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Now that I'm done drafting, here's MY CHEAT SHEET

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Now that I'm done drafting, here's MY CHEAT SHEET

Postby swarmee » Tue Mar 09, 2004 9:48 pm

Since I've finished drafting in every league that I'm in, here's my cheat sheet for a single-season 5x5 Mixed league. My strategy is thus: Get a strong, well-balanced team. Moved certain people up and down, using the average draft positions at as a guide.

1) Alex Rodriguez
2) Albert Pujols
3) Alfonso Soriano
4) Vladimir Guerrero
5) Carlos Beltran
6) Todd Helton
7) Mark Prior
8) Manny Ramirez
9) Pedro Martinez
10) Nomar Garciaparra
11) Curt Schilling
12) Magglio Ordonez
13) Barry Bonds
14) Gary Sheffield
15) Sammy Sosa
16) Bret Boone (would explain why I got him in most auto-draft leagues)
17) Roy Halladay
18) Miguel Tejada (actually got him in the 4th round once)
19) Jim Thome (may move down with new injury?)
20) Carlos Delgado
21) Randy Johnson
22) Edgar Renteria
23) Jason Schmidt
24) Scott Rolen
25) Preston Wilson
26) Kerry Wood
27) Eric Gagne (solid closer, but I prefer to take a mid-tier guy and a lot of question marks, then trade the Q marks before the season starts to teams with no closers)
28) Derek Jeter
29) Jeff Kent
30) Vernon Wells
31) Javier Vazquez
32) Chipper Jones
33) John Smoltz
34) Keith Foulke
35) Jason Giambi
36) Eric Chavez
37) Ichiro Suzuki
38) Billy Wagner
39) Mike Mussina
40) Richie Sexson
41) Brian Giles
42) Bobby Abreu
43) Lance Berkman
44) Andruw Jones
45) Juan Pierre
46) Javy Lopez
47) Jorge Posada
48) Mike Piazza
49) Mariano Rivera
50) Tim Hudson
51) Rafael Furcal
52) Hank Blalock
53) Aubrey Huff (Since you can usually get him this late)
54) Dereck Lee
55) Garrett Anderson
56) Jeff Bagwell
57) Ivan Rodriquez
58) Kevin Millwood
59) Kevin Brown
60) Orlando Cabrera
61) Octavio Dotel
62) Mark Teixeira (I'm a homer)
63) Roy Oswalt
64) Barry Zito
65) Josh Beckett
66) Mark Mulder
67) Carlos Lee
68) Johan Santana
69) Carl Crawford
70) Luis Castillo
71) Mike Lowell
72) Marcus Giles
73) Jose Reyes (10 spaces higher due to 2B eligibility)
74) Bartolo Colon
75) Troy Percival
76) Jason Isringhausen
77) Joe Borowski
78) Troy Glaus
79) Jose Vidro
80) Angel Berroa
81) Shawn Green
82) Esteban Loaiza (never get him here, luckily) ;-)
83) Johnny Damon
84) Rocco Baldelli
85) Scott Podsednick
86) Mike Sweeney
87) Luis Gonzalez
88) Matt Morris
89) Brandon Webb
90) Michael Young
91) Jim Edmonds
92) Miguel Cabrera
93) Phil Nevin
94) Kazuo Matsui
95) Hideki Matsui (amazingly underrated this year!)
96) Hideo Nomo
97) Randy Wolf
98) Vicente Padilla
99) Trevor Hoffman
100) Dontrelle Willis

Next 100 to come tomorrow.
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Postby swarmee » Wed Mar 10, 2004 12:42 am

100 page views and no responses? Either my picks are right in line with everyone reading it, or people think I'm a nutjob. ;-)

Well, don't be shy. Here's 101-200:
101) Jason Kendall
102) Andy Pettitte
103) Jason Varitek
104) Wade Miller
105) Austin Kearns
106) Odalis Perez
107) Matt Mantei
108) Adam Dunn (am pretty sure his BA bounces back)
109) Aramis Ramirez
110) Morgan Ensberg
111) Jorge Julio
112) Francisco Cordero
113) Frank Thomas
114) Rafael Palmeiro
115) David Ortiz
116) Carlos Zambrano
117) Greg Maddux
118) Larry Walker
119) Torii Hunter
120) Corey Patterson
121) Eddie Guardado
122) Juan Encarnacion
123) Richard Hidalgo
124) Ray Durham
125) Shannon Stewart
126) Jimmy Rollins
127) Byung-Hyun Kim
128) Jamie Moyer
129) Randy Winn
130) Jacque Jones
131) Ryan Klesko
132) Eric Hinske
133) Ken Griffey, Jr.
134) Russ Ortiz
135) Woody Williams
136) Alex Sanchez
137) Jose Contreras
138) Arthur Rhodes
139) Juan Gonzalez
140) Armando Benitez
141) Trot Nixon
142) Joel Pineiro
143) Braden Looper
144) Jeromy Burnitz
145) Milton Bradley
146) Mike Lieberthal
147) Dmitri Young
148) Pat Burrell
149) Corey Koskie
150) Marlon Byrd
151) Jay Payton
152) Geoff Jenkins
153) Derek Lowe
154) Matt Clement
155) Ugueth Urbina (once he signs)
156) Danny Kolb
157) Shawn Chacon
158) Bernie Williams
159) Bill Mueller
160) Carl Everett
161) Rich Harden
162) Nick Johnson
163) Danys Baez
164) Vinny Castilla
165) Alex Cintron
166) Freddie Garcia
167) Livan Hernandez
168) Sidney Ponson
169) Brett Myers
170) Rafael Soriano
171) Kevin Millar
172) Mike MacDougal
173) Joe Nathan
174) Placido Polanco
175) Rich Aurilia
176) JD Drew
177) Melvin Mora
178) Jose Guillen
179) Kenny Lofton
180) Cliff Floyd
181) Mike Cameron
182) Matthew LeCroy
183) Raul Ibanez
184) Jay Gibbons
185) Reggie Sanders
186) Dave Roberts
187) Mark Buerhle
188) Paul Konerko
189) Edgar Martinez
190) Rocky Biddle
191) Joe Crede
192) Adam Kennedy
193) Jerry Hairston, Jr.
194) Shea Hillenbrand
195) Roberto Alomar
196) AJ Pierzynski
197) Roger Clemens
198) Mark Loretta
199) Mike Hampton
200) CC Sabathia
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Postby Burt » Wed Mar 10, 2004 12:51 am

Long list rankings are virtually useless. I prefer to rank by position and then grab highest ranked player at the position I feel I need at that time.
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Postby shortsavage » Wed Mar 10, 2004 12:52 am

You get a response out of me swarmee :-). The formatting that we use for posts in the Cafe is a little too bland for me to use to seriously disect a cheat sheet. Also, I have never been too partial to top 100 sheets. I like seeing rankings position by position.

I skimmed over your top 100 and read your comments. If I was in a bind for draft help, I would certainly count you in as a reputable source for solid information.
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Postby chinch sacs » Wed Mar 10, 2004 1:26 am

As too any source I can get my hands on, I say thanks ;-)

I skimmed over it and nothing stood out as a "Are you on Crack, Swarmee"

Overall, not too bad of a list, is there a 201-300?

If everyone wants, I am going to break it down by pos, and I can post it if you want...
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Postby jonnyblack » Wed Mar 10, 2004 1:35 am

Thanks swarmee:

I feel honored.

I will change my draft sheet accordingly.

dang, 100 looks and no post, you must be a genius, or a bumper.

Thanks for the insight, bro.
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Postby canibus » Wed Mar 10, 2004 1:35 am

I agree with all these guys about position lists being better. Not a shabby list though, I'd say you didn't smoke more than 10 bucks worth of rock before posting it :-°

I just find it too hard to rate pitchers and hitters together. In basketball overall lists work but not in baseball for that reason.

I glanced at some position breakdowns, pitching for example, and saw some similarities to how I'm drafting ;-)

Most importantly, thanks for sharing ;-D
Always nice to have another list to look at. I suppose I have found your advice much more helpful than this list, though...
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Postby Lofunzo » Wed Mar 10, 2004 5:37 am

I thank you for your efforts. You wanted comments?? You got 'em:

Javy over Posada?? Even with the new stadium, I don't see it.

Millwood over Brown

I don't see that either.

Pods over Kearns??

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Postby swarmee » Wed Mar 10, 2004 8:19 am

Lofunzo wrote:Javy over Posada??
Millwood over Brown
Pods over Kearns??

Until I find out that Javy gained back the 25 pounds he lost before last season, I don't see a drastic dropoff in production for him. I think he'll be happy playing in Baltimore.

Millwood had a higher ERA than usual last season, and I look for it to rebound. That puts him where I have him ranked. He also isn't on the DL very often.

As for Podsednick, strangely enough I haven't gotten him on any of my teams yet. So some people value him more highly than I do. But I like stolen base guys in 5x5.
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Postby swarmee » Wed Mar 10, 2004 8:36 am

201) Jarrod Washburn
202) Aquilino Lopez
203) Al Leiter
204) Time Wakefield
205) Jake Peavy
206) Tomo Ohka
207) Brad Lidge
208) Francisco (K) Rodriquez
209) David Wells
210) Miguel Batista
211) Ben Sheets
212) Kaz Ishii
213) Guillermo Mota
214) Tom Gordon
215) Shigetoshi Hasegawa
216) LaTroy Hawkins
217) Edwin Jackson
218) Wilson Alvarez
219) Rod Beck
220) Jason Bay
221) Luis Ayala
222) Chad Bradford
223) Paul Quantrill
224) Bill Koch
225) Danny Graves
226) Ryan Wagner
227) Chad Cordero
228) Jason Phillips
229) Ramon Hernandez
230) Ben Broussard
231) Hee Seop Choi
232) Jeff Conine
233) Joe Mauer
234) Victor Martinez

Others to be used as late round fillers/reserves:
Josh Phelps, Adam LaRoche, Jose Valentin, Rickie Weeks, Tony Batista, Adrian Beltre, Sean Burrougs, David Eckstein, Alex S Gonzalez, Moises Alou, Jose Cruz, JJ Davis, Steve Finley, Marquis Grissom, Tom Goodwin, Mark Kotsay, Laynce Nix, Tike Redman, Brad Wilkerson, Rondell White, Craig Wilson.

A few points: It looks like, based on where players with low BAs last year are going, that it would be feasible to start a team of slugging high strikeout guys and still be competitive, as long as you get amazing solid starting and relief pitching in the early rounds, as well as two top stolen base threats (Pierre, Crawford). I haven't tested it in Xeifrank's system yet, but it might be worth considering this year.
1B Paul Konerko
2B Alfonso Soriano (1st round)
SS Jose Valentin
3B Mark Teixeira, Tony Batista, Vinny Castilla
OF Pat Burrell, Adam Dunn, Griffey
Another Year, Another Championship. I'm 2 for 2.
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