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need opinions on my team ($3,700 for 1st place)

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need opinions on my team ($3,700 for 1st place)

Postby JoePCT » Fri Mar 27, 2009 10:46 pm

11 team league... commish couldn't find a 12th owner. I had the 11th pick of the draft. Here's my roster. Any opinions would be appreciated. Thank you

1st Round- Mark Teixeira
2nd Round- Josh Hamilton
3rd Round- Jason Bay
4th Round- Brandon Phillips
5th Round- Corey Hart
6th Round- Joe Nathan
7th Round- Francisco Liriano
8th Round- Edinson Volquez
9th Round- Ryan Zimmerman
10th Round- Yovani Gallardo
11th Round- Jayson Werth
12th Round- Ricky Nolasco
13th Round- Chad Qualls
14th Round- Chris Iannetta
15th Round- Coco Crisp
16th Round- Jason Giambi
17th Round- Heath Bell
18th Round- Pablo Sandoval
19th Round- Gavin Floyd

The rest are Elvis Andrus, anthony Reyes, Christian Guzman, Michael Bourn and Tommy Hanson.
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Re: need opinions on my team ($3,700 for 1st place)

Postby Meddler » Sat Mar 28, 2009 2:27 am

Is it H2H or Roto? I'll just assume 5x5 roto for now. I love your approach to pitching*. You got some really great bargains there, especially in terms of overall value, but I'd be a bit concerned about my WHIP. None of your starters scream "nice WHIP" when I look at them. Volquez might improve further. Liriano might continue to bounce back. Gallardo might bounce back. Nolasco's breakout may have been for real. And Floyd might post another WHIP 0.20 below his career mark. None of those are givens though, some aren't even particularly likely. But you look like you're great in the other four categories. Nolasco in the 12th is a really nice value, I'm ready to buy into him if he can keep himself healthy again. So is Gallardo in the 10th.

Offensively, the obvious hole is SS. But I think how you handle this is predicated by how you handle your outfield.

Forgetting SS for a second, your biggest weakness offensively is going to be SB. I really like Werth and Hart, but neither of them is going to swipe more than 20-25 bags. You'll get about 10 apiece from Hamilton and Bay. Even though Hart and Werth were nice value picks, its hard to start them over Hamilton or Bay. Tex and Zimmerman, your corner INF, don't run at all. Phillips will get you 20-30 as well, but he's not a burner. Without a burner in there somewhere, or sacrificing Bay's power to get both Hart and Werth in your lineup, you're behind by quite a bit here.

But this just the beginning, I really like what you did here and its going to take some careful management, but you have lots of viable choices. If you manage some nice early season maneuvering you should be in great shape in all five offensive categories.

First, there's obviously SS. Guzman is pretty useless for you. He doesn't run much, and even if he manages another high AVG, you have plenty of that already. Andrus is interesting, even if all he gives you is 30 SB, that goes a long way to helping your speed while keeping Hart or Werth on your bench. That alone would give you a quality offense.

The more gutsy approach to this situation, however, would be to find a way to trade your outfield surplus for a better SS. Coco Crisp is an interesting Wild Card here. If he could steal 30-40 bases for KC, you'll have lots of options (even if he doesn't, you still have Bourn, but I like Crisp and the rest of the KC offense a bit better). My gut says your best option will probably be to trade Hart or Werth for the best SS you can get. If you can get a guy like Furcal or even Alexei Ramirez, you're in much better shape speed-wise and you get a big overall upgrade over Andrus. If not, I'd still say its worth it to get someone like Jeter or Hardy, but you'll have to really balance playing time between Crisp (or Bourn) and whichever one of Hart/Werth you have left. Pay attention to the Royals (or Astros) schedule, when they face a pitcher whose easy to run on or a catcher with a poor arm, you should probably start Crisp (or Bourn).

You could even get really gutsy and try to get one of the big three SS. Does the owner of Jimmy Rollins need a power or outfield upgrade and an undervalued mid-tier pitcher (especially someone with a solid WHIP, maybe Ted Lilly or Javier Vazquez)? Maybe you offer to swap them Bay and Liriano or Volquez. For Reyes, I'm guessing you'd have to offer Hamilton instead of Bay, but it might be possible. Ramirez probably is out of the question. Either one of those deals would be an interesting gamble for you though.

*My general philosophy for pitching is similar to yours, there's no reason to overbid on anyone early. However, the way my draft went (10x10 roto 12 team league of intelligent Mets fans), by a confluence of forces and just the way the draft went, I wound up with both Lincecum and Hamels. I took Lincecum in the 2nd, with the 21st overall pick, mostly because all the position players I wanted there were taken and I just watched CC and Johan fall off the board (In 10x10 I actually preferred Lincecum over those two anyway). And Hamels managed to slip into the 5th round, and I just couldn't pass that value up (It was weird, J-Roll, Utley, and Howard all lasted a few more picks than they should have, but none lasted THAT long).
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Re: need opinions on my team ($3,700 for 1st place)

Postby RAmst23 » Sat Mar 28, 2009 3:19 am

Try to post your team in position format next time, the rounds your drafted in aren't that important. Also, the previous poster is right, please specify league format and scoring.

Offensively everything but SS seems fine. I'd look to trade an OFer (Maybe Corey Hart or Werth ) for an SS. I'm not sold on your starting pitching; Liriano, Volquez, Gallardo, Nolasco, and Floyd. Every pitcher is either bouncing back from an injury or has injury concerns, more so than your average starting pitcher. Best I can offer is to keep an eye on the WW, and be quick to slide in starting pitchers with match-ups in their favor. Drop Hanson, he won't be playing until Sept this year, and you don't need both Bourn and Andrus on your squad. They're the same type of player.
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