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Josh Beckett Suspended

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Re: Josh Beckett Suspended

Postby walkoffblast » Sat Apr 18, 2009 5:06 pm

angels7777 wrote:
loyal_bushie wrote:
angels7777 wrote:
It's also common knowledge that if a pitcher does not let up in the middle of his windup, he should be able to throw the ball somewhere near the plate and not a few inches from a guys head.... Josh Beckett is making himself look like a Roger Clemens-type punk IMO with blatant crap like that...

either way, you guys have an opinion, but obviously the league agrees with my opinion ;-D

This is not to defend Beckett, but I really don't think it's "common knowledge that if a pitcher does not let up..., he should be able to throw the ball somewhere near the plate." Every time I've seen a pitcher continue his motion when timeout is called, the ball typically flies off pretty erratically, often ending up near the backstop. The idea is that when a pitcher is in the middle of the wind up and all of a sudden the ump yells "TIME!," this catches the pitcher off guard, and, if he then continues his pitch (which he is supposed to do), then almost assuredly the pitcher will have less control of where the ball will fly.

so your saying that a ball flying inches from a guy's head was a coincidence?

You're right, I used the wrong choice of words in"somewhere near the plate", but the ball ended up inches from Abreu's head.... he could have thrown the pitch over the backstop or 20 feet outside or in the other dugout, but it was blatantly thrown in the direction of the batter at head level...... how many other pitchers in the history of baseball have been in the middle of a wind up, the batter called time out, and then threw a pitch inches from a guy's head? I am willing to bet rarely if at all.... the fact of the matter is that if every other pitcher in baseball can keep it away from a guy's head after a timeout is called, then why can't Beckett, who is widely known as one of the top pitchers in the game? Plus over the last 2 years Beckett has walked 34 and 40 batters respectively so it's not as if he is some rookie struggling with his control....

bottom line: Beckett did not like Abreu calling timeout, he threw at him intentionally, and he got suspended...

Inches is misleading. It was at least a foot away. Did you even watch the replay? It did disrupt his delivery some. How is there no let up on an mph that is less than what he normally throws? What about motivation? Why hit a guy in the head for calling time? Ummm he is a hot head but not that psycho. Its an important close game he has no reason to injure abreu. Your definition of blatant is quite odd. It was so "blatant" that the only people in the ballpark who thought it was malicious were the angels and their fans. The people there who were payed to be objective had no problem with it.
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Re: Josh Beckett Suspended

Postby angels7777 » Sat Apr 18, 2009 5:54 pm

If this is the case, then why did the benches clear and Beckett get suspended if no one on the field had any objection or problem with it? It seems to me that quite a few people objected to it, including the league.
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Re: Josh Beckett Suspended

Postby Matthias » Sun Apr 19, 2009 12:49 pm

Matthias wrote:
smalls2598 wrote:
Rance Mulliniks wrote:He's appealed so he won't be out until the appeal is heard (and if he loses).

and it won't be heard until the Red Sox are in New York, which is beginning of May. So looks like he should be safe to start for the next few weeks, at least

Not necessarily. Players will often raise an appeal and then drop it and accept the suspension when it's convenient in the schedule for them to serve it.

Beckett has dropped his appeal and will serve a 5-game suspension per the Boston Globe.
Josh Beckett ended his appeal and accepted a five-game suspension at the behest of the Red Sox, a decision he disagreed with because he feels he would be proven innocent. Beckett, who had been appealing a six-league suspension levied by Major League Baseball, wanted to go ahead with a hearing, but the Red Sox told him to accept the five games because it will end the matter and not significantly affect Boston's starting rotation.
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