DUMP MARMOL ? Help tear apart my team plz

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DUMP MARMOL ? Help tear apart my team plz

Post by JoshuaHavok »

Hey Everybody, So I'm in a head to head small 6 team mixed league. This is my list and i'm just throwing it out here so u guys can tear it apart. I get 25 moves for the season and just wondering if some of the talent availabel may be a better fit. Thanks everyone.
C - joe mauer
1B - albert pujols
2B - alexie ramirez
3B - chone figgins
SS - jimmy rollins
Lf - jay bruce______________SP - brandon webb
CF- carlos beltran___________SP - Jake peavy
RF - nick markakis__________SP - James Shields
Util- adam dunn____________RP - jonathon papelbon
BN - mike aviles____________RP - joe nathan
BN - chris davis_____________RP - Carlos Marmol
___________________________P - javier vazquez
__________________________BN - zack greinke
__________________________BN - max scherzer
__________________________BN - chad qualls
changes in general for any players ? Marmol just got told hes the number two so is it worth it to pick the closer kevin gregg? maybe houston steet, brandon lyon, lindstrom, villanueva, zeigler or others hhahaha, any opinions?
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Re: DUMP MARMOL ? Help tear apart my team plz

Post by shoelessjoetara »

Definately pick up Gregg but hold on to Marmol. I would drop Scherzer. Great team by the way. Please help me

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