12 team keeper

If you're looking for input and advice on the team you just drafted, post your roster here.

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Curtis Pride
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12 team keeper

Post by Curtis Pride »

Year 4. I won the last three seasons.
5x5 league with OPS instead of BA

Paranthetical is the round I drafted (*kept) them. Each team had 6 keepers which takes a lot of talent out of the pool which is why guys like Jeter, Ankiel, and Peralta seemed to get drafted way too early.

Ca: Soto (13*)
1B: Teixeira (1)
2B: Weeks (9)
SS: Jeter (5)
MI: Peralta (6)
3B: Chipper (4)
CI: Berkman (2)
LF: Ankiel (8)
CF: BJ Upton (11*)
RF: Bruce (27*)
UT: McLouth (17*)
UT: Spilboroughs (18)
Bench: Nick Johnson (20), Glaus (19), Schumaker (23)

SP: Beckett (3), Bedard (7), Shields (12*), Josh Johnson (15*), Jon Sanchez (16), Gallagher (22), JA Happ (26)
RP: Marmol (10), Street (14), Villanueva (21), Chris Perez (25)

I DEFINITELY need closers. No doubt.
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Re: 12 team keeper

Post by letter18 »

I think your lineup is weak in a few spots. I don't expect Rickie weeks to do much of anything... he gets on base a ton(considering he dosen't hit) but he has a terrible slugging pct... thats really gonna drag down your ops. He may give you double digits in steals and hrs... but not more then maybe 20/14 respectively. Plus its been a while since he's played a full season, who knows how he will react.

Also, in a league where avg isn't a cat i'm not so sure I like jeter. Dosen't really have power... pretty standard obp and decent slugging but i'm just not sure... he may keep you competitive in ops, but his only real standout category you are using is hits, and think of all the categories you are sacraficing.

for my money, a healthy nick johnson(provided he is healthy) is in my lineup every day... he is a monstrous OBP guy with avg to above average slugging and 20+ hr power and he can hit... I like him a lot if he is healthy

you have a lot of young pitchers with a ton of upside.... my only concern would be Beckett's health.If he goes down, you don't really have an anchor, and that can get you into trouble.

check out mine?

I know it sounds like I am being harsh... but I really do like this team, just a couple of adjustment areas and I feel this could be a top team. You may be thinking a guy like Rickie weeks will take off if he gets out and plays a full season, i'm not sure personally
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Beginner: No
Roster Information: 10-team Yahoo! H2H mixed league
Hitting Cats: H/AB, R, H, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS
Pitching Cats: IP, W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP, QS

C - Salvador Perez
1B - Joey Votto
2B - Ian Kinsler
3B - Will Middlebrooks
SS - Ben Zobrist
OF - Shin-Soo Choo
OF - Josh Willingham
OF - Nelson Cruz
UTIL - Nick Markakis
UTIL - Lance Berkman
DL - Aramis Ramirez

SP - Felix Hernandez
SP - Adam Wainwright
RP - Joe Nathan
RP - Jim Henderson
P - Chris Sale
P - Mitchell Boggs
P - Kyuji Fujikawa
P - R.A. Dickey
BN - Josh Johnson
BN - Jeremy Hellickson
BN - Dillon Gee
BN - Clay Buchholz
BN - Jose Fernandez

Re: 12 team keeper

Post by Dave8603 »

I agree with the above guy about Rickie Weeks. I would look to upgrade there. Also agree that you could try to find another ace for your rotation but I think out of Bedard, Johnson and Sanchez, someone should emerge as a top end of the rotation guy. I'm not a big Bruce fan. I had him last year, he started off red hot (obviously) then ended striking out way too much. He's a free swinging guy with Dunn type hr power who gets on base way less. The fact that OPS is a cat here instead of AVG helps you, but I think if you go after one more big bat for either 2nd or OF and possibly another SP you should be set. Thanks for the help with mine.
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Roster Information: C-J. Bard
1b-P. Konerko
2b-B. Roberts
SS-J. Peralta
3b-A. Ramirez
OF-C. Beltran
OF-C. Lee
OF-A. Jones
Util.F. Thomas
Util. J. Cust
Util. R. Ibanez
Bn.P. Feliz
Bn.J. Pierre
Bn.I. Rodriguez

Re: 12 team keeper

Post by A's_fan »

yeah definitely try to upgrade over weekes, pitching looks fine other then the closer part where you mentioned
overall i think the team looks decent
Curtis Pride
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Re: 12 team keeper

Post by Curtis Pride »

I'm surrpised you guys all hate Weeks. I was actually really happy with him in the 9th round (which is actually like the 14th.)

Even if he is what he is, I drafted him as the 10th 2b off the board. He was a top 12 2b with my leagues settings last year. So even if we assume more of the same, I should be in good shape.

Plus, I have Schumaker on my bench as a backup plan - and he should get eligibility two weeks in.

Thanks for the feedback guys.
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