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1 spot left! CBS Auction Keeper. Draft this Sunday!

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1 spot left! CBS Auction Keeper. Draft this Sunday!

Postby bichettereds » Mon Mar 23, 2009 9:58 pm

Heres all the league info. Its MLB themed h2h 12 team league. I have 1 AL team available..
league fee is $20.

email me at if interested and tell me your top 5 team name choices.

Draft: •Live Auction Draft, 3/29/09 08:00 pm ET.•27 Rounds, with no time limit for picks.•Salary cap is $260 per team.•Nomination is limited to 30 seconds, limit of 20 seconds between bids.Player Pool: AL and NL Players.Positions: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, MI, CI, OF, U, SP and RP.Eligibility: Players are eligible at their primary position, plus positions they've played 20 games last year or 10 games this year. Pitchers gain eligibility at Starting Pitcher with 5 starts last year or 5 starts this year. Pitchers gain eligibility at Relief Pitcher with 10 relief appearances last year or 10 relief appearances this year.Transactions: •Lineups are set once for the start of each period.
Deadline is 30 minutes before gametime on the first day of the period.•Owners may set lineups and change players' positions from a list of their eligible positions.•Add/drops are handled by a waivers process.•The waivers process runs on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.•Dropped players remain on waivers for at least 1 day(s).•Trades are subject to a 3-day voting period, where at most 4 objections are allowed. Trades receiving more than 4 objections are sent to the commissioner for approval.•No trades can be made after the trade deadline of 11:59 pm et 7/31/09.
(click here to set a reminder)•Owners may not make trades during the offseason.Schedule: Weekly scoring periods, starting on Mondays, with 2 matchups per period.
Playoffs start in Period 21 and last for 6 Periods.Fees: League Entry Fee: $20Scoring: Head-to-Head, Points Based System.
Scoring based on total stats each period.
Ties in the standings are resolved in this order: Winning Percentage, Total Points, Head to Head Record, Division Record, Points Against (Schedule Difficulty).

Scoring for Batting Categories1B - Singles1 point2B - Doubles2 points3B - Triples3 pointsBB - Walks (Batters)1 pointCS - Caught Stealing-1 pointHP - Hit by Pitch1 pointHR - Home Runs4 pointsKO - Strikeouts (Batter)-.5 pointsR - Runs1 pointRBI - Runs Batted In1 pointSB - Stolen Bases2 points Scoring for Pitching CategoriesBBI - Walks Issued (Pitchers)-1 pointBS - Blown Saves-2 pointsER - Earned Runs-2 pointsHA - Hits Allowed-1 pointHD - Holds3 pointsINN - Innings3 pointsK - Strikeouts (Pitcher)1 pointL - Losses-5 pointsQS - Quality Starts3 pointsS - Saves5 pointsSO - Shutouts5 pointsW - Wins7 points Constitution: CONSTITUTION

Scoring Periods:
Lineups are set once for the start of each period. Each scoring period begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. Deadline is 30 minutes before gametime on Monday.

Players are eligible for any position played at least 20 games the previous season, or at least 10 games the current season.

21 Active Players
- 1 Catcher
- 1 First Baseman
- 1 Second Baseman
- 1 Third Baseman
- 1 Shortstop
- 1 Middle Infielder
- 1 Corner Infielder
- 4 Outfielders
- 1 Utility
- 6 Starting Pitchers
- 3 Relief Pitchers
Reserve Players
- 6 Bench Spots
Farm System
- 5 Minor League Spots(specific rules/eligibility to be discussed later)

There will be THREE drafts for the league, a major league auction draft, a minor league snake draft(for the first year only) and a Minor League Draft in June for recently drafted(MLB) players.

The Auction: Your team has a $260 budget to purchase your 27 players. At least $1 must be spent on each of the 27 players. Each owner must conclude the auction with a full roster of 27 players conforming to the roster requirements set out above.

Player Eligibility:
Players may be purchased in the auction from Major and Minor League teams. Japanese players with MLB contracts are allowed to be taken in the auction. Minor leaguers purchased during the auction will be treated as Major Leaguers, and must fill a roster spot.

Minor League Draft:
A minor league draft will be held every year during the offseason. Players eligible for the minor league draft are players who still have MLB rookie status (less than 130 at-bats for batters and 50 innings pitched or 20 pitching appearances for pitchers). Japanese players with contracts with an MLB team may be drafted.

First Year:
The first minor draft will commence at the end of the auction. The minor league draft will be done in snake format following the auction. The first year order will be random.

Future Years:
Future drafts will take place during the off-season and before the auction. The draft will be in reverse order of standings and not in snake draft format. Team with worst record gets first pick, with the same tie-breakers applied (pts, h2h, league record). Up to five rounds will be held, to enable a team to completely replenish their farm system if they wish.

MLB June Draft:
We will have a 3 round draft sometime(probably a week or two after) after the MLB Amature Draft has been completed. This is an opportunity to improve your Farm Team. If you decide to select a player, you will lose a draft spot in the following seasons Minor League Draft. If pick up a player in the 1st rd of the June Draft, you lose your 1st rd in the ML Draft. A 2nd rd for 2nd rd, and so on.
If for some reason the player you drafted goes unsigned by an MLB team, you still have rights over that player if you keep him on your roster. There is no compensation if you choose to drop him.

Pre-Season/Draft day:
For purposes of the draft, each team will be forced to adhere to a $260 salary cap.
Each owner will be expected to construct an active roster within the confines of the $260 salary cap; this also includes any bench spots you would like to fill via the auction draft.
Owners may spend any amount, on any player, at his discretion.
Owners may NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES go over the salary cap during the draft;
However, owners are NOT required to use their entire cap during the auction draft. Any cap dollars not used during the draft will transfer to the regular season and give the owner more cap dollars for making in-season moves, trades, add/drops, etc.

Immediately AFTER the draft, each teams salary cap will increase to $320. This will be the in-season salary cap. This will be the working salary cap for the remainder of the season. This increased salary cap is to promote trading and allow teams to build up for championship runs, or to go into rebuilding mode.

For the remainder of the season, owners can at no time go over the $320 salary cap. All player maneuvering from this point forward must be done within the confines of the in-season salary cap.
When a player is on the DL, his salary WILL count against his teams salary cap; there will be no salary cap relief for a player on the DL. Players may be traded while on the DL.

Adding/Dropping Minor Leaguers:
There will be NO adding of players to the minor league roster during the season.
Minor leaguers MAY be dropped during the season.
Minor leaguers may also be traded. Minor leaguers can be traded to another team for other minor leaguers, or in conjunction will a multi-player trade with major leaguers.
Again, minor leaguers CANNOT be picked up to the minor roster during the season, but they CAN be dropped.

The Farm: You may hold up to 5 players in your farm system at any time. Players in your farm system may be kept as long as you want for free and do not have a dollar value.

Calling Up / Sending Down:
Minor leaguers do not have to be called up・to fantasy rosters when called to the majors in MLB.
It is at the discretion of the owner as to when he will call his minor leaguers up to the major league roster. (However, there is a limit outlining the maximum amount of time a player can be left in the minor leagues ・outlined below)

Players brought up to your major league roster at any time during the season and will gain a salary of $1. Once promoted, your minor leaguer may never return to a farm system. To bring a player up, roster space must be created.
You may release minor leaguers at any time without penalty, but the only way to acquire new minor leaguers is through the yearly minor league draft/s or through trades.


All players won by an owner will play that season under the contract value at which he was won during the auction.
However, if an owner chooses to keep a player after the season, his contract dollar value will escalate・in future years as long as he is kept.
A limit of 7 players (not including minor leaguers) may be kept per team, but there is no minimum amount of players you must keep.
Each Keeper's salary will increase $4 for every year he is kept. There is no limit to how many years you can keep a player.

Keeping Free Agents:
Players picked up after the trade deadline (August 1st) will NOT be available as a keeper. Players who are released keep the same salary for the remainder of the year and cannot be picked up again by the team who released that player. Players picked up before the trade deadline may be kept for the next year at a salary of $10, or $4 more than that players current salary... whichever is less.

Minor League Salaries:
Once a minor leaguer reaches his minimums, he becomes a Year 1 Major Leaguer for the current season. At this point his salary is $1, and will remain such throughout the remainder of his first full season. And again, he can no longer be sent to the minors at this point.

Year 2 Major Leaguer: When a former minor leaguer enters his second full season he will have a fixed salary of $2 if kept by an owner.

Year 3 Major Leaguer: When a former minor leaguer enters his third full season, he will have a fixed salary of $3.

Years Thereafter: After the three year cycle described above, the player then enters the rules for a KEEPER player after the second season. Or, more simply put, the player can be kept for a salary $4 more than the previous season (to infinity, if so desired).

The fixed salaries do not apply to a player NOT retained as a keeper. The player will go for whatever the high bidder bids during the auction draft and if kept after that year, the $4 increase will apply. Fixed salaries do NOT apply to players picked up from free agency.
If a minor leaguer is traded to another team the fixed salary rule WILL still apply.

Any undrafted free agent picked up during the season will have a salary of $1.
Any player drafted and dropped can be picked up but will retain his salary from the auction draft for the remainder of the season.
All adds/drops will be handled by waiver process.

All agreed to trades will be subject to a 3-day voting period. Trades are allowed at most 4 objections to pass.
ALL trades must be completed while keeping both parties under the salary cap. Under no circumstances will a team be able to consummate a trade that leaves his team over the salary cap.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Whenever a player is traded, his salary and contract status transfer to his new team. A players salary and contract status will never change as a result of the player being traded.
This years trade deadline will be August 1st, 2009.
Trades can involve any number of players. Both major and minor leaguers alike are allowed to be traded.
There will be NO TRADING of salary cap dollars or draft picks.
There will be NO TRADING during the drafts.
Rosters shall be frozen after the league playoffs, and may not be changed by any method other than a trade untill the draft.

Offseason Trades:
Trades are not allowed during the offseason following the conclusion of the League Championship up until February 1st. The date which keepers are due will be announced the same time the draft date is determined. No balancing of rosters are required for offseason trades.

The top three teams from each Division will make playoffs. The #1 seed from each Division will get a bye week and play the winners of the #2 and #3 seeds. Playoffs begin in week 21. Each round is two weeks and the team with the highest cumulative score moving on to the next round.
Weeks 21 & 22(#2 vs #3 seeds):
AL#1 bye
AL#2 vs AL#3
NL#1 bye
NL#2 vs NL#3
Weeks 23 & 24:
AL#1 vs AL Rd. 1 winner
NL#1 vs NL Rd. 1 winner
Weeks 25 & 26:
AL Champion vs NL Champion

Seeding will be based upon Win-Loss record. Tie Breakers are as follows:
1. Total Pts
2. Head to head record
3. League record
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