How does this look? WHIR!

If you're looking for input and advice on the team you just drafted, post your roster here.

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SS-C. Guillen

How does this look? WHIR!

Post by ragged25 »

9 man league 22 players pretty standard with 2 UTIL

10 FA pickups a year, no trades.

One team autodrafted and didn't draft any closers while another GM decided to punt saves as well right off the bat.

C - R. Martin
1B - D. Lee
2B - I. Kinsler
SS - S. Drew
3B - A. Huff
OF - A. Rios
OF - R. Braun
OF - C. Hart
UTIL - D. Ortiz
UTIL - C. Pena

SP - C. Hamels
SP - R. Oswalt
RP - J. Papelbon
RP - M. Rivera
P - S. Kazmir
P - S. Baker
P - D. Lowe

BN - J. Devine
BN - H. Bell
BN - B. Myers
BN - J. Motte
BN - F. Francisco

As you can see, I decided not to have any bench players to start because I'm banking on a couple of my Closers to step up and keep their jobs. If they don't I will toss them. I have my concerns with AVG and HRs, let me know what you guys think.
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Roster Information: C-J. Bard
1b-P. Konerko
2b-B. Roberts
SS-J. Peralta
3b-A. Ramirez
OF-C. Beltran
OF-C. Lee
OF-A. Jones
Util.F. Thomas
Util. J. Cust
Util. R. Ibanez
Bn.P. Feliz
Bn.J. Pierre
Bn.I. Rodriguez

Re: How does this look? WHIR!

Post by A's_fan »

thats a really good looking team
solid offense and solid pitching
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Re: How does this look? WHIR!

Post by spike095 »

Solid, and given that you have 10 pickups a year, I would stay put for now. I refuse to have Huff on any team, so I may be a bit biased. :P
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Re: How does this look? WHIR!

Post by Carnac »

solid team. don't rate until a few weeks have gone by, then if there is a gem get him

good luck

thanks for help with mine
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Roster Information: Scoring: Fantasy Points League

Runs Scored (R) 1
Base Hit (H) 1
Double (2B) 1
Triple (3B) 2
Home Run (HR) 3
Runs Batted In (RBI) 1
Walks (BB) 1
Strike Out (SO) -1
Hit by Pitch (HBP) 1
Stolen Base (SB) 2
Caught Stealing (CS) -1
Error (E) -1
Sacrifice (Sac) 1
Hit for the Cycle (HC) 5

Each 1/3 Inning Pitched (IP) 1
Wins (W) 10
Loss (L) -5
Save (S) 10
Blown Save (BS) -5
Hit (H) -1
Walks (BB) -1
Strike Out (SO) 1
Complete Game (CG) 5
Complete Game Shutout (CGSO) 10
Earned Runs Allowed (ER) -1
Wild Pitch (WP) -1
Error (E) -1
Hit Batter (HB) -1
Balk (BK) -1
Complete Game No Hitter (CGNO) 20
Perfect Game (PG) 30

Re: How does this look? WHIR!

Post by ROC AllStars »

Looks solid enough for now. You have no obvious holes in your hitters. DLee won't post 30 HR for you, but he's still more than servicable. I think you're in better shape than you seem to think you are as far as AVG goes. I see Huff taking major steps backwards in this, as well as other, categories, but only Pena is a low average guy besides Aubrey. Be prepared for Hart's typical slow start, but I would expect you to be very competetive each week in AVG. You could use another SP, I have little faith in Lowe, and I'm not sold on Kazmir's ability to stay healthy or keep his BB total down. But given that you only have 10 moves to work with, I would stay put. Good luck!

Help if you can:
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Re: How does this look? WHIR!

Post by Wintersnighttraveler »

If Hamels comes back healthy your SP's is great.

Your offense seems to have a few guys who are streaky. If they're hot at the same time you're unstoppable, if they're cold it won't be fun looking at the box scores.
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Re: How does this look? WHIR!

Post by junkstuff »

I like your team. I wouldn't worry too much about home runs because you do have braun plus pena and ortiz on your util. i like how you used your bench spots for only pitchers. If you want another big hitter in your lineup, you might want to try to trade one of your relievers and/or starters for a home run hitter.

please rate my team!
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Re: How does this look? WHIR!

Post by shoelessjoetara »

I think you have a lot of power but you may need to add some speed. If Hamels gets healthy you have a top notch pitching staff. Please help me

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