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How much do I need to win?

How much do I need to win?

Postby mateo150 » Sun Apr 19, 2009 5:12 pm

I'm curious how many HR's wins the category, etc...I'm a rookie and was kind of roped into playing...but I'll give it an honest go now.

Its a 12 person roto league. 11 scoring categories:

HR's, RBI, SB, Runs, OBP, SLG, W, S, K's, ERA, WHIP

1250 inning limit. There's a 162 per position limit.

12 hitting roster spots and 8 pitching roster spots:

8 regular fielding slots plus middle infielder, corner infielder, utility player, and an extra outfielder.

2 starting pitcher slots, 2 relief slots, 4 pitcher slots that can be either starter or reliever.

I did a spreadsheet with my players and estimated their numbers based on past production/grapevine production and I'll end up with the following numbers:

Runs: 1207
HR's: 314
RBI: 1110
SB: 153
OBP: 365
SLG: 479
Wins: 74
Saves: 88
K's: 1123
ERA: 3.477
WHIP: 1.214

Are those enough? Someone told me that 250 HR's is good. I think I'm low on SB's, maybe I should trade Prince Fielder on my team for some SB's since I'd still have plenty of HR's to win the category. Thing is, I don't know what good year end fantasy numbers are.

Can anyone help fill me in?
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