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how's my team???

PostPosted: Sat Mar 13, 2004 3:21 am
by markp
Yahoo head to head custom league
Johnny Estrada
Brad Wilkerson
Jose Vidro
Rafael Furcal
Mark Teixeira
Carlos Beltran
Garrett Anderson
Jose Guillen
Luis Matos
A Miles
Reed Johnson

Randy Johnson
Matt Morris
John Smoltz
Mike Hampton
Mark Buerhle
jarrod Washburn
Joel Pineiro
Brad Lidge
Felix Rodriguez
B Looper
Pat Hentgen
Rocky Biddle
J Affeldt
Kirk Rueter
H Ramirez

i think i have some guys who are capable of putting up big numbers like they have in the past- whether or not they will is the ???

PostPosted: Sat Mar 13, 2004 4:34 am
by thaima1shu
Your team looks relatively solid.

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