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Postby Clevelander » Sun Mar 07, 2004 7:24 pm

that and sheffield in the 3rd...are you kidding me, what league are these...if money is involved i want in...
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Postby Melo255 » Sun Mar 07, 2004 8:36 pm


yea I figured Boone would go in the late 2nd or early 3rd because of his production at such a weak position but surprisingly people were more concerned with picking ace SP and getting their hands on one of the big 5 closers pretty early, one guy took prior Schilling RJ for his first 3 picks-hope its not a setup-thats why i had to take Vazquez a round earlier than Id have liked. Same thing with Posada I would have preferred waiting one more round but Lopez, Piazza and amazingly Varitek were taken right before so I had to jump in and take, imo, the best catcher to begin with-guy who picked varitek is a HUGE red sox fan and later in the draft actually laughed and said he thought posada had been taken but hed been so rushed to pick he took varitek to ensure a decent C, hed forgotten to put Posada in his pre draft rankings so completely overlooked, lucky for him bad for him, this draft in particular surprised the hell out of seeing how sheff went 3rd-soriano 7th- i got vlad and beltran in the 8th and 12th picks respectively and helton fell all the way to 10th!!!, maybe I should have taken him over vlad but couldnt pass up my favorite player
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Postby Guest » Sun Mar 07, 2004 8:45 pm

12 man league just drafted
4-Huff (qualifies at 3rd)
5-Billy Wagner
6-Javey Lopez

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Postby trac02 » Sun Mar 07, 2004 9:04 pm

yahoo public 12 team 5x5 roto snake draft. i picked 7th.

1. Helton
2. Magglio
3. Schilling
4. Berkman
5. E. Chavez
6. J. Kent
7. D. Jeter

(A bonus 8: KBrown)
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What about this offer for PUJOLS?

Postby Bad Boys of Summer » Sun Mar 07, 2004 9:50 pm

Just got an offer for PUJOLS. Now I must contemplate a Counter. What would you suggest?

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Postby DaQ » Sun Mar 07, 2004 11:11 pm

Yahoo 8-team points league where HR's count the most for hitters (4) and wins and saves are the big points for pitchers (10). There are also 4 SP's and 3 UT's for hitters, unlike traditional Yahool leagues. I had the 1st overall pick, but couldn't take A-Rod b/c I traded for the spot (2 in a row every other rd.).

1.) Pujols - Who else? (other than A-Rod)
2.) Manny - Surprised he was here at the 16th pick. If he's focused and ready, he's a machine. (Also talked some guy into taking Pedro instead)
3.) Halladay - The elite pitchers were beginning to go, so it was either him or Mulder 2 rounds away
4.) Wagner - How the hell did he wind up at the 32nd pick? Gagne, Smoltz and Rivera were gone by pick 30.
5.) G.Anderson - Very consitent, productive and a low injury risk. I would have taken Vernon Wells, except he got taken 1 pick before me.
6.) Sexson - READ: Power hitter's league. Pujols moves to the OF and half the league complains that I have two of the best 1B on my team.
7.) Kaz Matsui - The other owners must be obsessed with SS's - he was the 6th SS taken, but Furcal's still unowned after 13. Anyway, I'm a Mets fan and Matsui is said by scouts to be better than Ichiro and Hideki.

Abreu, Glaus, Webb, M.Young, Teixeira (insurance for Glaus) and Liberthal were also taken so far.
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Postby Guest » Sun Mar 07, 2004 11:44 pm

KPucks wrote:Soriano is a top 3 or 4 pick. Getting him in the 2nd round doesn't make him shaky, it makes the knowledge of the members of your league shaky.

Well, I would expect him to hit well but, it's got to be a bit odd, if not painful, going from the Yankees to the Rangers so I did not really want to go for him in the first round. I think that morale is more important sometimes than people give it credit for. He's the only dude out of my top 7 who's not really on a 'contender' based on preseason guesses. On the other hand, nothing would say 'pphht' to George Steinbrenner more than having a great year and that would be pretty sweet for his morale too!!

I certainly HOPE that this bodes well for the shakiness of the rest of the league. Here's a list of some of the dudes who went BEFORE Sheffield (admittedly, right after the steroid thing was going on Friday...): Ordoñez, Kerry Wood, Placido Polanco (!!), Luis Castillo, Jorge Posada, Gagné, Josh Beckett, Renterria (who I would have had in the third round too, I was kind of optimistic I might grab him too, w/ pick # 27 but I had to 'settle' for Sheffield!!), Sosa....

I really went in thinking I'd be able to grab Prior and focus on pitching but I didn't think Ramirez would last to #7 so I grabbed him and Prior went #10. That threw off my pitching 'plan' but I had my eye on Javier Vasquez and picked him #4. For other starters, I got Livan Hernandez, Carlos Zambrano, José Contreras and Johan Santana. We are using holds and I got Brendan Donnelly and Tim Worrell too. Dmitri Young at 3B, Ramon Hernandez and Johnny Estrada for catching, along with Morgan Ensberg, Carlos Lee and some kind of wacked out other dudes on the bench as I have to admit after about rd 15, I was pounding some brewskis as I was like 'hmmm, I'm done about now'. They are category guys though and I'm hoping to be able to just trade them for fun and keep the guys I've got for a while.

Should be interesting though. Only $10 each on the line for 10 team H2H league w/ coworkers but I am certain that I should be able to do some PRICELESS trashtalking for at least a few months.

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