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PLEASE RATE: 12 team mixed, head to head, 6*6

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PLEASE RATE: 12 team mixed, head to head, 6*6

Postby bcavaiola » Mon Apr 20, 2009 3:03 am


I'm in a very competitive - high stakes- 12 team mixed league
6 *6 categories (hr, runs, avg, rbi, total bases + wins, ks, era, whip, s, holds)
Head to Head
30 players per team (start 12 hitters/ 12 pitchers)
7th overall pick (snake draft)

Position - Name (Round Drafted)
C - B. Molina (20)
1B - Atkins (8)
2B - Alexi Ramirez (3)
3B - AROD (2)
SS - Tulowitzki (6)
IF - Blalock (17)
OF - Braun (1)
OF - Rios (5)
OF - McLouth (7)
UTL - J. Upton (13)
UTL - Francouer (19)
UTL - Lind (22)
BNCH - Weeks (15)
BNCH - LaPorta (FA)
DL - Hafner (21)

SP - Haren (4)
SP - Oswalt (9)
SP - Vazquez (11)
SP - Cain (10)
SP - Greinke (14)
SP - Danks (16)
RP - Marmol (12)
RP - Qualls (18)
RP - Gregg (23)
RP - R. Madson (28)
RP - T. Pena (29)
RP - C. Ray (26)
BNCH - C. Wade (FA)
BNCH - R. Romero (30)

Please let me know your thoughts and any weaknesses you see...

Thanks and appreciate any feedback,
El burro
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Re: PLEASE RATE: 12 team mixed, head to head, 6*6

Postby TheMadHungarian » Mon Apr 20, 2009 8:27 pm

I can relate to your team, so I'll bite... I play in a 12 team mixed H2H 6X6 as well (OBP and QS so it's a bit different).

I think you can use an upgrade at 1B/IF. Are you playing Blaylock at 3rd while Arod's hurt or Fields? I don't like Blaylock's injury history but he's good for some needed pop. I'm not an Alexi Ramirez fan - at least not for what he's gone for in most drafts this spring. Too little info about his past performance in Cuba to really get a read on him I think.

I don't love McClouth and Rios either - although that depends on where you've drafted them. McClouth had a poor 2nd half last year and I think Rios is overrated. Upton will be a beast one day, but I don't think it'll happen this year. Never been a Weeks guy as I don't like low AVG guys unless they hit a ton of dingers.

Now your pitching I really like. I have Haren and targetted Vazquez, Cain and Greinke only to see them all go earlier than expect in my draft. I have Kawakami as well. I think he'll be a good one. Romero looks solid so far, but I don't think it'll last. He doesn't miss enough bats to be super effective. The pen looks pretty decent (I like that you have Marmol and Gregg), although I'd like it better if you had another closer. I don't put a ton of stock into closers either, so don't stress yourself and overpay for an stud closer. Just wait until one materializes as the year goes on and guys take advantage of opportunities (Chris Perez?) As for those middle relievers, I would just play the hot hands and rotate in guys who're getting it done. Hard to predict good middle men.

Overall I think you've got pretty nice team. Maybe you can package a pitcher and one of the above mentioned position players for a power bat or high steals guy? Something to think about.

Do me a solid and take a look at my team. I'd love to hear what you think?
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Re: PLEASE RATE: 12 team mixed, head to head, 6*6

Postby bcavaiola » Tue Apr 21, 2009 2:57 pm


Thanks for the reply.

While I dont necessarily agree with your likes / dislikes, I do appreciate the take. I respect guys that have an intelligent take rather than those that just write I dont like this guy and that guy.

Just so you know, my overall general strategy in head to head, deep mixed, non-keeper leagues is that I go bats (with emphasis on middle infieldrs) relatively early, I tend to not reach for starting pitching till later and almost never draft relievers till late. This has been my make-up for about the last 5 years in most of my fantasy baseball drafts. That said, I will tell you that I've won this league 3 of the last 5 years mainly based on this strategy, watching the waivers for the 1-3 middle relivers that become closers thruout the season, and keeping a pulse on AAA call -ups and drafting the good ones late in my drafts. Last year, Longoria. Year before, Braun / Lincecum, etc.

I thought it would be helpful to list what round I drafted each guy in just to show you the value. So, I have modified my post a bit to reflect that above.

With the season being only 2 weeks old, I dont think its time to panic on Alexi Ramirez. Now, I am definitely one of those guys that thought he was capable of putting up sophmore #'s like .290 -90 runs, 28 jacks, 95 rbis, 28 steals, so _ i reached a bit... and my regret it cause I was debating him or Matt Kemp at that pick (who went pick after me). After Alexi's sluggish start and batting 8th in Ozzies line-up, Ive tempered that down a bit, but am still bullish - Im acquiring him in all my other leagues at a cheap discount for the likes of Aaron Hill straight up in some cases.

In regard to your IF comment about sitting AROD, I've been playing Blalock at 3B (cause he has the 3B eligibility in yahoo) and playing Weeks/ Fields platoon at the IF slot (pending on match-ups and who is hot) and will continue to do so till AROD comes back. Surprisingly, Fields is not hitting for power yet, but I anticipate a 20-25 HR campaign playing everyday. I have him projected at .275 - 90 Runs - 23 HR - 80 RBIs - 5 SB hititng 2nd in that line-up, assuming Ozzie is smart and moves him from 9th in the order... In regard to AROD, everything Im reading sounds like hes due back in 2 weeks, which would be huge. After drafting AROD 2nd overall, I knew that the toughest time I would have with my roster in this league is the first 3-4 weeks. I just didnt want to be in last place come May, and for the record, I currently sit tied for 2nd with that roster, so Im pretty fired up in that regard. I feel once AROD is back and does more juice, Ill be a pretty tough out cause Im fairly decent on offense and have good solid pitching. However, I hear you on the pop at 1st Base -Im not sure Atkins has the juice, but Im hoping for .300 - 90 runs - 26 jacks - 105 rbis - 5 sb type year out of him, which would make me happy. I'm already starting to put out feelers on bigger bats, so good thought by you.

In regard to my starting pitching, I tend to ONLY draft NL pitchers (specifically targeting NL WEST, when possible). I'm bullish on Haren (I had #3 on my board overall in the SP category behind Lincey and Santana). For the record, I really wanted Chad Billingsley as my #2 pitcher as opposed to Oswalt, but he got taken right before I drafted. Im a huge CBILL fan this year, and wouldnt be surprised to see him compete for the NL CY Young with Haren. I tend to NOT draft AL starting pitching except if I get value for them. I targeted both Greinke and Danks late and rostered them last year, so I know what they are capable of and was fine with them where I landed them this year. Im gonna try and trade Greinke + 1 right now for CBILL, btw. I think Vazquez is gonna be dynamite once the ATL bats start clicking and they get their bullpen settled. In my projections overall, I think 200k, 15+ win seasons are within reach for Haren, Vazquez, Cain, Greinke...Oswalt and Danks will come just shy of that. Kawakami is a wild-card, but I love Japanese pitchers first time thru the league and especially in the NL. He's missed a lot of bats so far in the early going.

As it relates to Relievers, I was targeting both Marmol and Broxton as my 2 closers in the later rounds. I was not able to snag Broxton (unfortuntaely), but was able to grab Marmol, then cuffed him with Gregg just to make sure. I grabbed Qualls later and just to make sure cuffed him with Tony Pena, who is ready to close... in my opinion. Again, the format of my league rewards HOLDS-so anyway you look at the "closer", it was a good idea anyways to get all 4 of these pitchers. I just wanted the xtra security so I drafted as such. To your point, I too dont draft closers early - but I thought Marmol/Gregg, Qualls/Pena and especially Broxton were going far too late, so I bit. Im a proponent of "value plays" and always feel you can get similar Closer value 4-5 rounds later as opposed to taking Papelbon, Nathan, etc. in the 5th-7th round... With the middle relievers, again -I tend to focus on NL relievers that have decent closers behind them as to not "blow" their holds or on middles that have a shot at taking over the closer role. Love Madson, Pena and Marmol- just so happens I drafted 3 of those "almost closer" types in Chris Perez, Chris Ray, Leo Nunez (who I traded away recently). I think Im decent at closer, however- I like to have 3 legit/solid closers in this format, but hopefully Ray or Perez might be servicable closers in a month or so.

I think you nailed my glaring weakness, which is steals. But, I typically do not endorse rostering 2 category guys like a Bonafacio, Carlos Gomez or Juan Pierre types. Rather, I go for the 4-5 category youth upsides to try and give me 20-25 steals from a few different positions. Guys like Braun, AROD, Rios, McLouth and Weeks will likely give me around 20 steals, but I think Im very light in the steals department and have no real burners, so that needs to be addressed at some point or punted all together, which I dont like to do either.

Again, I do appreciate the thoughts and take, I wanted to explain what I thought about when drafting the guys I did and justify some of my "draft logic" to you.... Im going to look at your team now and get back to you with a post and my takes...

- bc
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