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Analysis welcome for 12-team H2H (5x5, redraft); WHIR

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Analysis welcome for 12-team H2H (5x5, redraft); WHIR

Postby schmidty » Sat Mar 28, 2009 6:05 pm

Just finished up another draft. As the title says ... 12-team H2H (Yahoo), 5x5 scoring, redraft. Pretty basic stuff. I had pick 11. Here's the team (draft round and overall selection in parentheses after each player):

C: Ianetta (12.134)
1B: Votto (9.107)
2B: Kinsler (2.14)
3B: Aramis Ramirez (4.38)
SS: Rollins (1.11)
OF: Bay (3.35)
OF: Ordonez (5.59)
OF: Abreu (8.86)
Util: Torii Hunter (11.131)
Bench: Sandoval - C/1B/3B (15.179)
Bench: Felipe Lopez - 2B/3B/SS/OF (19.227)

SP: Billingsley (7.83), Nolasco (10.110), Danks (13.155), Cueto (16.182), Wandy Rodriguez (18.206), Parra (20.230), Volstad (21.251)
RP: Rivera (6.62), Capps (14.158), Motte (17.203)

Starting positions for pitchers are SP, SP, RP, RP, P, P, P. There is one DL spot.

Here is what's left on the WW (claims open 3/31)

C: AJP, R Hernandez, Shoppach
1B: LaRoche, Giambi, Jacobs, and of course the super-fantastic Ishikawa!
2B: Polanco, Hudson, Stewart
3B: Glaus, Mora, Kouz
SS: Y Escobar, Renteria
OF: Delmon Young, Crisp, Hermida, Francouer

SP: Duchscherer, J Sanchez, Pelfrey, Smoltz, Maholm, Kawakami, Buehrle, K Escobar
RP: Rodney, C Perez, all of the Seattle closer mess, and a ton of quality set-up men (Putz, Saito, R Soriano, Okajima, Shields, Madson etc)

Overall, I think I'm ok with this team. I like the hitters, and it looks balanced to me. Some speed (Rollins, Abreu, Kinsler, Hunter), some power (no monster HR hitter, but 15-30 HRs all down the lineup), solid run and/or rbi producers, no batting average drains. I think my closers are adequate for a 12-team league (especially if Motte shakes out). SP is certainly the weakest part to my eyes. As usual I held off on starting pitching, but just missed out on a lot of the guys I was targetting. So there's more "high risk" than I usually like to go with. But I think the WW will allow for improvements.

So what do you think? Additional analysis is welcome. Especially concerning how I could improve this team. I'm hoping at least one of my catchers (Ianetta or Sandoval) breaks through this year. But if both do, one could be an enticing trade chip later in the season. The last 2 SPs on my squad are really up for grabs. Kawakama in particular is calling to me ... I came really close to selecting him in the 20th and 21st rounds to begin with. Sanchez and Maholm are appealing as well ... telling Parra, Volstad, or even Wandy to hit the road is not out of the question. And there are some intriguing DL stashes (though Yahoo doesn't have anyone listed on the DL, so I'd have to eat a bench space at the moment). Everyone knows about Smoltz, and news of Kelvim's recovery is encouraging (at least until the next injury).

Leave a link and I'll answer back. And if you know me on this board, you know that I always help in return ;-D
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Re: Analysis welcome for 12-team H2H (5x5, redraft); WHIR

Postby High and Inside » Sat Mar 28, 2009 7:21 pm

Your team sucks....

J/K bro...

Yes, SP seems to be your weakest area...

You're hanging your hat on Billingsley as your ace and although he had a good year last year it was just one year, very unproven. Can he do it again, sure but I'd like to have had a true ace. Hopefully your young arms can come through ;-D

As good as middle infield as it gets...

High and Inside
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Re: Analysis welcome for 12-team H2H (5x5, redraft); WHIR

Postby RowdyRed » Sat Mar 28, 2009 7:32 pm

I'd get rid of Wandy for Sanchez, Duchsherer, Escobar, Buerhle, Kawakami....then again, I am extraordinarily low on Wandy. I think all those other guys have more upside than Wandy does....The rest of your team is OK. Your hitting is as solid as you could hope for. Your SP is clearly the biggest weakness. But you have a shot to do very well if you minimize the damage through spot starting and bringing in whoever starts off hot.

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Re: Analysis welcome for 12-team H2H (5x5, redraft); WHIR

Postby rwdiii » Sat Mar 28, 2009 8:58 pm

I love your team. I work with same strategy of waiting on SPs, and even though you may not have gotten the guys you were targeting I really like how your team turned out. Your offense is superb. I had pick 10 in my 12 team league and WISH I could have Rollins and Kinsler. You might be a little light on power but as you said I think the balance is excellent.

For your SPs it's nice that you have some room to work aka, drop one of the underperformers to try and catch someone breaking out/ re-emerging like Cliff Lee last year. I'm really feeling Maholm this year for some reason and have him on my watch list as well. That being said, if a couple of your SPs do realize their potential this year you will be sitting pretty.

Thank you VERY much for your analysis on my team and for helping with the formatting as well. You were definitely right about the prospecting for RPs :)
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