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It's time for a change in the 260 mentality

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It's time for a change in the 260 mentality

Postby 18 and 1 » Sat Dec 27, 2008 12:36 am

Fantasy Baseball needs a makeover. The $260 mentality is old hat. Too many leagues still follow this brand of fantasy baseball. I know, I know, each to their own, and the old school guys don't like change. The problem is that you can't find a thread doesn't talk about salaries and contracts, and to be honest, I don't think a lot of these people even know there could be a better way.

The hell with salaries, contracts, auctions, and just a few keepers. Start a dynasty league. I started a 12 team dynasty league 5 years ago, and the thought of just having one initial draft had a lot of owners doubting the league. Well, 5 years later and we're thriving. You can sign anyone in the world you want, for as long as you want, with no bleeping salaries. Baseball leagues are marred in what I like to call the $260 mentality. The key to a great dynasty league is the right amount of roster spots. Too many is bad, because collectively teams will hoard all the good prospects. Too few and teams can't develop prospects. Our league has 34 rosters spots for teams that made the playoffs the previous year and 36 for teams that did not, and 38 off-season for teams that did not make the playoffs the previous year. We start 13 position players (c, 1b, 2b, 3b, ss, mi, ci, of, of, of, of, dh, dh), and 9 pitchers, 3 of which must be SP. We have the most active waiver wire imaginable. Teams are constantly looking for that next great prospect. The WW is good enough that teams can still find that decent veteran that might put them over the top. So basically it appeals to teams that want to go young, and teams that want to go with vets. I believe my kind of league is the future for fantasy baseball, not the $260 mentality.

Here are our rules for anyone interested.

League Constitution

It will be a 34 Player Franchise League (Keep all) $100 league + hosting site fee (split 12 ways).

We will use CBS SPORTSLINE as the hosting site. This site was chosen because they do a better job with providing minor league players in their player database and they allow entry of unlisted players.

League Format, Starting Lineup Requirements, and Scoring Categories

It will be 5x5 (R, RBI, HR, AVG, S (W, ERA, WHIP, SO, SV) standard Head to Head Scoring, 2 Divisions, 13 positional players 1 of each (catcher, first, second, third, shortstop, corner infielder, middle infielder. 4 outfielders and 2 utility spots) and 9 pitchers. You cannot start a minor leaguer in your active lineup unless he is scheduled to start by CBS (see next 7 days schedule for pitchers), or by CNNSI.COM Probables for pitchers. The only time you can start a position player who is in the minors is if CBS says a player will be called up in the next scoring period in the Player News. Any other player in your active lineup must be on a major league roster. That would seriously challange the integrity of the league, where a team could put 9 minor league pitchers in his starting lineup and 10 on the bench. That was NEVER the intention of this league.

If a player is sent down after the Monday lineup deadline, and he's in your starting lineup, he isn't illegal until the following week.

Each week you must start 3 SP who are scheduled to start (not just designated as a SP). If for some reason that player doesn't start, he must have been scheduled to start by CBS (see next 7 days schedule), or by CNNSI.COM Probables.

You may start a player who is on the DL. The reason for this is so teams don't have to sacrifice their future by dropping players they would rather keep in order to pickup someone for their starting lineup.

Added rule 9/21/2008: Any illegal lineup will result in the following penalty:

1st offense - Lose add/drop privileges for a week.
2nd offense - Lose an off-season roster slot for 1 off-season.
3rd offense - Lose an in-season roster slot for 1 season.
4th offense - Removal from the Dirty Dozeen league.

After 5 years you get a clean slate.

We will scramble the divisions every 2 years. All teams will be ranked according to their regular season finish. The odd ranked teams will go into one division, and the even ranked teams will go to the other division.

Position Eligibility
Determined by the hosting site. If the hosting site allows us to determine the number of games a player must play at a position to be eligibile at that position, it will be 10 games during the current season or 20 games the previous season. For pitchers I can't set the 10/20 game rule as it uses 5 games at SP or 10 games at RP (either this season or last).

Note that a player's primary position (the position where our site lists him) will always take priority over your league's eligibility rules.

Rule changes

are only allowed in the off-season, unless league integrity is at stake (determined by the commish). It takes a majority vote of 7 owners to change rules, unless league integrity is threatened, then the commish has the power to make rule changes.


To be determined (weekly lineups)

A team can finish the week with a record between 10-0 and 0-10. Regular season ties will not be broken. Teams will finish the season based on winning percentage.


6 Teams make the playoffs. Two division winners and 4 wildcard teams. The wildcard teams are the 4 teams with the best record after the division winners. The two division winners get a first round bye and the 4 wildcard teams are seeded, and the #1 wildcard seed plays the #4 wildcard seed, and the #2 wildcard seed plays the #3 wildcard seed. In the simifinals, the #1 seeded Division Winner gets the worst remaining seeded wildcard team. The #2 seeded Division Winner gets the best remaining wildcard seed. Then the winners play for the world series.

The first round (quarterfinals) will consist of a one week head to head game between the wildcard teams. The quarterfinal winners will then play the division winners in the semifinals in a one week head to head game. The world series will be a two week head to head matchup between the winners from the semifinals, where the Stats from any two week game will be combined.

We will allow lineup changes between playoff rounds, and during 2 week World Series.

At the end of the regular season all rosters are frozen
until after our world series. In other words, the 34 man
rosters that all teams had at the end the regular season will be their rosters that they start the OFF-SEASON with. One exception, the teams that were allowed to carry 36 man rosters because they didn't make the playoffs in the previous season or current seaosn, will have 36 until they are able to expand to 38 with our one time off-seaosn waivers. Teams that had a 36 man roster during the current season and made the playoffs, must cut back to 34 before the playoffs start.

Teams still competing in the playoffs will be allowed to use drop/adds to the extent they have any newly DL'd players. Since the rosters will be frozen, if a playoff team has a player go on the DL during the playoffs, post a message at the site requesting a player to replace the DL'd player, and I will make the addition to your roster. As proof of a player going on the DL, we will only require that either CBS or say a player was put on the DL.

If a player added to the DL during the playoffs comes off the DL, you must drop a player that was added to your roster after the playoffs started. This protects playoff teams from having to drop a player added during the playoffs when a player comes off the DL that was on the DL before the playoffs started.

At the end of the playoffs all add/drops done during the playoffs will be reversed to what the rosters were at the end of the regular season. This would allow playoff teams to have the flexibility to deal with injuries, yet ensure that they do not gain a long-term advantage vis-a-vis the other teams.

Tie Breakers

In the remote event there is a tie at the end of the regular season, we will use Head to Head, then Power Rank, then Division Record as the end of season tiebreakers to determine playoff seeding. The reason this change was proposed, was because it didn't make sense for a team in a weaker division to get the higher seed because that team was able to accumulate a better record within his division. Also, it doesn't make sense to use Division record as the first tiebreaker when the 4 wildcard teams are the 4 best teams after the division champs, without regard to divisions. This change does not affect the Wildcard and Semi-Finals Tiebreaker, where the higher seeded team advances.

Wildcard Round Playoff Tie Breaker

In the event of a tie in the wildcard playoff round, the higher seeded team will earn the win and advance.

Semifinal Round Playoff Tie Breaker

In the event of a tie in the semifinal playoff round, the higher seeded team (i.e. the division winner) will earn the win and advance.

World Series Tie Breaker

None, if teams are still tied after the two week World Series, the World Series prize mony is split 50/50.

Free Agents/Waiver Wire / Off-season Rosters

After the last game of the regular season the rosters are fozen for the playoffs except for replacing a player that CBS or MLB says has been placed on the DL after the playoffs start. That will be allowed. As far as waivers, the initial waivers will be in reverse order of standings. Waivers will run on a nightly basis, and if a player is dropped, he will be on waivers for 1 day.

After the season I will process the one-time off-season UNLISTED and REGULAR waivers as one waiver process MANUALLY. I will ask that each owner send me all their requests (both unlisted and listed) on a particular day and the commish and co-commish will send their's to each other the day before.

Non-playoff teams will be allowed to carry 38 players during the off-season, and 36 for the next season. The cut down date to get from 38 players to 36 players will the start of the 1st game of the season.

Waivers Overview
In order to provide an equal opportunity for all owners to add players to their roster that are new to the free agent pool, a Waiver process can be implemented. Owners' requests to add players on waivers to their roster are not executed immediately, but are put in a pending status for 24 hours. This allows multiple teams to request the same players. Again, if possible, waivers will run nightly.

When a transaction is made during the Waiver Process, the team's rank is set to last and everyone else's rank moves up one (check the League Home, Rules page to see if your league's waiver ranks are reset every week.) All transactions during the waiver process are effective for the next scoring period.

Conditions for Waivers
MLB players are placed on waivers under the following circumstances:

A player is released during a waiver process: A player released during a waiver process is on waivers until the next waiver process. Example: An owner requests Player A on waivers and drops Player B. This request is pended until the waiver process runs. During the waiver process, the owner is awarded Player A, and Player B is released from the roster and placed on waivers until the next waiver process.

A player is released during a free agent acquisition: Requests for players not on waivers are executed immediately. However, the player dropped in a non-waivers transaction is placed on waivers for 24 hours. He will remain on waivers until the waiver run after 24 hours from being put on waivers.

Waiver Rank
During a waiver process, pending transactions are processed in an order determined by each team's waiver rank. The team with the highest waiver rank will get its first requested player. If that team's highest pending transaction can't be executed because another team has the requested player, the transaction gets deleted and the team's next transaction, if one exists, is then executed. When a team gets a requested player, the team's waiver rank is dropped to the end and every other team moves up one and the process is continued. If a team doesn't have any pending transactions because all players requested were taken by other teams, or the owner simply didn't request any players, the team's turn is skipped but the waiver rank is not dropped. If a team has the highest waiver rank after Monday night and doesn't request any players for Tuesday night's waiver process, that team will still have the highest rank for the next process. The waiver rank resets for each scoring period based upon reverse order of standings.

Waivers Period
The waivers period is the length of time a player is on waivers before a claim will be processed and the player will be added to a roster. Check the League Home, Rules page to see how long dropped players remain on waivers in your league (1, 2 or 3 days). Our league will be 1 day.

Making a Waivers Claim
If you want to drop a player and pick up a player off of waivers follow these steps:

Lets say you have a player that you want to drop (player A) and several players that you would like to add (players B and C), depending on their availability when your turn comes up. If player B is not available you would like to pick up player C. In order to accomplish this you would submit two Add/Drop requests:

Drop player A, Add player B, and
Drop player A, Add player C.

Lets say your turn comes up and player B has already been picked up off waivers by another team. A request cannot be executed if either the add or drop player is not available. Requests will be skipped until the first valid roster move is found. In this case, your second request would be executed and you would get player C (provided he is not also already picked up off waivers).

The same is true in the reverse. If you dropped player A and added player B, then during your next round of waiver selections it will skip over the second waiver request involving Player A and go down your list to see if you have any other waiver requests.

Any waivers request that would cause your roster to exceed the maximum players allowed will be skipped.

Note: Free agents are available on a first-come, first-served basis; they can be picked up at any time. If a player is dropped from a roster and he clears the waiver process without being picked up, he then becomes a free agent, and can be picked up at any time, without having to go through a waivers process.

There will be no transaction fees. The free agent queue will be set up in standard worst to first fashion. You are allowed to pickup any player, whether listed in the hosting site database or not, as long as the hosting site allows me to enter unlisted players.

Waiver Request for players that were previously added as unlisted players, but are not retained in the CBS database after being dropped.

Sometimes when an unlisted player is dropped, he isn't retained in the database. So if an unlisted player is dropped, he is on waivers for a day, just as if he was a listed player. If you want that player, you need to send me an email asking for waivers on that player. However, if you have any waiver request processed on listed players the same night that the unlisted player comes off waivers, the waiver request awarded from CBS will take precedence, and bump you to then end of the line, before your request for the unlisted player is evaluated. I would have to award the waiver request of the unlisted player manuall based upon the current waiver priority.

Obviously if a player was added previously as an unlisted player, but is now listed in the database, you must use the site waiver system to request that player, not email me the waiver request. You cannot prioritize the waiver request for the unlisted player ahead of someone listed, and both come off waivers at the same time. I don't need that extra work trying to figure out the priority, plus I don't want to know your other waiver requests. So to make my job easier, when you want to add a player dropped who is unlisted, to ensure he has top priority, don't make any listed player request at CBS that are due to come off waivers at the same time as the unlisted player.

Start the waivers afer the 1st game of the new season
has started so the first-come-first-serve is still active
until the start of the first game so teams can make last
minute adjustmeents.

Adding Unlisted Players

As you guys know, we are allowed to add unlisted players. As stated at the beginning of this league, when the unlisted player becomes available in the player database, it is YOUR responsibility to add the player to your roster and drop the unlisted player. If someone adds a player that is listed or not, if that player is already on someone else's roster, the team adding the already rostered player will receive 0 pts for that player if he is on the active roster for the current week games. He will not be penalized with a goose egg for the week, because it is just as much responsibility of the owner who owns the player in question, to add the "real" player from the database and drop the unlisted player, as it is for the owner who added the player already on a different roster.


Veto of trades

There will be a 3 member committee where there has to be a 2/3 consensus to call a vote when any owner files a complaint asking for a vote on a trade. If a member of the committee is involved in the trade, another owner will take his place on the committee for that trade. If a vote is called, the parties involved in the trade do not have a vote. The remaining members of the league will vote on the trade and it will take 7 votes to veto a trade.

Anyone who unreasonably dumps players or participates in a manner the disrupts the integrity of the league or violates a basic standard of conduct can be removed with the consent of 8 owners.

The Trading Deadline will be SEVEN DAYS after the MLB trading deadline, until 11:59 p.m. ET on that day.

Trades are allowed in the off-season as long as the hosting site allows it.

Replacing an Owner

Any team that finished the prior season with a better record than the team being replaced must leave 3 players unprotected. Only a non-playoff team gets to pick from the unprotected list when it's owner is being replaced. A team leaving players unprotected can only lose 1 player.


+1200 (12 teams x $100)
-300 (wildcard teams = 4 x 75 = 300)
-300 (division winners = 2 x 150 = 300)
-200 (world series loser)
-400 (world series winner)
= $0 remaining
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Re: It's time for a change in the 260 mentality

Postby ayebatter » Sat Dec 27, 2008 1:56 am

I notice that "football' is your 'Cafe' home, taking this into account, are you going to do the same in your football leagues, all dynasty all the time, or is the yearly draft the main reason most play fantasy football, and the season is just an affirmation of your draft. I think that's the reason the 'baseball' forums are buzzing all year, there are those (myself included) that have a dynasty league, but our main focus is on this years draft and a one season proof of our forecasting and drafting prowess.

Long live the one season leagues. In baseball at least. ;-D
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Re: It's time for a change in the 260 mentality

Postby hybrid » Sat Dec 27, 2008 6:14 am

Huh? Not to sound rude, but I don't get your post at all. The "$260 mentality" and "can't find a thread that doesn't talk about salaries, etc" well it's pretty far off from the truth. You either have only talked to a handful that only like auctions or have odd luck, because frankly IMO it's not like that all.
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Re: It's time for a change in the 260 mentality

Postby jake_harv88 » Sat Dec 27, 2008 10:41 am

ayebatter wrote:I notice that "football' is your 'Cafe' home, taking this into account, are you going to do the same in your football leagues, all dynasty all the time, or is the yearly draft the main reason most play fantasy football, and the season is just an affirmation of your draft. I think that's the reason the 'baseball' forums are buzzing all year, there are those (myself included) that have a dynasty league, but our main focus is on this years draft and a one season proof of our forecasting and drafting prowess.

Long live the one season leagues. In baseball at least. ;-D

Yeah I agree here. I have nothing against dynasty and keeper leagues, I'm in a couple myself. But at the end of the day I live for the redraft...
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Re: It's time for a change in the 260 mentality

Postby 18 and 1 » Sat Dec 27, 2008 12:54 pm

After the initial draft you build your team through FA pickups and trades. The kicker is that you can sign anyone not on another team's roster, and that you only have 34 roster spots. Few enough that because teams will roster prospects, it leaves some decent vets on the WW. What I like about our league is that you can build through youth or go for it all with veterans. Even if a team wants to go for it now, it still makes knowing the minor leagues important for the long haul. We've had 4 different champions in 4 years , with the only exception in year two I tied the year 1 champ. The ww and trading activity is very lively. We're really enjoying this format.
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