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Vengeful or Stupid?

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Postby Guest » Thu Mar 11, 2004 10:31 pm

9er Fan wrote:Heh. No offense, but your trade offers are pretty rediculous. Lots of owners get pissed off when you lowball them. They feel like you are insulting their intelligence.

Your comment: "I know this isn't a good offer, but I wanted to see if he would bite" is not the kind of thinking that will lead to lots of trades being made in your league.

W/ him though too, he may have an inflated sense of positional scarcity 'inflating' his perceived values, like 'Furcal's a top 5 Shortstop, what the hell? Beckett's barely in the top 20 as a SP. And relievers are A LOT harder to come by than SP so what gives w/ not wanting Mantei?" If he has an inkling that you NEED these positions, he's not totally whacked for thinking you'd 'give up' some absolute value to make up for the 'positional surplus' at the positions you are trading.

Another possibility might be like in our group, who don't necessarily get 'pissed' but stupid trade offers became kind of an artistic form of trash talking last year. It kind of prevented trading from being as useful a tool as it could have been but made for a lot of fun!

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