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New CBS $100 16 team slow draft 7x7 dynasty extensive rules!

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New CBS $100 16 team slow draft 7x7 dynasty extensive rules!

Postby username » Wed Dec 24, 2008 12:42 am

Hello all prospective owners to The Toilet Bowl,

This league was formed with the simple thought of longevity. The rules are formed with some of the aspects in which I've found enjoyable from other leagues and that I've had fun in myself. Now I'm looking to try and keep this league at it's best with a commish that I KNOW will be around to answer questions and participate fairly....myself! With 1 twist is that the bottom 2 finishers.....are in for league dues??!! Check it out.

I've just finished writing the rules and have them posted on the following link at proboards:

I am still an owner in 2 other leagues, but this one is being set up for those who like me are ready to draft right after the Superbowl.

I have 4-5 owners interested from other leagues already, so hope to fill up soon for Feb. draft.

Please make inquiries about reserving a spot, payment methods, and any other rules/questions you may have.

Thanks for looking!

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Re: New CBS $100 16 team slow draft 7x7 dynasty extensive rules!

Postby username » Fri Dec 26, 2008 8:36 pm

Here is the full set of rules with a couple clarifications made.
Thanks for consideration.

Entry Fee/Payouts

League entry fee will be $110, $100 to the winnings pot and $10 towards admin items such as website fees, etc. Assuming 16 teams, that will be $1600 collected.

1st place - $500
2nd place - $250
3rd place - $200
4th place - $150

That leaves $500, which will be paid out to the individual weekly winners, $20 per week. There are 26 weeks, so the abbreviated week of the All-Star break will not be paid out. These winnings will be updated at the conclusion of each week under 擢inances・on the home page, and will be paid out at the conclusion of the season.

AND THE TOILET!! Whichever 2 teams finish in the bottom 2 spots, or in the toilet, will have to pay the $10 dues to the 2 teams directly above them in the standings for the following year. They will be also subject to public ridicule the following year(via message board and league site!) for having such a "crappy" season.

Any extra dues which are collected will be paid out evenly to the top 4 teams.

All stats will be recorded CBS. League will use CBS baseball commissioner.


The Toilet Bowl League will be a 7x7 rotisserie-style format

Hitting categories will be:
Batting Average
Home Runs
Runs Batted In
Stolen Bases
On-Base Percentage

Pitching categories will be:
Quality Starts

Scoring Periods:
Lineups are set once for the start of each period. Each scoring period begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. Deadline is 30 minutes before gametime on Monday.

Player Pool:
ALL major league players will be available, both AL and NL. We will also have extensive minor league rosters, consisting of 10 minor league roster spots per team.

Players are eligible for any position played at least 20 games the previous season, or at least 1 game the current season.

Each team will have to adhere to a minimum of 4000 at-bats, and 900 innings pitched for the year.

Roster Composition:
23 active players, 6 bench spots, 4 DL spots, 10 minor league spots
Active players
2 Catchers
1 First Baseman
1 Second Baseman
1 Shortstop
1 Third Baseman
1 Corner Infielder (1B or 3B)
1 Middle Infielder (2B or SS)
5 Outfielders
1 Utility Player
9 Pitchers

Reserve players
6 bench spots
4 DL spots (reserved ONLY for players on the real-life disabled list)
10 minor league spots (specific rules/eligibility to be discussed later)

There will be TWO drafts for the TTBL, a major league draft and a minor league draft.

Major League Draft

Major League draft will be conducted on the league message board currently at proboards in the "slow draft" format.

-Draft will begin yearly at 6pm EST the Monday following the Superbowl.
-Draft will take place in designated forum(DF) for Major League draft.
-When the draft officially opens, each owner will create a thread in DF of a player in which they wish to nominate.
- Nominations must be a minimum of $1.
- Owners will be allowed to bid on the player in that thread only.
- Once bidding has stopped on a player for one continuous period of 12 hours(8 hours for players nominated from 6pmEST on Fridays through 12pm EST on Sundays), player will be awarded to highest bidder.
- Once a player has been won and awarded to a team, the owner who nominated the player is now free to nominate again.
- If any owner with roster spots yet to fill has no nominated player in an active thread, they will not be able to bid on any other player nominated by another owner.
- This "slow draft" will continue until all teams have filled their Majors 29 man roster.
-DL spots WILL NOT be filled during the draft.
- A roster thread will be created for each team, players won in auction will be placed in their respective threads by admins/moderators which are tbd.
- Once a player is won the thread which bidding took place will be locked.

Salary cap

Pre-Season / Draft day

-For purposes of the draft, each team will be forced to adhere to a $260 salary cap.
-Each owner will be expected to construct an active roster within the confines of the $260 salary cap; this also includes any bench spots you would like to fill via the auction draft.
-Owners may spend any amount, on any player, at his discretion.
-Owners may NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES go over the salary cap during the draft;
-However, owners are NOT required to use their entire cap during the auction draft. Any cap dollars not used during the draft will transfer to the regular season and give the owner more cap dollars for making in-season moves, trades, add/drops, etc.

The In-Season Cap
Immediately AFTER the draft, each team痴 salary cap will increase to $300. This will be the in-season salary cap. This will be the working salary cap for the remainder of the season. This increased salary cap will allow for owners to trade, add/drop, recall minor leaguers, etc.
For the remainder of the season, owners can at no time go over the $300 salary cap. All player maneuvering from this point forward must be done within the confines of the in-season salary cap.
When a player is on the DL, his salary WILL count against his team痴 salary cap; there will be no salary cap relief for a player on the DL. Players may be traded while on the DL.

Minor League Draft

- Minors draft will take place immediately following the conclusion of the Major draft in the same style, only in a new forum designated for the minors' draft.
-The minor league draft will consist of a $100 draft cap in the inaugural year. This draft will be very similar to that of the major league auction draft, with the exception being you can only bid on minor leaguers in this draft. AT NO TIME CAN AN OWNER EXCEED THE MINOR LEAGUE CAP OF $100.
-After the draft, for purposes of the major league season and for potential call-ups, the dollar figures assigned during the draft will disappear. The $100 draft cap is for the minor league draft only. This way, every owner has a chance to select each and every minor leaguer as opposed to a snake draft where it痴 more luck or chance.
- The minor league cap is only an issue for management of the minor league draft. -Winning amounts via the minor league auction have no bearing on the major league salary cap or the subsequent salaries minor league players will have when activated to the major league squad.
-If a minor league player is involved in a trade, the draft auction value will be transferred to the new owner. Again, no owner can ever exceed the $100 minor league cap.
-In following years, not all teams will have the same minor league draft cap dollars to spend. A team痴 draft cap in the minor league draft (after the first year) will be equal to the actual minor league cap dollars available. However, the minor league roster is always limited to 10 players..
-Example- Let痴 say an owner in the previous year痴 minor league draft spent $85 and filled all 10 roster spots. Let痴 also say that during the year, only one player was added to his active major league roster, and that player痴 minor league cap figure was $25. Let痴 also say that the owner decides to keep the remaining 9 players on his roster in preparation for the upcoming minor league draft. As such, that owner will have $40 ($25 + $15 in previously open cap space) cap dollars to spend on one roster spot in the upcoming minor league draft.

To be eligible for the minor league draft, a player must have under 150 at-bats, and 50 innings pitched. Only players that fall below these career major league limits can be drafted in the minor league draft.
Only players that have been drafted/signed by a major league team are eligible. No college or high school players will be allowed to be drafted. Also, no foreign players will be draftable in the minor league draft.

Adding/Dropping Minor Leaguers:
There will be NO adding of players to the minor league roster during the season.
Minor leaguers MAY be dropped during the season.
Minor leaguers may also be traded. Minor leaguers can be traded to another team for other minor leaguers, or in conjunction will a multi-player trade with major leaguers.
Again, minor leaguers CANNOT be picked up to the minor roster during the season, but they CAN be dropped.

Calling Up / Sending Down:
Minor leaguers do not have to be 田alled up・to fantasy rosters when called to the majors in MLB.
It is at the discretion of the owner as to when he will call his minor leaguers up to the major league roster. (However, there is a limit outlining the maximum amount of time a player can be left in the minor leagues ・outlined below)
However, an owner can call a minor leaguer up to his active roster if desired. At this point, there is no limit on the number of times a player is called up and sent down.

When a Minor Leaguer MUST be called up:
Any minor league player can stay on his team痴 minor league roster until he reaches certain real-life playing time minimums. These minimums will be:
150 at-bats
50 innings or 20 appearances for pitchers
Until a minor leaguer reaches these minimums, the owner will have 100% discretion regarding whether or not to recall minor leaguers to the major league roster. While below these minimums, a player MAY be recalled to the major league roster, and can also be sent back down.
However, once the player reaches the career major league minimums stated above, he MUST be recalled to the major league roster. From this point forward, the player can never be sent back to the minor leagues. The owner must permanently recall this player to his major league roster, or release him.

Keepers / Contracts

-All players won by an owner will play that season under the contract value at which he was won during the auction.
-However, if an owner chooses to keep a player after the season, his contract dollar value will 兎scalate・in future years as long as he is kept.
-Keeper Note: There will be NO LIMIT to the number of players that an owner may or may not keep from one year to the next. An owner may keep as many of, or as few of, his players as he chooses. However, in following years, players that are kept will be subject to contract escalation as outlined below.
-Player escalation will be as follows:
-In the player痴 first season, he will play that entire season at the salary at which he was drafted.
-In a player痴 2nd year with his team, his salary will increase by $3.
-In a player痴 3rd season, and every season thereafter, with his team, his salary will increase by an additional $5.
-Example: If an owner drafts Albert Pujols for $45 in this year痴 draft, his salary will progress as follows in future years IF his owner chooses to keep him.
Initial year: $45 - Pujols would play at his auction value.
2nd year: $48 ・Pujols・salary increases by $3 from previous year.
3rd year: $53 ・Pujols・salary increases by $5.
4th year: $58 ・Pujols・salary increases by $5.
5th year: $63 ・Pujols salary increases by $5.
And on and on and on until the owner chooses not to keep
Players can be kept until infinity as long as the owner is in compliance with the salary escalation rules.
This escalation schedule will be consistent for ALL players won during the major league auction and kept in future years. The escalation does not change for $1 players, or for $45 players.
Players that are NOT kept by their owner will go back into the draft and be subject to the following year痴 major league auction draft.

Minor League Salaries:

-While in the minors, minor leaguers will NOT have a salary, and will not count against their team痴 salary cap. However, once a minor leaguer is recalled to his owner痴 major league roster, he will be assigned an 的ntro・salary of $1.
-Introductory Salary: When a minor leaguer is recalled to the major league roster, his salary becomes $1. As long as he is below the minimums stated above he can be sent back down to the minor leagues at the discretion of the owner. When he痴 on the major league roster, his salary is $1. When he is returned to the minor leagues, his salary becomes $0. -Once this former minor leaguer reaches the minimums stated above, he officially becomes a Year 1 Major Leaguer.
-Year 1 Major Leaguer: Once a minor leaguer reaches his minimums, he becomes a Year 1 Major Leaguer for the current season. At this point his salary is $1, and will remain such throughout the remainder of his first full season. And again, he can no longer be sent to the minors at this point.
-Year 2 Major Leaguer: When a former minor leaguer enters his second full season, he will have a fixed salary of $2.
-Year 3 Major Leaguer: When a former minor leaguer enters his third full season, he will have a fixed salary of $3.
-Years Thereafter: After the three year cycle described above, the player then enters the rules for a KEEPER player after the second season. Or, more simply put, the player can be kept for a salary $5 more than the previous season (to infinity, if so desired).

rosters will then be updated for everyone to view and prepare for draft.


-Trading will be allowed and encouraged in The Toilet Bowl League.
-All agreed to trades will be subject to a 2-day voting period. Trades are allowed at most 4 objections.
- Trades with more than 4 objections will be forwarded to the commissioner for a final decision. Objecting owners must present their reason(s) for disapproval.
-This is a free trade league where trading is encouraged, only attempts at collusion or trades that are trying to hurt the integrity of the league will be vetoed(owners will be warned).
-ALL trades must be completed while keeping both parties under the salary cap. Under no circumstances will a team be able to consummate a trade that leaves his team over the salary cap.
-IMPORTANT NOTE: Whenever a player is traded, his salary and contract status transfer to his new team. A player痴 salary and contract status will never change as a result of the player being traded.
-This year痴 trade deadline will be August 21st, 2009.
-Trades can involve any number of players. Both major and minor leaguers alike are allowed to be traded.
-There will be NO TRADING of salary cap dollars, FAAB, or draft picks.
-There will be NO TRADING during the drafts.
-There will be NO TRADING through December 31st each year.
-Trading may resume from the 3 week period of January 1st through January 21st of each year.

Adding/Dropping Players

--Toilet Bowl will use the Free Agent Acquisition Budget (FAAB) system.
- $100 FAAB dollars will be allotted to each owner at the beginning of each season.
- The FAAB process will run each week until Friday 7pm EST by the CBS site.
-All non drafted players will receive a salary of $1. This includes minor leaguers, although all players won via FAAB MUST be placed on active or reserve rosters. NO PLAYER will be eligible to be placed on the minor league roster after the draft.
- Players that were drafted will retain all original contract status' and salaries regardless of the amount of FAAB spent.
-Owners will have the weekend to
get his/her roster straight before Monday if there is a drop necessary. It will
save owners the headaches of queuing half there team to make 3 moves.
-Although any player that was won on Friday will not be eligible to be
dropped on Monday(no hogging). Then any moves made prior to game time Monday
will be eligible for that friday's pick-ups.
-Any drops made after roster
locks on Mondays will be eligible the following period, not that weeks
process. That should give all owners ample time to come to a decision on any
player cuts.

-All players may be dropped. Owners will be relieved of salaries.

Important Dates

-January 1st starts the annual (winter meetings) trading season.
-January 21st ends the trading season.
-January 28th, keeper lists due
-January 31st, roster will be updated
- Monday following the Superbowl 6pm EST begins the drafts.
- SUNDAY APRIL 5th will start 2009 scoring.

-August 21st is the trade deadline.
-October 4th 2009 is the final scoring day(unless there are tiebreakers which will count)

*any loopholes or forgotten rules will be subject to common sense, so if there is any out there please contribute.
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Re: New CBS $100 16 team slow draft 7x7 dynasty extensive rules!

Postby username » Tue Dec 30, 2008 9:08 pm

Have half the league filled in first week. Thanks for looking and to fantasy cafe for a great site to post on!
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Re: New CBS $100 16 team slow draft 7x7 dynasty extensive rules!

Postby username » Tue Jan 06, 2009 10:06 am

Still looking for new owners. draft after superbowl. hope to have league filled in third week of January. Thanks again for looking!
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Re: New CBS $100 16 team slow draft 7x7 dynasty extensive rules!

Postby username » Sat Jan 10, 2009 8:55 pm

Only 4 spots left if anyone is still interested!

Thanks as always.
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Re: New CBS $100 16 team slow draft 7x7 dynasty extensive rules!

Postby gregous613 » Tue Jan 13, 2009 1:12 am

I'm sold. send me an invite via email.
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Re: New CBS $100 16 team slow draft 7x7 dynasty extensive rules!

Postby fanatics10 » Thu Jan 15, 2009 10:37 am

Definitely interested. Feel free to message me if you need any background info or I can send you my email through PM.
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Re: New CBS $100 16 team slow draft 7x7 dynasty extensive rules!

Postby shoptoearn » Fri Jan 16, 2009 4:05 pm

Interested send me an invite @
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Re: New CBS $100 16 team slow draft 7x7 dynasty extensive rules!

Postby houly » Tue Jan 20, 2009 5:16 pm

Rob, this is Tom from Devil Dogs. I registered for the site and was sent an confirm and when I signed on it said that I had to wait for an admin member to approve. I am still waiting, I want to get on so I can send payment and so forth. Since I signed up and am waiting for this approval I have been unable to access the boards, even when I use the link you set-up. Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks
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Re: New CBS $100 16 team slow draft 7x7 dynasty extensive rules!

Postby username » Sun Feb 01, 2009 2:29 am

Hey again,

We now have 1 owner who cannot make payment. This auctiuon will begin at 6pm EST Monday. Any potential owners who can make payment via PayPal please contact me asap at


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