.

Don't drop Mantei. Apparently, he's doing better than could be expected so far. I think Kim will remain the closer, but if Mantei's only taking up a DL slot, it's more than worth keeping him there as insurance.

I'm not quite sure yet about Lilly. He's a decent gamble, but I think he'll have some rough outings in the foreseeable future.

The Mussina deal looks a bit risky to me. If Mulder returns, you'll be fine, but there's been talk of the A's rushing him back. I'd wait another week before offering this, but in general I think it's the right sort of trade to go for.

I agree with Tim that Beckett for Ordonez is a tad optimistic, but I don't think it's insane. Beckett has as much potential as anyone in the league (even though he's a ways from reaching it), and Ordonez' value is lower in mixed leagues. The NL is deep in of. Try adding a lesser of to the offer, and also ask for a lesser sp in return, if the offer is rejected.

I'm not entirely sold on Moyer. Of course, I underestimated him last year, so you may not want to trust my judgment here, but I feel last year was a career year which he won't come close to repeating. If there's any way to do so, I'd use him primarily at home.

My prime choice to shop would be Colon: enough name value to hopefully get a good return, but erratic enough that you wouldn't miss him much.

Good luck!
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