H2H Just Drafted, WHIR

If you're looking for input and advice on the team you just drafted, post your roster here.

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Roster Information: Scoring: Fantasy Points League

Runs Scored (R) 1
Base Hit (H) 1
Double (2B) 1
Triple (3B) 2
Home Run (HR) 3
Runs Batted In (RBI) 1
Walks (BB) 1
Strike Out (SO) -1
Hit by Pitch (HBP) 1
Stolen Base (SB) 2
Caught Stealing (CS) -1
Error (E) -1
Sacrifice (Sac) 1
Hit for the Cycle (HC) 5

Each 1/3 Inning Pitched (IP) 1
Wins (W) 10
Loss (L) -5
Save (S) 10
Blown Save (BS) -5
Hit (H) -1
Walks (BB) -1
Strike Out (SO) 1
Complete Game (CG) 5
Complete Game Shutout (CGSO) 10
Earned Runs Allowed (ER) -1
Wild Pitch (WP) -1
Error (E) -1
Hit Batter (HB) -1
Balk (BK) -1
Complete Game No Hitter (CGNO) 20
Perfect Game (PG) 30

H2H Just Drafted, WHIR

Post by ROC AllStars »

This league is a H2H with these categories:

Hitters: AVG, OPS, RBI, K, TB, R, SB
Pitchers: IP, ERA, W, BAA, K, SVHD

My Team:

C: Ramon Hernandez
1B: Joey Votto
2B: Ian Kinsler
3B: David Wright
SS: Stephen Drew
OF: Carlos Beltran
OF: Curtis Granderson
OF: Jacoby Ellsbury
UTIL: Andre Eithier
BN: Chris Young
BN: Jim Thome
BN: Kurt Suzuki

SP: Dan Haren
SP: Chad Billingsley
SP: Javier Vasquez
SP: Ryan Dempster
SP: Ervin Santana
RP: Jonathan Broxton
RP: Mike Gonzalez
RP: Kevin Gregg
RP: George Sherill
RP: Chad Qualls

The live draft froze on me and I ended up with Young and Thome before I could log back in. I don't see a major role for either of them right now. I also think I have one too many RPs. We can get up to four in the starting rotation on a weekly basis. The other obvious weekness here is the C position. I was about to nab Ianetta and Nolasco when the computer muck-up happened. Oh well. Santana should start the season on the DL, so I gain a spot there. I can also pick up one more DL player. Any thoughts on where to go from here?

Thanks in advance, leave a link.
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Roster Information: ESPN 12 Team Roto Keeper League Auction style Draft

C-Geo Soto c $13
C-Kurt Suzuki c $6
1B-Adrian Gonzalez 1b $24
2B-Richie Weeks 2b $15
3B-Chase Headley 3b $5
SS-Jimmy Rollins ss $14
MI-Omar Infante 2b,3b,of $Free Agent (keep for $5)
CI-Mitch Moreland $6
OF-Shin-Soo Choo of $12
OF-Colby Rasmus of $12
OF-Delmon Young of $13
OF-Cameron Maybin of $6
OF-Alex Gordon of $1
UT-Neil Walker 2b $8
BN-Jed Lowrie $Free Agent (keep for $5)
BN-Raul Ibanez of $Free Agent (keep for $5)
BN-Bryce Harper of $5

P-David Price $19
P-Chad Billingsley $11
P-Matt Garza $7
P-Tim Hudson $7
P-Brian Matusz $3
P-Edison Volquez $6
P-Brett Myers $8
P-Chris Perez RP $6
P-Fransico Rodriguez RP $9
DL-Stephen Strasburg $3

Kyle Drabek SP
Aaron Crow SP
Grant Green SS
Wil Myers c/OF
Miguel Sano SS/3B

Re: H2H Just Drafted, WHIR

Post by Padres Fan »

Suzuki is a sleeper pick this year, I liek Young 30/30 potential and his BA should hover around .250-.260 this year, Thome I would drop for a good batter, so Thome doesn't bring your BA down, I like your starters, even if you kept Gonzalez and Broxton you should be steady in saves, but I would keep Qualls as well since Gregg and Sherill do have other options breathing down their neck (Marmol,Ray), I would trade them while their value is high, the only needs I see for you even though he is good is another 1B, in case Votto has a sophmore slump maybe Package Gregg, Sherrill and Young for a Adrian Gonzalez and either a pitcher or outfielder.

please comment on mine?
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Roster Information: TEAM 1. CBS 29 PLAYER 5X5 ROTO Redraft

Posada, Jorge C
Shoppach, Kelly C
Pujols, Albert 1B
Phillips, Brandon 2B
Atkins, Garrett 3B
Renteria, Edgar SS
Sanchez, Freddy 2B
Reynolds, Mark 3B
Holliday, Matt LF
Markakis, Nick RF
Rios, Alex RF
Suzuki, Ichiro RF
Victorino, Shane CF
Wells, Vernon CF

Chamberlain, Joba SP
Floyd, Gavin SP
Garland, Jon SP
Hughes, Phil SP
Percival, Troy RP
Price, David SP TB
Rodriguez, Francisco J. RP
Samardzija, Jeff RP
Saunders, Joe SP

Reserve Batters
Kouzmanoff, Kevin
Damon, Johnny
Drew, J.D. RF
Gomez, Carlos CF
Pierre, Juan LF
Young, Chris

Re: H2H Just Drafted, WHIR

Post by amarlls »

Ya id say try to deal Sherril and Gregg while their value is high as i think theyll lose their jobs soon. Maybe package them with young or Thome for another solid pitcher or SS, 1B, U option. Thanks for your help
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Re: H2H Just Drafted, WHIR

Post by Wintersnighttraveler »

I agree with most of what has been said. I like Votto a lot but you need some depth at 1B.

Someone in your league should be desperate for closers. Shop them around for 1B.

check mine out

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Re: H2H Just Drafted, WHIR

Post by shoelessjoetara »

I think you took care of all the categories in your league and are well balanced . You should be there in the end. Good Luck Please help me

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Re: H2H Just Drafted, WHIR

Post by sigriffey »

I like everything, but consider dealing Sherill as mentioned above...
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Re: H2H Just Drafted, WHIR

Post by MrE »

I don't think you have to move Sherril or Gregg considering your league counts holds as well. I probably would try and move them to the Marmol and Ray owners respectively.

Offensively, I think you are fine. Initially, I thought you needed a big bat, but without homeruns and instead with TB, you will probably be ahead of the curve. I would probably try to deal Young and Hernandez for an improvement at catcher as Young is going to kill your OPS/AVG category.
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