Rate my team and I will rate yours

If you're looking for input and advice on the team you just drafted, post your roster here.

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Rate my team and I will rate yours

Post by junkstuff »

This is a private head to head, 12 man league, 30 roster spots:

League Stats include: R, HR, RBI, SB, K, GIDP, E, AVG, OBP, SLG, IP, W, L, SV, K, GIDP, HLD, ERA

Here is my team:
C: Geovany Soto
1B: Adrian Gonzalez
2B: Mike Aviles
3B: Aubrey Huff
SS: Troy Tulowitzki
LF: Ryan Braun
CF: Carlos Beltran
RF: Ichiro Suzuki
Util: Jacoby Ellsbury
Bench: Xavier Nady
Bench: Jason Giambi
Bench: Ken Griffey Jr
Bench: Jim Thome
Bench: Kosuke Fukudome

SP: Chien-Ming Wang
SP: Carlos Zambrano
SP: Erik Bedard
SP: Hiroki Kuroda
SP: Koji Uehara
RP: Joey Devine
RP: Joel Hanrahan
RP: Kevin Gregg
RP: Chris Ray
RP: Grant Balfour
RP: Jensen Lewis
Bench: Gil Meche
Bench: Edwin Jackson
Bench: Carl Pavano
Bench: Brad Penny
Bench: Chan Ho Park

None of the star rookies are available yet until the season starts, so that's why I don't have any. I'm thinking about getting Travis Snider or Russell Branyan but I'm wondering if I should stand pat. Is there somebody on my team that I should get rid of?? PLEASE HELP ME! I really want to win this league.

In case this helps, here is how I drafted:

1. (7) Ryan Braun
2. (18) Carlos Beltrán
3. (31) Ichiro Suzuki
4. (42) Adrián González
5. (55) Troy Tulowitzki
6. (66) Geovany Soto
7. (79) Jacoby Ellsbury
8. (90) Aubrey Huff
9. (103) Chien-Ming Wang
10. (114) Carlos Zambrano
11. (127) Erik Bedard
12. (138) Joey Devine
13. (151) Joel Hanrahan
14. (162) Mike Aviles
15. (175) Hiroki Kuroda
16. (186) Kevin Gregg
17. (199) Koji Uehara
18. (210) Grant Balfour
19. (223) Gil Meche
20. (234) Chris Ray
21. (247) Jensen Lewis
22. (258) Xavier Nady
23. (271) Jim Thome
24. (282) Kosuke Fukudome
25. (295) Joe Beimel
26. (306) Jason Giambi
27. (319) Ken Griffey Jr.
28. (330) Edwin Jackson
29. (343) Carl Pavano
30. (354) Brad Penny

In my opinion, I think it's pretty good, although the mistake I made was taking Ichiro over Matt Holliday. What do you guys think? I know there are a ton of Bench Spots but that's the way our Commish made it. So there isn't much left in terms of pitching talent. Please help! I will rate your team too.
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Roster Information: ESPN 12 Team Roto Keeper League Auction style Draft

C-Geo Soto c $13
C-Kurt Suzuki c $6
1B-Adrian Gonzalez 1b $24
2B-Richie Weeks 2b $15
3B-Chase Headley 3b $5
SS-Jimmy Rollins ss $14
MI-Omar Infante 2b,3b,of $Free Agent (keep for $5)
CI-Mitch Moreland $6
OF-Shin-Soo Choo of $12
OF-Colby Rasmus of $12
OF-Delmon Young of $13
OF-Cameron Maybin of $6
OF-Alex Gordon of $1
UT-Neil Walker 2b $8
BN-Jed Lowrie $Free Agent (keep for $5)
BN-Raul Ibanez of $Free Agent (keep for $5)
BN-Bryce Harper of $5

P-David Price $19
P-Chad Billingsley $11
P-Matt Garza $7
P-Tim Hudson $7
P-Brian Matusz $3
P-Edison Volquez $6
P-Brett Myers $8
P-Chris Perez RP $6
P-Fransico Rodriguez RP $9
DL-Stephen Strasburg $3

Kyle Drabek SP
Aaron Crow SP
Grant Green SS
Wil Myers c/OF
Miguel Sano SS/3B

Re: Rate my team and I will rate yours

Post by Padres Fan »

Pitching is a little weak, I am not tottaly sold on Soto yet and I can see Holliday putting up better than .280 25 hrs in Oakland

please comment on mine?
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Re: Rate my team and I will rate yours

Post by shoelessjoetara »

I love your team. The offense is very well balanced and your pitching is very deep. I would look into trying to grab Kelvim Escobar if he is available. He can put up solid #2 stats when he comes back Healthy. Please help me out

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Re: Rate my team and I will rate yours

Post by thatdamtom »

Your pitching is quite weak for a 12 man league.

Offense is fine.

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