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Rate My Team WHIR

Postby The River » Wed Mar 11, 2009 11:43 pm

12 Teams, H2H, Nonkeeper

C Sandoval (1B, 3B)
1B Votto
2B Utley
3B Youkilis (1B)
SS Tejada
OF Braun
OF M. Ramirez
OF N. Cruz
Util Loney
BN Encanarcion (3B)
BN Ethier (OF)
BN Y. Escobar (SS)

SP Halladay
SP E. Santana
RP Nathan
RP Fuentes
P Greinke (SP)
P S. Baker (SP)
P Lindstrom (RP)
BN Smoltz (SP)
BN Purcey (SP)

Hey all, if you could just rate my team and address any areas in need of improvement. Thanks. I am open to any realistic suggestions. With help in return as always.
The River
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Re: Rate My Team WHIR

Postby livinginarizona » Thu Mar 12, 2009 12:14 am

Looks good overall. If I don't comment on the player, it means I believe you're good in that area.

That said, I would lose Tejada at SS. I like Escobar better, and that's not saying alot.

You have two SPs that are gonna be out for a period of time (Santana and Smoltz). Does your league allow you 2 DL spots?

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Re: Rate My Team WHIR

Postby jmurphy_j » Thu Mar 12, 2009 12:50 am

Thanks for the help with my team!

The only issues I see are SS and the injuries at SP.

At SS, both Tejada and Escobar are sketchy. But between the 2 of them, I suspect at least one should end up being servicable, though. But I have no idea which one. For now, i think you certainly need to hold onto both until you see which one actually starts to perform better. If i were you I would also keep my eyes on the waiver wire for another option. Even if you just added another guy who has some upside to go along with the question marks (like a Theriot) it would increase your odds of having a solid SS.

Overall, I like your pitching, but the injuries to Santana and Smoltz are an issue. You have good pitchers, but considering the lost innings, you are a bit thin at SP.

I would drop Purcey and add another, more established SP. To be honest, I've never even heard of Purcey. I think you can definitely find a safer option on the waiver wire.

If you don't have room for 2 players on the DL for opening day (and if Santana is going to miss more than a couple of starts), I would even consider dropping Smolz....but this really depends on who is available of the waiver wire. Best case scenario you are only going to get about 2/3 of a season out of Smoltz...which bad enough that you need to panic, but guys like Pelfrey, Jurjens, Maine, or Jimenez might actually be better options...if you don't have room for him on the DL.

With all that said, though, you do have a solid team...the minor holes that are there are certainly managable...all you need is a bit of tweeking, not an overhaul.
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Re: Rate My Team WHIR

Postby PavanoAllstars » Thu Mar 12, 2009 9:12 pm

Because it's a head to head league I don't think your pitching is necessarily thin, you can always stream a favorable two starters each week etc.

I would keep my eyes open for a ss break out to shore that position up... Maybe Andrus? I think you're in great shape, no need to panic or force trades
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Re: Rate My Team WHIR

Postby karl0528 » Thu Mar 12, 2009 9:28 pm

I like your pitching! I'm not big on edwin encarnacion but as a back up that's not too bad (he's inconsistent which sucks at times I had him last year) but all in all I think you did a pretty good job especially with a 12 team league. Good luck and check out my post please: viewtopic.php?t=371476
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