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12 teamer: Offense yay! Pitching :(

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12 teamer: Offense yay! Pitching :(

Postby imnottheonly » Wed Apr 01, 2009 10:42 pm

My team helps me please:

C- Russell Martin
1B-Prince Fielder
2B-Howie Kendrick
SS-Troy Tulowitzki
3B-David Wright
OF-Alfonso Soriano
OF-Carl Crawford
OF-Nate Mclouth
UTL-Vernon Wells

BN-Kaz Matsui, Adam Lind, Clint Barmes

Pitching oye:
SP- Chad Billingsley
SP- Yovanni Gollardo
RP- Joel Hanrahan
RP-Chris Ray
P: Javier Vasquez
P-Zack Grienke
P- Brad Ziegler
BN-Brandon Morrow
BN-Brett Myers

Helps I need it. What can I fix who can afford to trade what pitchers should I target. Well at least I have upside.
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Re: 12 teamer: Offense yay! Pitching :(

Postby shoelessjoetara » Wed Apr 01, 2009 10:48 pm

You may not have a typical ace pitcher but that doesn't matter to me. Besides they only pitch 1-2 times a week. The guys you have can pitch just as much and pitch on really good teams which will get that pitcher wins and that is the only category that he is not in control of if he is pitching great. The whip, ERA and k is the only cats he is control of. By the way, AWESOME OFFENSE. Please help me

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Re: 12 teamer: Offense yay! Pitching :(

Postby letter18 » Wed Apr 01, 2009 10:59 pm

wow, from the topic, I expected you to have jeremey guthrie and daniel cabrera on the roster..

the pitching is...pretty solid. Aside from brett myers who will only let you down... see if you can pck a 5th starter off the wire...

other than that... I think vernon wells is tremendously overatted anyway, and now with injury.... i might stay away from him... howie kendrick is a guy who scares me too, keep on eye on him.

now that devine is hurt, its possible zieger gets the job by himself which will be great for you, im not sure about hanaran, but who knows with relievers, try him out and see what you get.

Besides that, it looks like a really solid team, good job.

help with mine?

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Re: 12 teamer: Offense yay! Pitching :(

Postby Meddler » Wed Apr 01, 2009 11:28 pm

Yeah, I honestly like what you did with your pitching more than your offense. No, you didn't get a top five pitcher, but you got lots of guys who were great values later in the draft. If you weren't getting a legitimately good value on CC/Lincecum/Webb/Haren/Hamels (I exclude Santana because, though I love him being a Mets fan and all, he's never going to be a great fantasy value as early as he usually goes) I think you did exactly the right thing. You got a couple guys in the next tier (Billingsly, Gallardo) and then got two guys who are seriously undervalued (Vazquez, Greinke, which is amazing considering how long Greinke has been a "sleeper," but lo and behold, he's still undervalued). I don't like Myers much, but he's fine as your fifth starter, and he plays on a good enough team to have a nice chance of getting lots of wins. You're obviously weak in RP, but that's nothing to panic about before the season starts. RP is so volatile, it doesn't take much to pick up the pace by just paying attention to the waiver wire in-season.

The offense I'm not crazy about, but I don't hate it either. After Wright, Soriano, Martin, and McClouth you don't have a lot of multi-category guys, and none of those guys are particularly great values at their ADPs (obviously, Wright's a stud, but its hard to be a good value pick in the first round unless he fell past the 5th overall pick, which almost never happens). But you are balanced and seem to be above average in every category. You just didn't get any really great value picks on the offensive side, and it shows up a bit in your depth. You're MIs are on the weaker side, though they both have upside, and I'm not too crazy about Wells or anyone on your bench.

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