Just finished how did I do WHIR

If you're looking for input and advice on the team you just drafted, post your roster here.

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Just finished how did I do WHIR

Post by shoelessjoetara »

14 team mixed roto league. I agree that I don't have the typical "Ace Pitcher" but I drafted knowing that I was not targeting that type of pitcher. Billingsley, Verlander, Cain and Baker are not pitchers with name recognition but they do provide solid K, ERA and WHIP. I feel drafting a pitcher with a high win projection is a crapshoot simply because if the team he plays for can't score runs, he won't get wins. Bills, Verlander and Baker can win games because there teams are competitive. The wildcard is Escobar because of his upside if he is healthy. If he comes back healthy he will give me another pitcher in the same value of the four already stated. I also like Owings because of his dynamite stuff. He was injured last year but early in the season he was solid and looks to be pitching great in spring training.

C Chris Iannetta
1B Lance Berkman
2B Robinson Cano
3B David Wright
SS Jhonny Peralta
OF Nick Markakis
OF Matt Kemp
OF Jayson Werth
CI Pablo Sandavol
MI Jose Lopez
DH Andre Ethier
SP Chad Billingsley
SP Justin Verlander
SP Matt Cain
SP Scott Baker
SP Gil Meche
SP Kelvim Escobar
SP Micah Owings
SP James McDonald
SP David Purcey
SP Dave Bush
RP Mike Gonzalez
RP Heath Bell
RP Brandon Lyon
BN David Dejesus
BN Daniel Murphy
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Re: Just finished how did I do WHIR

Post by Wintersnighttraveler »

Starting Pitching looks very good. Your middle infield is weak. I'm not sold at all on Cano.

You could shop some starting pitching for a better SS/2B or at least better depth at the position.
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Roster Information: ESPN 12 Team Roto Keeper League Auction style Draft

C-Geo Soto c $13
C-Kurt Suzuki c $6
1B-Adrian Gonzalez 1b $24
2B-Richie Weeks 2b $15
3B-Chase Headley 3b $5
SS-Jimmy Rollins ss $14
MI-Omar Infante 2b,3b,of $Free Agent (keep for $5)
CI-Mitch Moreland $6
OF-Shin-Soo Choo of $12
OF-Colby Rasmus of $12
OF-Delmon Young of $13
OF-Cameron Maybin of $6
OF-Alex Gordon of $1
UT-Neil Walker 2b $8
BN-Jed Lowrie $Free Agent (keep for $5)
BN-Raul Ibanez of $Free Agent (keep for $5)
BN-Bryce Harper of $5

P-David Price $19
P-Chad Billingsley $11
P-Matt Garza $7
P-Tim Hudson $7
P-Brian Matusz $3
P-Edison Volquez $6
P-Brett Myers $8
P-Chris Perez RP $6
P-Fransico Rodriguez RP $9
DL-Stephen Strasburg $3

Kyle Drabek SP
Aaron Crow SP
Grant Green SS
Wil Myers c/OF
Miguel Sano SS/3B

Re: Just finished how did I do WHIR

Post by Padres Fan »

I am opposite I think your MI is okay, pretty balanced, no true ace with your starters so you might be scraping for Pitching points.

please comment on mine?
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Re: Just finished how did I do WHIR

Post by thatdamtom »

Pitching as a whole seems weak.

Mike Gonzalez as your #1 closer? not good.

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Re: Just finished how did I do WHIR

Post by taw856 »

You've got a lot of players I'm personally down on, but putting aside my unfounded hunches, it doesn't look like an awful roster for a 14-team league. I'm with the above posters on places to target ... better pitching and maybe some middle infield depth. Always prefer to stand pat and work the waiver wire the first few weeks though if you can help it, and I don't think you have the type of roster with blatant holes where you NEED an immediate deal.
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Re: Just finished how did I do WHIR

Post by letter18 »

Decent squad here, I would imagine anything beyond 12 teams is probably rough. Still I have some serious concerns about your pitching specifically the back end.

You don't have an ace... and I think that is important, But i like cain and baker a lot this year... But you need some work on filling those last two spots... could you post up your ww? that might help.

I am always the guy who thinks "This" might be Robinson Cano's year. He seems to be more patient and hitting some more hr's in spring(for what that's worth) I think he'll have a decent year.

however, you are in desperate need of help in the corners... post up your wavier wire and lets see what we can do.

As far as your closer situation.... i'm of the belief that you don't really need much more than a warm body in the 9th. Relievers fluctuate so much from year to year there is almost no telling how good a guy will be from one season to the next.(valverde, gagne, al reyes... etc) And even if the perifirils do hurt you a bit... your closers most likely wont pitch more than a combined 80-90 inn... compare that to the 600+ innings your SP's will give you,(depending on how many pitchers you use) and youll see it wont make that much of an impact...

as long as your starters are up to snuff(which, with some work, they can be) I wouldn't worry about the closer spot so much
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Re: Just finished how did I do WHIR

Post by junkstuff »

your team is decent but not great. peralta at SS would not be my first choice and neither would kemp or werth as my startign outfield. I do like the infield. Your pitching is very strong. You have a lot of pitchers who throw deep into games and get a lot ok K's. However, your walks and WHIP might be high. I don't think your RP is too bad. I like closers on bad teams because they usually rack up a lot of saves because their teams play a lot of close games (aka Brian Wilson or Joakim Soria). I might try and pick up another closer or trade for one. Look out for more offensive depth.
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Roster Information: 12 teams H2H Keeper 5x5 standard cats 8 man keeper
5th Year

C-McCann (K)
1B-Pujols (K)
OF-Holliday(K), Cruz (K), Quentin
BN - Lind, Wells
DL -Longoria

SP-Lincecum (K), Hanson (K), Kuroda, Dempster, E. Santana, Lohse, Bumgardner, Shields
RP- Fuentes, Lyon, Ardsma, Bailey
RP- Rauch, Capps, Wood

Re: Just finished how did I do WHIR

Post by wcwcheng »

Thanks for the help on mine.

Your offense looks good, especially for a 14 team league. You have power up and down the line-up. Good speed with Kemp, Wright, and Markakis.
I wouldn't worry too much about your closers, I've never been the one to overpay on closers. The three you have are serviceable.
Outside of Cain, Billingsley, Verlander, and Baker the staff drops off a bit. I'd look to see if Hanson or Zimmerman are on the wire. I think they'd be better than owings, purcey, or bush.
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Re: Just finished how did I do WHIR

Post by ibsuckssobad08 »

i agree think the pitching doesnt have the balance needed ... your hitting is strong but maybe look to find that true #1 for your team
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Re: Just finished how did I do WHIR

Post by shoelessjoetara »

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