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Postby Absolutely Adequate » Fri Mar 12, 2004 5:16 pm

Please note that what follows was taken directly from the discussion board over at I didn't change a word - basically, someone found an old prospects list that the owner of the site put out and printed it. Noteable omissions: Derek Jeter, Manny Ramirez.

Here goes:
I found my old copy of Luciani's 94 book! This is from where I 1st started reading Luciani's stuff. In the spring training 1994 supplement to the book he published the list of the following top prospects but the same quotes were also in the book too. I've heard the only way to get Luciani's book now is to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame library because it's out of print but I know the HOF has a copy because I looked it up once. I don't have any from years after but this is interesting to look at now. in those days he sorted both hitters and pitchrs together and only did a top 85. I hope BN won't mind me copying this so if I've broken a rule PLEASE DON'T BUMP ME OFF AS I'M TRYING TO GIVE CREDIT . Everything below is Lucianis writing - not mine - I only left the quotes for the players on some because it takes a while to type but there were actually quotes for all of them. BN can I type rhwaw quotes without breaking some sort of copyright rule?

the list and guys please don't nbe mad at my typing either-

#1 Carlos Delgado C TOR - "Of any player on the Blue Jays roster who isn't already known, I think we'll be talking about Delgado three to five years from now as one of the franchise players."

#2 Chipper Jones SS ATL - "At AAA Richmond Jones batted .325 with thirteen home runs and eighty-nine RBIs last year. I'd say his major league ability will one day exceed even that. He's not going to do it in 1994 (or even 1995) but he'll be well known by the year 1997."

#3 Javier Lopez C ATL - "I didn't list him first because years from now, I think it's more likely that we'll remember Chipper Jones than Javier Lopez."

#4 Ryan Klesko 1B ATL - "I hesitated to list him because those in Atlanta might only end up remembering him as the other half of the Brian Hunter competitoin. Fred McGriff is the first baseman for now and Klesko's best bet is as insurance or at another position. Ron Gant broke his leg in early February and one possibility might be to move Klesko the outfield. I was astounded that the Padres didn't insist on him when they traded Fred McGriff. One day, Klesko could hit .290 with twenty-five home runs and eighty RBI's. That wouldn't have looked bad in the Padres lineup at his present 'budget' salary."

#5 Eddie Guardardo P MIN - "I think Guardado is one of the truly great pitchers to come along in the last while and it's amazing he hasn't received more press. The Twins seem to notice how good he might become but a lot of the minor league publications don't mention him in the same breath as the other big names of 'AA'."

#6 Rich Aude 1B PIT

#7 Billy Ashley OF LA

#8 Mike Hampton P HOU - "His debut with the Seattle Mariners was dreadful and isn't worth bringing up in statistical detail. He's had some good seasons at the 'A' level of the professional ladder but should recover if he's given a chance to develop. Even now, his stuff looked good enough for the second-best 'AAA' rung if the Astros don't roll any dice on him being a major leaguer too soon."

#9 Raul Mondesi OF LA - "Mondesi has little chance of making an impact in 1994, but it's possible that he'll one day be a major league regular. He's only twenty-three years old and has had some solid years in the minor leagues."

#10 Bob Hamelin 1B KC

#11 Carl Everett OF FLO - "Everett is now blocked by Chuck Carr and will have a difficult time making it to the major leagues. It's too bad for him because he is the type of player who could eventually hit .300 with thirty steals and sixty walks without thinking about it. If he ever gets more aggressive early in the count, he should improve both his strikeout ratio and his power."

#12 Dave Staton 1B SD - "Staton's minor league numbers have never been given a full chance to translate into major league power and it's starting to look it might never happen. He'll turn twenty-six in the first month of the season and doesn't have a guaranteed spot in the lineup going into spring training. What can Staton do in the major leagues? He can put together a scary season."

#13 Tony Tarasco OF ATL - "Tarasco's one that I wouldn't say we will know as much as Braves' fans will. I just don't see him getting a shot yet so I'd file him in the 'Too Early to Tell' class."

#14 Steve Trachsel P CHC - "I'm not sure that he's ready for the major leagues yet but I think that we'll recognize his name more easily within the next two years. He has very good control of his pitches for someone so young (twenty-three) and that will probably serve him well as he continues to develop."

#15 Shane Reynolds P HOU - "Unlike Domingo Jean, his professional numbers don't look very good and until he puts together a superstar minor league season, he probably will not get the recognition or opportunities that some others do. One thing I do like about Reynolds is that he keeps the ball the lowest in the strike zone of just about any pitching prospect in baseball. He isn't wild, but that fastball hovers just above the ground without touching it."

#16 Kirk Rueter P MON - "He changes his pitches as well as anyone on the team and is a good example of how you can be successful as a pitcher without great velocity. Rueter will be around for a few years and three years from now, he may be in the top ten starters in baseball."

#17 Omar Daal P LA - "Daal barely qualifies for this list as he was a regular in 1993 with the Dodgers as a relief pitcher. In fact, he appeared in forty-seven games last year but was bashed around for twenty earned runs in just 35.1 innings."

#18 Jim Leyritz C NYY

#19 J.R. Phillips 1B SF - "Given the choice between Phillips and Todd Benzinger, I'd hope the Giants would be smart enough to go with Phillips as their replacement for Will Clark in 1994. Sure, he could probably make good use of another season at 'AAA' but then again, is his worst season of the present any less valuable to a team as the best hopes anyone has for Todd Benzinger? Phillips can (and probably will) hit twenty-five or thirty home runs with 100 RBIs one day in the majors. Phillips enters 1994 with only eleven major league games under his belt and by the end of this year or next tyear, we'll all know who he is."

#20 John Ruffin P CIN

#21 Turk Wendell P CHC - "Wendell had even more time than Trachsel to show his stuff last year to the Cubs but didn't look unusually good at any time. He'll turn twenty-seven this year and if he lands a job with the big club in spring training, he'll stick around for a few years."

#22 Xavier Hernandez P NYY

#23 Cliff Floyd 1B MON - "He has tremendous power, a good eye and can poke a ball through the infield when needed. If you're looking for Ron Gant numbers in a bigger package, Floyd will one day be your man. He's very similar to a young Jose Canseco and he has no aspirations to become a pitcher..."

#24 Jeromy Burnitz OF NYM - "Burnitz has a stranglehold on the right field spot going into 1994 and his obvious potential almost forces Dallas Green to play Bobby Bonilla at third base. Burnitz has great power, good speed and seems to have a moderately good batting eye that should improve more with exposure to the league. The fact that he'll turn twenty-five in the first month of the season probably means he got started too late to record any major career achievements, but he has a good chance to be a premier power hitter for the next few years at least."

#25 David Weathers P FLO - "You'll remember Weathers from a stint he had with the Blue Jays for a couple of years from 1991-92. At that time, he was a solid prospect but never established the regularity that Toronto management had hoped to see. Therefore, he wasn't protected in the expansion draft and was subsequently taken. Like John Johnstone, he shares the problem of keeping his pitches down and away too often. If he could locate them a bit better and come inside, he'd be able to use what looks like a decent fastball."

#26 Brian Anderson P CAL - "His future _should_ be as a starter but he will end up as a reliever if the Angels don't look at him more carefullly. Last year he was somone that might have fit in immediately to the major leagues. He needed more work but I'd like to see him get a chance as the fifth starter here. That's unlikely, at best."

#27 Julian Tavarez P CLE - "Here's a guy who may be more than a year from the major legues but I'll say here that he's at _least_ that far away. This will be just his third year in pro ball and the Indians placed way too much emphasis on his Rookie league performance at Burlington in 1992."

#28 Scott Brosius OF OAK

#29 Alex Gonzalez SS TOR - "I would _much_ prefer to see him as the opening day shortstop over Dick Schofield. I doubt that it will happen but if the Jays are smart enough it will."

#30 Tony Womack SS PIT - "Womack will eventually be a threat to hit .300 while stealing fifty bases and playing good enough defense. He'll never hit for power and he isn't a very good bunter for somone with his speed. If he ever learns to take advantage of slapping the ball on the ground to beat out an infield single, he'll be even better."

#31 Albie Lopez P CLE
#32 Dave Mlicki P CLE
#33 Dave Silvestri SS NYY
#34 Danny Bautista OF DET
#35 Jeffrey Hammonds OF BAL
#36 Salomon Torres P SF
#37 Willie Greene SS CIN
#38 Miguel Jimenez P OAK
#39 Rikkert Fanyete OF SF
#40 Tim Costo OF CIN

#41 Pedro Borbon P ATL - "Borbon's bordering on no longer being called a prospect. He's twenty six years old and he's hjad just five games in the major leagues with no success."

#42 Troy O'Leary OF MIL - "O'Leary strikes me as more of a bench player who will get to play full time. I think he could be _very_ underrated and may even end up having the type of hidden value of a Tony Phillips. If I had to choose between O'Leary or Matt Mieske, I'd take O'Leary."

#43 John DeSilva P LA
#44 Angel Miranda P MIL
#45 Henry Mercedes C OAK
#46 Sam Militello P NYY
#47 Kevin Roberson OF CHC
#48 Manny Alexander SS BAL
#49 Norberto Martin 2B CWS
#50 Chris Turner C CAL
#51 Curtis Pride OF MON
#52 ALlen Watson P STL
#53 Eddie Zambrano OF CHC
#54 Toby Borland P PHI
#55 Rich Becker OF MIN
#56 Luis Lopez 2B SD
#57 Danny Miceli P PIT
#58 Eric Wedge C COL
#59 Drew Denson 1B CWS
#60 Derek Parks C MIN
#61 Ramon Carabello 2B ATL
#62 Nate Minchey P BOS
#63 John Johnstone P FLO
#64 Roger Salkeld P SEA
#65 STeve Dixon P STL
#66 Jerry Goff C PIT
#67 Larry Luebbers P CHC
#68 P{hil LEftwich P CAL
#69 Ryan Thompson CF NYM
#70 Phil Clark 1B SD
#71 Sherman Obando OF BAL
#72 Domingo Jean P HOU
#73 Jack Voigt OF BAL
#74 Mike Butcher P CAL
#75 Greg Pirkl 1B SEA
#76 Denis Boucher P MON
#77 Keith Gordon OF CIN
#78 Nigel Wilson OF FLO
#79 Butch Huskey 3B NYM
#80 Steve Dreyer P TEX
#81 Domingo Martines 1B TOR
#82 Greg Blosser OF BOS
#83 Tito Navarro SS NYM
#84 Brad Brink P PHI
#85 Matt Mieske OF MIL

It was interesting reading this as I typed it. Not a bad list near the top but seems to get kinda weak as you get below the top 20 or so. Still pretty good.
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Postby Swinger » Sun Mar 14, 2004 11:33 pm

Excellent! It's a weird feeling, to see descriptions of guys I've heard of while they were in the minors.
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Postby Los Angeles Cubs » Mon Mar 15, 2004 11:35 pm

Weird to look at the "prospects" and see how they arent in baseball now or was never any good at any time.
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Re: Baseball Notebook

Postby LBJackal » Fri Apr 02, 2004 4:35 am

Absolutely Adequate wrote:#25 David Weathers P FLO - "You'll remember Weathers from a stint he had with the Blue Jays for a couple of years from 1991-92. At that time, he was a solid prospect but never established the regularity that Toronto management had hoped to see. Therefore, he wasn't protected in the expansion draft and was subsequently taken. Like John Johnstone, he shares the problem of keeping his pitches down and away too often. If he could locate them a bit better and come inside, he'd be able to use what looks like a decent fastball."

I remember Weathers for Toronto in the early '90's. I was at his first major league game. Weird how you remember those things.

And it's cool to go back and see players who were highly touted. It's reassuring that the top guys didn't turn out to be disappointments. The top 5 were surprisingly accurate. I hope in 10 years we're looking back at these things going "Wow, people actually doubted Andy Marte before?" and "Nobody ever realized Merkin Valdez would become the next Pedro Martinez?" Oh yeah, and "Who the hell is wrveres? And why was he so anti-Adam Dunn? It was obvious that he'd be the first player to crack the century mark for HR's."

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