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Trying to win 5X5 w/ just pitching and bags...

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Trying to win 5X5 w/ just pitching and bags...

Postby raysfan4life » Mon Mar 30, 2009 6:23 pm

O.K., so this is a new post about a subject I've already posted about. Doing this one for two reasons - provide update of recent draft, and respond to the many opinions I read on previous post.

First, here's strategy - I'm in an ESPN, 5X5 Head to Head. League is set up so that in the weekly H2H match-up, whoever wins the majority of the categories for the week gets a W, and the loser gets an L. In other words, you don't win 9-1 or 6-4 in terms of total categories won. Win the majority, you win the week.

Here's short version of my philosophy I'm testing this year. Not sure I completely believe in it yet...really just did it to do something different, and see if it pans out.

I'm letting everyone else go after HR's and RBI's (and to a lesser extent, AVG). I am copletely disregarding these categories. I am instead going heavy after pitching (both starting and closing). I know pitching is more volatile, and less predictable, etc. That is why I'm doing this - no one goes after pitching the same way they go after hitting, so I am hoping my staff is SO strong, that even wih the uncertainty of pitching, I will have enough good arms to have a big advantage.

The one offensive category I go after is steals. Since many SB guys suck at HR and RBI (think Taveras), most other owners don't go after them til late, and I can get them cheap.

I'm trying to win SB's and all 5 pitching categories each week. I know I'll always lose HR's and RBI's and probably AVG more often than not. Hope is I'll be competitive in Runs, almost always win SB's, K's, ERA, and WHIP, and win SVs more often than not.

So, here is the roster I am going to try and do this with. Only regret is I wanted 4 Closers, only got 3. Starters are awesome.
We only get 13 starts each week, but I drafted too many starters for a reason. First, since all I'm going after is SB's on offense, I really don't ned any bench players there. If one goes down, I'll just go get another on waivers. Second, I wanted quality pitchers for all 13 starts, and don't want to rely on daily match-ups with sub-par free agents, because I'm so heavily invested in keeping WHIP and ERA down. This way, I'm likely to get 13 starts out of my 9 starters each week. Third, if I've got 9 really good starters, that's fewer for my opponents to own.

1. Johan Santana
2. Tim Lincecum
3. Roy Halladay
4. Jonathan Papelbon
5. Mariano Rivera
6. Joakim Soria
7. Cliff Lee
8. Dice-K Matsuzaka
9. Willy Taveras
10. James Shields
11. Chad Billingsley
12. Carlos Gomez
13. CoCo Crisp
14. Michael Bourn
15. Elvis Andrus
16. Brett Gardner
17. Emmanuel Burris
18. Alex Casilla
19. Nyjer Morgan
20. Carlos Guillen
21. Dioneer Navarro
22. Ervin Santana (I know he's hurt, but 22nd round! how'd he last that long?)
23. Max Scherzer
24. Casey Kotchman (for avg)
25. Melvin Mora (for avg)

Thoughts and opinions are appreciated - even if you tell me I'm a moron. I've heard worse re: this strategy - believe me!
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